Katerino Cheated on CallMeCarson With 3 Guys...


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    1. Fps Calamity

      I find it a bit weird how people say Kat-erino But I say it like Kate-erino

    2. User Name

      Why is this such a big deal though? We are humans. Humans feel attracted and act on it.

    3. SphinxFn

      Apparently it’s total 6 guys now

    4. Icy_LemurTo3d *

      She always has to act like the criminal

    5. Ty kamen

      Honestly you just want to give Carson a hug cuz honestly he need one

    6. Kerberos

      When people think what people say on the Internet matters lmao.

    7. Kofi Acquah

      Dj Khalid: Another one

    8. Senna De hond

      She’s like a basketball.

    9. malakaide

      using mental health as an ‘excuse’ is literally just manipulation. many people struggle with depersonalization and it isn’t a valid reason to cheat on ur partner. she’s only sorry that she got caught. if she was sorry she wouldn’t have done it😁

    10. Nathan Łee

      Dude you look 15 and 25 at the same time LOL😃😁

    11. Dev Kird


    12. Extra Bass

      ah yes the victim card

    13. Chakra_SSE

      Dude you start every video the same way, why?

    14. Phadraig

      she also dated me and my grandfather...

    15. E

      I swear Katerino's gonna be opening an onlyfans lol.

    16. xd Jilly

      The fact that she chose love on the love or host when she had a boyfriend like no matter what you say you cheated

    17. Siberius Wolf

      Clearly some shit going on there that needs some working through with professionals. Since that isn't normal behaviour. So to treat her as if she is just completely regular and then did this, is not very reasonable (addressing potential comments).

    18. Freddy Fazbears

      "I wAs So LoSt AnD cOnFuSeD"

    19. Pizify


    20. CreamyChoclate LobsterWarrior.

      Look at Carson, did he really think a girl like that would want him?

    21. SwiperR

      WHAT A MASSIVE FUCKING LIE. *depersonalization* My fucking ass , who in the fucking world feels like loosing track of reality/feelings about such a serious tangent and end up making these types of lie. Holyshit I’m mesmerized

    22. Kyle Pepiakitah

      This was obviously too good to be true carson☠☠🤧

    23. Owal_


    24. Bob Marley

      To be fair look at her and look at him. She's more than out of his league and he's overplaying his hand. The dude is way too cocky for how he looks lmao

      1. Max Johnson


    25. that one hispanic

      You guys seriously thought Carson fucking Carson were together 😅😅😅 they didn't even meet up bruh

    26. r0gue_13

      “Depersonalization” isn’t an excuse for cheating. Stop blaming mental health for your shitty choices.

    27. Dead_Pool

      Its not the multiple partners that bothers me. Power to you. Sex is great. Be clear about it with monagamists.

    28. •Langston •

      Her other 4 boyfriends looking at this title... "They forgot us...theres 7 of us...you forget us 4"

    29. Drawing Loser

      I honestly was wondering what happened to carson and her so I got curious. All I gotta say is wow-

    30. billy mathews

      Sorry but it sounds like a gold digger got revealed she's just trying to get some sympathy sorry her channel doesn't die

    31. Thiccer Than Thiccsilver

      All this drama. I’m sad, not only do we have this shit with mini ladd to worry about, now Carson is by katerino and Fitz. Come on bro...

    32. mr. flop

      i feel bad that this woman got thousands of dollars off of someone elses twitch

    33. l Frizzly l

      She belongs to the streets

    34. mvsterfamily

      She for the streets can we get future for the line oh wait she for mc Donald's oh wait she for area 5q oh wait she for the sewers

    35. Hammi

      YOOOO i haven't watched scarce in years .. nad when the video started I was like WWWTTTTFFFF who the hell is this ? .. yoooo wtf

    36. Benjcalipha

      Five Guys

    37. Toxiclettuce

      the only time I won’t yell at boys for saying “ she belong to the streets “

    38. Zilla1999 the green kajiu

      Bitch homewrecker

    39. Lord Odinel

      Cheats on a good person makes video trying to get sympathey

    40. CEO of Bananas

      This woman is cringe

    41. Miguel Flores

      Yo did scare get plastic surgery?

    42. yourhomiedrex

      "I didnt know what I wanted" bitch you cheated on your boyfriend with 3 guys bruh

    43. Deion Toledo

      This woman posted on the anniversary on the sinking of the Titanic disrespectful

    44. skinny reacts

      Girls be like: its his fault he did bad

    45. iqmzt

      I came here after watching a old vid of Carson being a chad and turning down Mia malkova

    46. zg_unepic

      Bruh she got a lot of time on her hands

    47. zelix

      She belongs to the streets

    48. Devil'sGrandSon

      I see Almight at the back 1:39

      1. Bonerlol Boner

        I'm dead

    49. Tyrel Snider

      Where does she belong..?

