Jaystation Has a Warrant for His Arrest? FaZe Clan Exposes Hacker (VIDEO)


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    1. subscribe 2 pewdiepie now

      He's back boys

    2. Aka_Dxddy

      Faze is a joke lmao

    3. butterh2

      weegee board

    4. Todd Smith

      9:30 Wrapzy, because he wrapped up his career LOL.


      I'd say it's all bull shit what ever jay says is obviously bull shit and he's doing it all for views and subs HUfast should honestly watch what people should upload to HUfast

    6. Riioas

      I’m ashamed to live in the same country as Jay, Canada is shit

    7. jelly roblox

      This is fake

    8. iChxmpion

      He has a hat on ofc we all know he’s s capper 🧢

    9. TYB Chris

      Damn I haven’t watched you in years

    10. DaddyNamjoon

      God when is this drama gana end

    11. Anthony

      Dude I’m not gonna lie I ain’t watch you in forever WHY YOU LOOK LIKE THAT

    12. Bless

      Imagine scarce forgetting were he came from lmao

    13. KaptainBasketball

      Plot twist, his girlfriend is his sister and his parents were the ones getting angry

    14. jennifer Loy fairhurst

      HUfast Not Addressing these type of videos are encouraging more. Why do HUfast reward bad behaviour?

    15. John Nichols

      Woah you still make videos

    16. maguetteification

      Man i wished he had a warrant

    17. LiT Cyanide

      Hey I just realized Jaystation is a Huge Pussy

    18. Jack Mellor

      He also claimed he was banned from entering the United States because of an incident at Disneyland but he still managed to enter without problems.

    19. Desmond Atkinson

      They all do it for attention. All at fault

    20. DOD

      I bet the Jaystation and Police thing is fake

    21. MK1G

      Fuck Faze

    22. Bayquin


    23. 3rd Shædy

      Who else remembers when Scarce used to run Red and upload most underated players of the week

    24. Rob2Skuttered

      Oh god scarce you just gave warpzy more clout dude idiot

    25. Mortriz

      This grown man still makes videos about faze lmao

    26. Aaron

      ayo scarce drop a skin care routine

    27. CptRussia

      Another story about Jaystation Me: kinda dont care bro

    28. AShinyUmbreon

      Fuck Jaystation, mans did a fucking ouiji board on Etika the day after his death, then fakes his own girlfriend's death and starts complaining bout how she broke up with him. This dude should not be getting publicity.

    29. JMoney SnD

      so now stolen valor too lmao

    30. Uncle McFunkle

      God DAMN last I watched him he was just starting to lose weight! Good job scarce!

    31. BigDope

      Faking clips in 2020 lmao

    32. Lennex _

      Warpzy looks like that kid from eight legged freaks

    33. Lennex _

      I’m pretty sure jaystation has been to prison.

    34. ProChamp0

      I like how he tries to play his failure off as a lesson to us because he got caught

    35. Kodie Kulp

      Where is this area in which the cops can't arrest you when you have a warrant

    36. BottaTron

      Holy it’s been 2 years or so since I’ve watch his videos and jeez he lost some weight

    37. Pyrapse

      this mans 6ix9ine wouldve went to town about the lies jaystation was telling🤣 judge: “you still have another 5 years, anything else to tell u-“ 6ix9ine: “your honor have you heard of jaystation and his girlfriend alexia?”

    38. J G

      Jaystation has never told the truth a day in his life

    39. Okbro

      His life is a lie

    40. Squishy


    41. Cat Eater


    42. john boutwell

      Maybe he isn't really from Canada

    43. john boutwell

      Of course they r fake it's entertainment sad that people believe it all

    44. john boutwell

      If it did work. That was a great ploy to get views and attention. I think if they would have went to her parents and told them. What a great ploy

    45. xKCMx

      Wasn’t jaystation known for faking his videos?

    46. It's Alex!

      He could’ve joined the military in/after ninth grade I suppose. The requirements are “As of May 2017”

    47. ElChopoDaDon Gaming

      Its be crazy if scarce was in in it to to promote ol girls channel 😑

    48. JayGaming

      “Hey what’s up guys it’s Scarce here!”

    49. Mackenzie Sakai Jones

      make a video on where is coryxkenshin the youtuber who has been gone off his channel for 7 months, imtelling you you will get veiws he has over 5 mill subs. just wanna help you brotha.

    50. Eric G

      Scarce needs some $$$$ for bills

    51. romespeana


    52. Koalified

      The more people talk about him the more relevant he gets. Even if it’s negative feedback he’ll take it and make more videos and come up with more lies

    53. Grady Brydges

      Why would there be a law preventing someone from being arrested in their home? That seems totally made up but I don’t know Canadian law we’ll enough to make a definitive call on it

    54. Icky Kitty

      Holy shit. Haven’t checked your channel in abit AND HOLY YOU LOOK GOOD DUDE!!! Keep it up 👍

    55. TALKINGtac0

      It just sounds like Jaystation is just scared. He sees all the hatred he's getting so he is trying to redirect some of that hatred toward Alexia. He's also trying to gain sympathy by faking that police video. That's also why he mentions military service. He knows military veterans typically receive kind and sympathetic treatment from the public. He's a fucking coward. There is too much not adding up in his story to believe him.

