Jaystation Getting BANNED? TFue and Banks ARE BACK? Shane Dawson


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    1. King Ramos

      #canclejaystation why he is just a normal click baiter 😂 🤣

    2. Jack Silcock

      #TheQuarteringIsOverParty He Is Bullying Keemstar And Attacking Women

    3. Magpie birb

      i grew up with master of luck and xbox addictionz, wow just wow

    4. Shane Scott

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    5. HeyKovu!

      Still waiting for Kavos to beat Jays ass

      1. SwordSlice311



      I like Jay. But Scarce is my favourite HUfastr in my life.

    7. * M i x ll C l x x d *

      Ahem Alexia And Jay Are back Togethar Bs Ik

    8. Ryder


    9. Alan walkerv

      I never see Jay abuse litter girl but true Jay video not allow kid watch but teenagers watch it?

    10. Furbyguy

      jaystation is not getting banned

    11. Abid Kalam

      Joe station 3am

    12. El Gordo

      Jay:I wants to box That his last excuse how a pussy he is

    13. Meme S

      Not gonna lie I hate how you say tfue

    14. Meme S

      Not gonna lie I hate how you say tfue

    15. Cali

      Pro pepper does troll little kids insulting their intelligence like how Jay station did

    16. Silver Guardian

      funny how this was just a few weeks ago and look where jaystation is now xD

    17. Keith Mayfield

      The parents of these brainwashed children should be ashamed for letting them watch Jay

    18. Peterisnotcool

      Daily bumps sounds like a porn brand

    19. fahriza kafi

      well its about fucking time

    20. Elizabeth Hill

      Jstation is involved wth other fake channels like G team paranormal, Omar gosh, moe sargi , hunting the dead! They are all doing the fake videos!

    21. LNR

      Scarce: Jaystation is getting banned All of HUfast: *don’t do that, don’t give me hope*

    22. DaBowdak

      Y'all came for Jay. I came for xQc being pepega

    23. MrRakvalen

      i completely forgot this channel existed

    24. I Steal Xboxes

      What if this is all a prank? What if jay is fucking with everyone? What if this is an elaborate plan? It’s just way to convenient...

    25. Acclivity

      Thankfully those guys that robbed him never had a weapon on 'em.

    26. BradCFG

      Whats with logan and fighting black peope ?:

    27. Marshall Brown

      This makes me so happy. Jay deserves all the shit that is coming his way! I can't think of a more deserving person to be cancelled.

    28. w dvb

      As much as I cannot stand ''the Quartering'' & his everybody is outrage about 5 SJW twitter responses that nobody really cares about except him & incels vids. He does have a point. People love the drama vids. But, all reporting & crying to utube about certain creators will just diminish more creators make vids. Even if you like them or not. In some ways, Fans are responsible for this. They whine & complain to utube about certain creators & then whine & complain when utube starts taking down vids & creators. How will you ever get the drama vids you love & watch if their is no drama anymore?

    29. Mueez Saber

      Look I don’t like Logan Paul and crew, but the story with the dad was oddly similar if not worse than the story with the twitch streamers, yet that one was a joke and “acceptable” are we only allowed to sexually harass people that are universally disliked??

    30. DKsaNn Kat

      I dont support that movement. Jaystation may have a distasteful personality but hes not doing anything illegal. He shouldn't be stripped of his freedom, he has a right to upload that content.

    31. MaxTheMink

      Prometheus, he returns with the fire!

    32. Pochirojas

      I really miss the goddamn gameplay commentary's

    33. Tattzz

      "This will affect all youtubers" .. jaystation wasn't affected last time, how could it get any worse than it already is?

    34. djay4487 deved

      jays gonna be fucked

    35. Ana Ramirez

      The justice done on jay station NEEDS to happen to ONISION

    36. weegee888ZEN

      when are you going to hit 3 million?

    37. KGB Toad

      Damn... I kinda want jaystation to get arrested

    38. The White Apple


    39. Leftyy


    40. Saatwik Jain


    41. John Marston

      Just tell me his height and weight . Lol what you’re going to grow or shrink ?

    42. TYt Prefixes

      #StopJayStation oof

    43. raveglory300

      Quartering is retarded.

    44. DynamicgamerX Vlogie

      Wait you don’t look like Scarce, where is the real scarce

    45. Rackson x sanz

      So happy that he got banned Fk him fk his channel I knew that death thing was fake

    46. ItzSwiftYy

      Drama alert is better

    47. Red Infernal Dragon

      Honestly dude deserves everything hes about to get he has made so many fuck ups so much scummy content and now like a spoilt brat he tried to be super greedy and fake shit for money and now its all catching up to him, get this trash piece of filth out of the community thanks.

    48. Media

      This was the first scarce video i have seen in like 2 years, oh man do i miss these videos. I can still remember when you hit 1 million subscribers

    49. Mudkip Legend

      The meme himself has returned!!!!!!!!!

    50. GXmody


    51. Azriel Alonso

      First time watching Scarce in 2 years and I couldnt even recognize em

    52. CHUNKYxLUVERx93

      Hey Scarce can you talk about Gladd taking over the number 1 most subbed channel on twitch? Thanks man

    53. McKinley Fisher-Lynd

      Still a big difference between a youtube ad and a superbowl ad is that I'm skipping the youtube ad immediately but some people are watching the superbowl just to watch the ads.

    54. Gray

      Really hope tfue doesn’t go back lol

    55. ItzBreeZy HT

      Y’all sensitive about the family. Embarrassment is part of raising a child. Better than beating.

