KSI Called Him Out... Twitch Streamer Banned (FOOTAGE)


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    1. Christian

      The actual fuck is going on with the human race

    2. Aman Gyani

      HUfast is a bitch

    3. Jaywalking0d

      Grossgore sound like a type of dude to not pay his editor because it trash but use it anyway... Oh wait

    4. JH

      Gross gore is a massive pussio 😂😂😂

    5. Oliver McSweeney

      I don’t get it gross gore starts beef and dodges KSI then calls him out for dodging jake paul when he didn’t.

    6. An Account

      I swear, insane, toxic people always film shirtless.

    7. Marco Amazo

      My God gross gore is temperamental.

    8. Kitsune Fire Fox

      bruh bruh burh bruv bruv bruv bruv~

    9. Oliver McSweeney

      KSI would like to kick GrossGore from the game: Press Y for yes N for no

    10. fuck Jake Paul

      I feel sooo bad for scarce having to Censored all the amount of times Gross Gore sworn not to get demonetized

    11. Richard Tomas

      Fuck u gross gore

    12. ShidouAST

      OI BRUV

    13. Juke

      my boy got them waves :D (Fresh cut?)

    14. しらいしく【CleanClouds】

      Half of the fucking video dedicated to GrossGore, jesus fucking christ

    15. smokinNgaming 420

      Omg I know this is old asf but that fucking mostgore guy is mad stupid asf and a pussy bro he mad scared of KSI lmao fucking insane

    16. FatmanJonesTV

      I mean.........grossgore bitched out.......

    17. subscribe 2 pewdiepie now

      Grossgore is the fuck man

      1. subscribe 2 pewdiepie now

        Fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking

    18. Good Name

      GrossGore is just annoying

    19. remmo


    20. Aaron Ramos


    21. Daniel Tillotson Schroder

      gross gore is the biggest mong on the planet

    22. Nice Teddy Bear Chandler

      "one of HUfast's biggest HUfast couples" Pewdiepie: sit on my floor, And lemme tell you something

    23. Deep2Blue

      10$ to tell me how many time grossgore drops the f-bomb in this video

    24. Jason H.


    25. kꪖrꪑꪖ ᧁirꪶ

      3:00 why does he look like Mike Myers

    26. Krillen X

      i feel like ksi was dying while listening to gross gore 😂

    27. pokpok siksok

      Gross is rapping

    28. yonda bigman

      March has passed. Well you can fight the coronavirus

    29. bright spark

      Gross gore is a nonce 👍

    30. Dawniblis s

      Bro , he said he wanted to fight

    31. shlimee


    32. Dumb Luck

      Gross is either dumb or clout chasing either way it's annoying

    33. Thomas Kleven

      If Ksi ask after 3 years r/madlad

    34. korey vortex

      Grossgore is a fkn clown ksi would knock his screws lose even though his screws are gone

    35. Aidan Cain

      Why cant you just say xQc? It will save so much characters

    36. Whoru

      GrossGore is such a pussy

    37. Jamie Harrison

      Grossgore would lose to my disabled brother😂😂

      1. Jamie Harrison

        "Would you fight me, would you fight me, would you, would you?" KSI "ye"

    38. Swoop Parallel

      grossgore just needs to shut up, he didnt mean it. hes sorry

    39. ??

      Gore is gory :(

    40. ThatGuy

      how much spit can gross gore fucking produce he needs a new camera the lens is ruined the corrosive spit just eviscerated the f lens

    41. SlightlyUnderAverage

      Gross gore looks like he smells like piss

    42. DaVinki?

      GrossGore:I’ll Fucking knock you out Ksi:alright fam fight me GrossGore: aight give me 3 months Ksi:alright it’s been 3 months GrossGore:OK FUCKER WHY DO YOU WANNA FIGHT ME

    43. vladimir Vodnick

      Listening to that gross gore dude actually gave me cancer

    44. MacoThePlayer

      Grossgore is acting like every slovakian gypsy ever

    45. Varun Karthikeyan

      man it's pretty cool that you don't have a 30 second intro

    46. GlockKay

      Who else it like " who the fuck is GrossGore?"

    47. WinterPup

      It's April...