    56. Xekzio

      Jaystation a bitch

    57. Eriko. Oy

      LMAO Jaystation won't stop bullshitting

    58. Baby Rico

      Rich man fakes death for money, then crys about it to make money, Then boom another 3 am kobe video

    59. Andromeda V

      Why does everyone think he’s telling the truth lmao, fake situation again, fake cops, fake gf , fake reactions shits dumb why u talkin it somewhat serious scarce lol

    60. Active

      Not hacker lol just aimbot cheater

    61. David the Snek

      I hope jaystation rots in prison :)

    62. David Harvey

      If JayStation dies.... *it was fake guys*

    63. David Harvey

      Force to take down it down or be in the news... makes news. *plus 100 IQ BIG BRAIN TIME*

    64. Eric Smith HTF 07G Racing

      Alexias HUfast is the same as her name idk aboit her Instagram or Facebook but soon as I know her social media I'll send screenshots @Scarce

    65. Johnnytturbo

      Lol, no, they can arrest you in your own home. Literally dumb haha All FUGASI

    66. CC1

      Did the virus got to him? Tuff.

    67. AhMADNESS

      Scarce u look good dude

    68. dno oup

      Soooooooooo..... fuck jaystation?

    69. LouisTech

      Damn dude like that’s a crazy ass story for Jaystation this is why you don’t lie. Be honest guys but idk if he would hurt that girl like that. So much crazy shit but hey entertainment for me.

    70. Rouge But Here

      Jay & Alexia want clout, let's stop giving it to them.

    71. Rouge But Here

      You can most defiantly get arrested in Canada with warrant and they will and can go into your home. You think Jay would learn his lies by now

    72. v- boy

      Honestly just wanna stop and appreciate your grind despite HUfast's poopy system... Much love dude

    73. Cliff Cheung

      Crystal meth is one hell of a drug

    74. Cekayd

      F warpzy

    75. Flaming hawk8513

      Hey everyone including scares, I want you to watch this clip that her alexia herself uploaded hufast.info/plan/vide/rqWtZrqYr6CYaps

    76. subscribe to improve my spelling

      Jaystation does not have a warrant if he had a warrant he would have been arrested

    77. Mandy

      so kill someone & just stay in your house...

    78. Amanda

      I believe he made the video with the fake cops because he knew alexia was trying to get him arrested and so he thought he should make this video and makeup her think she dont need to do anything else. Because he was being 'served'.

    79. Omentro

      At this point I’d rather watch morgz 😑

    80. Ahroura Faggoli

      Jaystation fakes everything, not even his birth certificate is real bruh

    81. CheeZy

      jaystation killed kobe bryant 😱😱

    82. Acceptable

      Who else saw the shit with Jaystation was gonna fake from a fucking mile away. That’s right everyone who’s not part of his fetus fanbase. The newest video he uploaded was just a sympathy act and him playing the victim get to the heat off him instead owning up to what he did.

    83. ric m

      I think they’re just bsing about how they were gonna recruit warpzy. If anything they would’ve been trying to recruit Vekays first.

    84. Jelob

      Wow bro you lost so much weight

    85. suffer

      warpzy will rise again

    86. T0XIC_ D4rkskin

      Who remembers Aiko Jay ex

    87. Jazzy

      A warrant in UK means yer fuckin doors coming off and you're getting arrested in your home or not

    88. John Chase

      "Probably Lying" You're a moron.

    89. John Chase

      She is the female Jaystation. She was in on it the whole time. They're both huge pieces of shit.

    90. Alexia Marano


    91. Z1am8øn3

      Bro I forgot about scarce

    92. Chhime Lama

      That's just for the video. Bro..

    93. VulpesGaming

      Guys a psychopath man, get em outta here.

    94. Salma Nella

      Fake. Alexia has there joint channel and his channel as a feature channel on her account

    95. Liams Girl2019

      Tbh y wpuld he fake his gf death that doesnt make any since

    96. Mannie Illescas

      I am so sad jaystation is getting arrested 😢 can’t believe we’re losing another legend he was my go to after duro fell off.

    97. Connie McGee

      Who knows if those were really policemen lol Everything he says is a lie. Probably some guys he hired to pretend to be police for sympathy. Notice one or the police officers at Jay's door. has a red stripe down the side of their black pants. None of the police I have ever seen have red striped on their black pants.

    98. i Am Slim jim

      😑Plot twist Jaystation was set up by his other personality 😂😈


      Tbh, idc if Jaystations gf broke up with him, its his fault he's stupid

    100. Steev Palpatine

      3:32, in what state can you not be arrested even with a warrent. Edit: Canada...