    56. J Jr

      wow scarce you made it worst for xqc 🤦🏽‍♂️

    57. Ivana Santini

      I don't live that far from Old City Hall. Should I go there and film it? LOL

    58. DogDude 121

      Jaystation is the type of douce who'll be like: OMG DROPPING THE SOAP IN PRISON AT 3AM!! (they raped me) But seriously this guy deserves an assbeating sorry not sorry he's a douce and cried wolf too many fucking times and since HUfast won't do anything we will.

    59. Kylian Christoffer


    60. Phthalo Blue

      2:55 while this dude has a point, he can fuck himself. Let me tell you why. Jay's fanbase consists of little children. He is exploiting them in every way possible and making money. It's not about adpocolypse and it's not about the money. It's about preventing the exploiting of children and making Jay pay for all what he's done. This individual who's only concern is "bUt ThIs WiLl StArT AdPoCoLyPsE" is pathetic.

    61. 100K Rolex

      Banks u fucking idiot

    62. Krisy Goebel

      Watch him fake his death and fake his ghost running his channel

    63. 603_GageRi

      yo master luck hit hard bro

    64. amy joy

      the guy with the watch...that story is *not* how it happened if it happened at all...a hooker probably lifted it after he/she finished .

    65. Trevor Dunworth

      HUfast is garbage. It’s tough to say seeing that a lot of us grew up on this website, it sucks that such a great platform could be destroyed by a few money hungry simp cunts that run it.

    66. the deputy

      why is banks still relevant

    67. KLEIN

      the thing is the superbowl is guaranteed the numbers where as a youtuber is reliant on YT algorithm.

    68. the girl with the sun in her head

      This is a absolutely enraging and mind blowing. YT shuts down channels for NO REASON, yet still allows jaystation abuse the platform and make money. I'm NAUSEATED.

    69. Karlski

      So glad that fucking idiots like this guy and Onision are finally getting their comeuppance

    70. Tfubz

      All the comments are talking abt jaystation and not banks nd tfue like bro im tryna see i only have a bit of wifi at 5am outside a library im just tryna see what’s pubin on

    71. Fadel Rizky

      Poor xqc pepehands

    72. MysteryFellow

      you know when people say the camera give you 10 pounds that's false with scarce it's more like lose 10 pounds looking good broski

    73. Detail Kingz

      Why is Jay station still around man they should just banned him period

    74. Monk Killedababy

      The Quartering is such a fucking clout chaser lmfao... what is he even trying to say? Adpocalypse.... because we're trying to get jaystation taken off the platfrom? fuck offfffffff.

    75. EricHexaFury

      MasterOfLuck, ProPepper, those are HUfast trolls. Apparently people aren’t allowed to troll innocently or give 8 yr old bullies a taste of their own medicine. Iow I’m not against trolling. But it’s a violation on HUfast and “justified” action was taken.

    76. Watermalone 305

      Remember, assault is a threat and battery is the actual attack. He swung at her with a phone, thas a threat

    77. The Working man

      Meanwhile pewdiepie is somewhere kicking back enjoying a nice whiskey and that’s all that matters

    78. Duckling 41

      Grade A Under A sent me

    79. Omega Squirrel

      Imagine getting bad grades in kindergarten. Who gives a fuck if they show it off??

    80. Gianni Lomeli

      People make jokes that some youtuber's have kid audiences. It's probably true, but have we ever cosidered if HUfast is being ran by kids? I mean, youtuber's with massive kid audiences seem to get away with doing terrible things, youtube keeps terminating and taking money away from innocent youtubers. I mean this has been going on for a long time. I would understand a system malfunction, but by now this should have been fixed. I think we need a new video company. #StopHUfast

    81. diego

      I can’t wait till Jaystation is homeless LMAO

    82. Alexander Misael

      Xbox addictions was terminated as-well

    83. candy Murray

      If jaystation doesn't get banned or deleted then he paying HUfast a hell of a lot of money

    84. Joy Ride


    85. Real Talk With The King

      Shit, if I was bad in school I should be called out for it. And if I did good on my report card then hell yeah. Praise me to the World. Lol

    86. Grace S

      Man, I guess he finally left his house to get his mail and the police were finally able to serve that warrant! 😂

    87. LoneRider27

      ka vos... not kayvos lool. anyway i don't think kavos is a fighter, it needs to be someone who can actually fight for full effect. definitely get jaystation off every platform.

    88. logik

      I feel like jaystation knows how to box

    89. Ryan

      JayStation's next video - "CONTACTING MY DEAD CAREER AT 3 IN THE MORNING!!!"

    90. Eric B

      Parents can vlog my report card all they want if it’s gonna make bank wtf

    91. Antikia

      Wait, you guys have grades in freaking kindergarden? That's rough man

    92. Fibbles

      4:52 *Has offensive language* Scarce: "Come on... dude" lmao

    93. Andres Perez

      is this a face reveal omg

    94. Karnage Graphics

      Scarce no one cares ab JayStation anymore lmao

    95. Artechian Legends

      I feel bad for all the youtubers when the adpocalypse happens

    96. Joe Perez

      i'm surprised Scarce is talking about Toasty/Bashur's recent twitter post and how a lot of people are worried about his life.

    97. Blacknight499

      The Quartering has a good point that’s how it going to be on the main stream news

    98. Connor R

      I’m waiting for people to stop talking about this jaystation guy, so fucking wack

    99. vermili0n

      imagine making 11,000 + USD that easily/quickly lol

    100. Buri

      TheQuartering is a fucking moron in every way