      1. Gerardo Ingram

        The Streets

    50. Lea Hozhan Tortune


    51. Ada Lynn

      He said he’s posting more this month 🙂

    52. fish riddick

      I love jow every video I watch has increased the number... like “Katerino cheated on Carson with Fitz!!” “Katerino cheated on Carson with Fitz and her boyfriend!!!” “Katerino cheated on Carson with 3 guys!!!!” Next I’ll see “Katerino cheated with 8 guys!!!!!” Or something

    53. ZEKE ELMI

      this chick dual weilding all these guys sorry i meant to say tripple weilding

    54. Seth Solomona

      She Belongs to the streets

    55. RustyNubs


    56. TheUnderDog

      People are hating so much on this girl but damn guys, give her a break. Yeah, she made mistakes and she owned up to them. She's working on herself in therapy and that's what matters. I've never seen either of these streamers. This just got recommended to me but maybe that gives me a fresh perspective. Everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt and a second chance. This girl looks pretty young and unsure of herself. Let her figure out her life and don't be so incredibly cruel. That's all I have to say.

    57. Oliver Dunn

      What does fitz use to floss a jump rope

    58. Oliver Dunn

      Why is she blaming this on mental illness

    59. dw

      5:50 either a fuckin clout chaser or someone who purposefully hurt carson

    60. Shayla Lowe

      Can we all just stop and think how Carson handled this, for how young he is he made a decision that most adults couldn’t have made and he turned the other cheek even tho she hurt him he didn’t go and talk shit or diss Kate’s name he instead donated money to a therapy sort of stream the Kate was on. Now I would like you to think how you would’ve handled this situation, you wouldn’t be as nice as Carson would you?

    61. Benjamin Leetch


    62. ImTheRiival

      Where she belong! The streets!!!

    63. Shane Scott

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    64. Curtis Heart

      I farted lol



    66. window stair

      Haha she go hoot hoot

      1. window stair

        Vroom vroom haha

    67. Blazing Pasta

      Honestly thought it was gonna work out, rest in peace.

    68. Sweety Fox uwu

      Damn, this girl spreads more than covid 19 ._.

    69. Tyler

      3 guys? You're behind the times, my boy. The number has inflated.

    70. DavTheGoat

      Speak up katerino

    71. Max The Enchanter

      If there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout my life... it’s that girls like this that will always come up with excuses saying that “They didn’t know what they wanted” yet never change.

    72. Paceon Woods

      She belongs to the streets

    73. falan felan

      Not 1 not 2 but 3 guy.... Like i cant find 1 boyfriend tf

    74. Spencer Thompson

      SCOT 322

    75. Tyrone Jaquaveus the third bitch

      Say it with me bois “THE STREEEEEEEEEEETS”

    76. Daily Fall Guys Shop

      remember when lazarbeam was on here

    77. William Newton

      Tbh this is the only time I've felt bad for carson lol.

    78. Mateo Sevilla


    79. Toxiic II

      The streets

    80. legend ary

      4:30 me a man with alot of mental health issues; yeah I don't feel bad about her in the slightest

    81. Jayden Pizarro

      so she was dating 4 dudes holy

    82. Osamos


    83. Lemillion 希望

      That bitch got the fucking chance to date the absolute sweetheart Carson and youre telling me she cheated on him with *3 GUYS??*

    84. omkar gharat

      Dude i felt bad for that drew guy😐

    85. oop

      Since when did depersonalisation make you cheat hun since when :)

    86. officialkira 7

      Fitz: stick to the script.... Content!

    87. Dodo Bird

      Fun Fact: she doesn't belongs to the streets She belongs to the freeway

    88. Super Saiyan Jedi

      As future Hendrix quoted: "She belongs to the streets:

    89. 1 / 8

      Katerino should make a boyfriends reveal, it's original and a lot of people are gonna like it. New HUfast contents

    90. TC_cambroke

      she belong to the streets

    91. Luxembourgish Waffle

      The comments are just dangggggggg. So many roasts

    92. Do you are have stupid?

      "From the streets she comes, and the streets she will return. Do not drop your crown on her return brother remember you are still a king"

      1. I eat socks


    93. JNoName

      "She belong to the streets" -Future

    94. MC Justice

      Therapy or not she’s still a monster and doesn’t deserve forgiveness. She should be working a minimum wage for the rest of her life.

    95. yung expand

      3:13 the toilet

    96. Kassandra Finch

      Can we get an F in the chat boys? 😔👊

    97. Abhishek Singh

      Communism at it's best.

    98. condensed milk

      dr disrespect: 2 of wives katerino: 4 of husbands

    99. jesse1758


    100. TheGamingRhino

      the streets are her home