    48. xin

      GrossGore is like an angrier Kavos lmao

    49. Crunchtastic 3

      3:32 can we get a bruv counter

    50. Velmore

      I'm just gonna say why is XqC in the thumbnail

      1. shlimee

        TN busta pepelaugh

    51. Oh Yea Yea Lvl 4999 Solider

      Wtf now you can show breastfeeding... all of twitch is a simp

    52. BigGuyJebadiah

      can someone do a bruv count

    53. Jovan Popović

      grossgore probably scripted his responses before filming lmao

    54. /\

      Manz repeat himself 7 timez

    55. I’m lonely As fuck

      Pretty sure KSI would’ve been shot

    56. NetherRage

      GrossGore sounds like a Xbox live message

    57. shimapancyra

      scarce is skinny now

    58. Killtrocity

      1:48 Fuck counter

    59. the commenter everyone likes

      scarce: XQC showed something on twitch that got him banned the video: i- scarce: yea so that got him banned me: -_-

    60. Chalkernaut

      10:02 this was probably a post from their public discord

    61. Lil Boer

      Grossgores an actual pussy

    62. Simeon Petrov

      Gross always says "fuck" and "fucking"

    63. Expaz

      He said around 50 curse words

    64. The Doofus

      How many times did he say the word fucking in that one video I’d say 26

    65. The Doofus

      That dude is Einstein

    66. BlooM_ Panda

      GroosGore is speaking alien language

    67. iiTzPower

      Just move to mixer or dlive

    68. Skimaz

      His voice hurts my ears. "Would you fight me, if you were me? "😂 Who doesn't Wana fight themselves.

    69. TheBestZachninja

      K decent video but don’t click bait with xQc

    70. Well Hello There!

      I'm pretty sure the gross gore shit is irony. At least I hope it is.

    71. Funnydoc

      at least Dr. Disrespect got his platform back

    72. Private

      I wonder how many people said they want to box jj and prove that they will knock him out but when jj responds they find an excuse about it

    73. Chapo :0

      Jesus your poor editor

    74. JuicyyTV

      Gaming Golem Juice Lord Mr. cOW pushed it too far. WeirdChamp

    75. SazzleFTW

      At that moment Gore knew He f’d up

    76. Sharon T

      Ima be honest, gross boy talks too much and I can feel him spitting through the screen while he talks

    77. Gsxr Jeff

      what a drip

    78. martintheemoji

      “Shouldn’t you be fighting jake Paul? Why’a duckin em?” M8, why are you duckin jj? 😂😂😂

    79. Luis Hernandez

      That Vato is a punk bitch

    80. Stoneless_skating

      Gross gore is so funny.

    81. Stop simping now

      Bro that’s February

    82. knightdriven 420

      "Would you fight me? Would you FIGHT ME IF YOU WERE ME?!?" Yeah bro, I'm down to self harm

    83. Faze Condiments

      Gross gore is a idiot stop picking on people he said he was just picking on ksi 3 months ago

    84. SK Nightwing

      HUfast doing God's work rn

    85. Dylan on ZOL

      wow you bated me with the xqc thumbmail

    86. LT SRT999

      Raid shadow legends sucks unless you pay 100's or 1000's of pounds/dollars and is corrupt

    87. PIZZA TIME

      Grossgore is acting like a kid you kill on Xbox and says his dad owns Microsoft

    88. Epic Guy

      He’s twisted fate ulting out of the fight

    89. Itz Rainbowtastic

      "KNOCK HIM OUT" *KSI wins and calls him out* "So you wanna fight?" "Wait 3 months" *waits 3 months* "So you wanna fight?" *Salty Mankid throws insults and makes up excuses to not fight him* What a great guy-

    90. Marvin M

      "You know the type Loud as a motorbike But wouldn't bust a Grape in a fruit fight."

    91. Lurks Smiles

      Gross gore needs to lay of that snow bro he’s pinging out of his box

    92. aidan

      He sead fuck 32 times in 1:39 seconds

    93. CrushMyOreo

      KSI is a bitch tho. why turn down a fight with someone experienced claiming you want to focus on music then call out someone you know you can beat. What a pathetic waste of space.

    94. Your Sleep Paralysis Demon

      this reminds me of dax, dax called em out. ksi called him out, dax said give him time to train, ksi calls him out after a couple of months, dax dodges the question.

    95. ChaosCalm


    96. Manny Man

      Bruh am I the only one that thinks gross gore looks like censor

    97. Zoron Stillwater

      To Gross Gore: Gross your a pussy, running scared after you challenged KSI He gave you the time you wanted so man up you little bitch or get off social media You are banning anyone that mentions this in your stream so man up or shut up, Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!

    98. Polo Capalot

      Grossgore is so irrelevant

    99. Bodega

      Wow I hate this guy, what a bitch

    100. EditorDom

      this guy is way better than Keem. Keem over exaggerates the fuck out of everything. He’s just annoying little bitch