Jaystation Girlfriend Alexia IS BACK? Logan Paul Got Spit On (VIDEO)


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    1. Spencer Thompson


    2. Donnakay Allen

      I want to listen to your HUfast videos

    3. Francesca Finhomme

      💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I miss you Alexia I watching your video


      Jay didn't call alexia ex died


      He lied.

    6. RedDarkhero 99


    7. Chris B

      That guy doesn’t have a real girlfriend. He pays her to act like it.

    8. Erik

      Some dude already did something similar and called Kobe at 3am.......

    9. Blanks

      Logan should of pulled a dababy and slapped her

    10. Wonpeace

      jaystation is the type of person to make a sponsored apology video

    11. Anodyne

      You have to be really immature when you have a confrontation with Logan Paul and he came out as a more mature party.

    12. Mossy Panda

      I miss leafy too scarce I miss him too XD #bringleafyback

    13. GamerForLife 3o9

      You predicted leafy coming back my guy

    14. Zrclle

      7:34 Feels like a start to a brazzer video

    15. Andrew Hiljá


    16. Viper

      Please stop giving JayStation attention. You're only fueling the bullshit he's up to with this

    17. Moises Barrientos

      dude not cool he lied to us he lied not cool man i swear if i was the first to notice i would get mad litterly i would stop being a fan of him >:(

    18. Zackery Parkhurst

      we want leafy back

    19. Omar


    20. Omar


    21. Omar


    22. Kaiden Lawson

      Jay is liying Alexia is faking her death him and her planned it so they can get a bunch of use and then she went back to where she normally lived so don't believe any of this because they just fake it

    23. Aoyan das

      This guy is a horrible person..

    24. NOVELYN P

      That girl sounds like Kourtney Kardashian

    25. Thedarkrosi

      Bring leafy back

    26. Niff Lofair

      Has he killed her?

    27. Niff Lofair

      ......and yet Family Channels have their comments disabled yet People like Jay get ads!!!! Is COPPA OR CAPPA a joke on genuine HUfastrs?

    28. sajida Hussein abdulmajid

      Didn't anyone know that Alexia has a HUfast channel There is tea about jaystaiton has abused all he's exes and he doesn't have any friends because He was extremely angry if stuff don't go he's ways

    29. Aura

      This was uploaded 4 days ago but I just got the notification

    30. lynnwolfie

      Bruh how he have that many ads and you have 0

    31. Jimmy F

      Jay station a smart nigga... he’s smart on the click bait

    32. James F. Ewart

      Jaystation’s videos more zoom-ins than The Office.

    33. tsuki loofi

      I miss leafy too dude, we all do

    34. Edit._. Lovey

      She’s still alive

    35. void dweller

      Me watching this jaystation drama "i'm so angry i wish i could do something about this" Me if i ever see jaystation Grins evilly. The news: HUfastr jaystation anonymously passed away but voiddweller just so happened to make fun of his luigi board thing where he parodies it

    36. Hideki Sempai

      I know jay videos are fake BUT they are still entretaining

    37. Oof Meredith

      I think its hilarious l. People actually will watch this so why not upload. Dumbasses will watch it. I hope he makes a video about kobe and gets murdered that would be funny.😂😂😂😂

    38. Sylvia Barboza

      Deadass Logan gets a lot of hate but he handled that whole thing well If it was me. That dumb bitch would've got instantly slapped for spitting on me lmao

    39. ZROFKS

      This is all a bullshit Chanel marketing campaign. Anyone who believes any of this is a fucking tool. It’s the 2020 version of a break up for views scam.

    40. Unorthodo_x

      Who the fuck fakes a loved one's death for social media, commences to pretend and contact her through a Ouija board for HUfast, and leaks some rando friend of his girlfriends number. Goddamn that's fucked up...almost filming a dead body for HUfast kinda fucked up.

    41. Shizaya4ever

      How do you see how many ads are on a video?

    42. Kengy Sazki

      Who else think jay is gonna make a vid about kobe and making a 3am vid

    43. Griffin

      This jaystation dude looks like the skinny kid from Fanboy and Chum Chum, even sounds like him

    44. Bright Space

      I don't like logan paul but spitting on someone is disgusting and unfunny. Also is she a Berkley student? if so I think she should get some punishment for it.

    45. BudzZz


    46. Dylan Havlicek

      yesss we need a leafy comeback

    47. Wazy

      Why are people this dumb and disgusting


      Jaystation wanna be like joe from that Netflix serie you

    49. I don't know anymore

      Isn't it illegal to leak a phone number like that

    50. Godify

      Why’d you use the thumbnail of Logan when he lost the fight ? Not very creative

    51. Altumish

      bro scarce obviously hes meming us. lmao bruh we know its fake but its funny af

      1. Altumish

        oh shit people believe this?

    52. TheNamesJT

      Umm, you sure call of duty league is only being streamed on HUfast? i saw it on twitch yesterday and today

    53. TheNamesJT

      dude you serious! Logan obviously handle the situation in a good manner because it was a girl that spat on him if it was a dude probably would of been different.

    54. Sonder

      Someone needs to call the police on this man...

    55. Andrizzle

      Jaystation makes me laugh 😂, no hate here , this dude is hilarious 😂😂

    56. ChallengeAccepted

      Imagine Jaystation killed Alexia and then click baited her death for views.

    57. yes

      Although I hate Jaystation I think the girl just went with him for the money Because who in the right mind would go out with him?

    58. [Banned User]

      Didn’t this guy used to have 3 million subs like 3 years ago lol

    59. True2MyReligion

      Jaystation was obviously trolling

    60. Naruto Uzumaki

      To be honest alexia’s friend’s voice annoys me

    61. clive Bix

      "In tears" , I love how my guy got the 20pack electric candles from the doller store

    62. Cross B0nes

      Pro Tip: skip to the end of the video and hit replay and it should get rid of the ads.

    63. Glory Boy

      Scarce: “ i don’t think jaystation is a bad guy he just want to make videos” NO he wants MONEY Dumbass and he’s taking advantage of small minded children. This is why no one watches these videos cause your a fuckin idiot scarce🤕

    64. cartoon alien

      Ye cuz that’s how you act when ur gf die???🤣

    65. I Am Unknown

      I genuinely think Jaystation has some dirt on someone higher up at HUfast and that's why he hasn't been punished for it yet. Any other HUfastr who would've done this would have been banned, or at least demonetized.

    66. Yeet Skeet

      Whoever did her lips need to be fired ASAP

    67. Khloe GL

      Scarce is so skinny now.

    68. KittenKatGacha YT

      I knew it. I knew he was a fraud

    69. T T

      But hey he’s getting a lot of publicity

    70. metchlol


    71. Capognaa 2k18

      1:25 just as you thought there is just no way someone could possibly be this brain dead🤣

      1. Capognaa 2k18

        No fucking way 9 ads🤣🤣

    72. Yung Sinnxr

      My nigga ain’t nobody sad

    73. Jose Ramirez

      Leave Jay alone or else

    74. Operator Cowdy

      His Girlfriend probably isn’t even his Girlfriend

    75. Savage Wraith

      We need a content cop.

    76. Savage Wraith

      When Logan Paul was trying to be mature but his hype drones are still hyping up.

    77. Savage Wraith

      He's an abusive psycho and forcing all this. Someone call the cops.

    78. Savage Wraith

      Honestly, isn't there some kinda charge she can press for Jaystation posting her number without consent? I hope he rots.

    79. Minerva Owl Cult

      He prob killed her for clout

    80. Dominick Jeff

      I wish she spit at jaystation

    81. Slumpifyy

      I miss leafy 😞😞😓

    82. Halo jumper 97

      Fuck this guy

    83. my contentking

      Wow what a scumbag

    84. Pamanda Amay

      I don't understand; Cant, he getting trouble for this.

    85. Kip Rux

      We need leafy

    86. Daniel Jackson

      Look I don’t like Jay station at all I think he’s a scumbag, but you must be the type of guy that gets mad at Marvel because you found out that their movies are fake come on it’s a series dude people do scripted content like this all the time, however shitty this is

    87. MusicalMemories211

      Jaystation is friggin demented.. What a piece of trash..

    88. Megan Wood

      Only a matter of time that he does a 3am challenge on Kobe. I think he only faked his gf’s death because there hasn’t been a death of a celebrity for awhile.

    89. Reem Meer

      The dude is on heroin trust me jaystaion is on dope

    90. Eclipse Comics

      We were ravages in 2016 when it came to disrespecting people 3 years later we’re sensitive?

    91. Mr Fantastic yellow

      Aiight I don't like Logan Paul to but that's way over board dude

    92. Cactus Guy

      Me want the leafy

    93. Kaine Kun

      I don’t like Logan but when she pat on him, I kinda got pissed

    94. HDL

      lmfao youtube is a joke

    95. Adrian Salazar

      Jaystation: *Says girlfriend is dead Also Jaystation: BUY MY MERCH!

    96. Soviet Doge

      In before jaystation gonna make a move video

    97. Nathaniel Racoon

      Scarce: "I don't think Jaystation did anything bad here" *few minutes ago* Jay leaked out Alexias friends number as revenge for trying to sabotage his fake GF death for views....

    98. william clay

      I never saw a lie like jay

    99. william clay

      Jaystation I hate you

    100. Alexis Wilkes

      What’s with these HUfastrs faking ppls death. First teala and now this piece of shit