Jake Paul DESTROYS AnEsonGib, Calls Out KSI... TFue Breakup, Ninja


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    1. Username Password

      AnEsonGib is a discrace to my country

    2. Yhung. Ale

      I was hanging out with my friends and went home early just to watch this and I wanted gib to win 🤦‍♂️

    3. End me

      I only remember Jenna from Pilav being on Raj king of the hill was pretty funny

    4. TvHead

      "Don't get a mistaken"

    5. Allaan Snackbar

      Everyday we pray for a new platform to rise like HUfast but with no censorship

    6. Ålphäå

      Someone makes a joke and ofc 80% of the world gets offended and it’s just stupid

    7. Ålphäå

      You can’t really compare pewdiepie to ninja. They are both on different platforms

    8. 1_Takoyaki _1

      "Huge"? I like you Scarce but I honestly forgot about the 2nd fight with KSI and Logan Paul. Didn't even know there was more fights still.

    9. Nick Halfmann

      I only remember that one time Zooma roasted the hell out of that Jenna chick.

    10. Bad Word

      I cringe at neanderpaul

    11. Sal D


    12. bflatmusic

      Scarce has butter teeth.

    13. fabric

      Dead channel.

    14. Ragtagknight 9

      When he's talking about how much she said on discord I'm like, bro that ain't nothing me and my friends say so much fucked up shit on a daily basis

    15. NipNip

      Scarce please help, share my story copyright striked my video I made about them and now I don’t know what to do so please help me hufast.info/plan/vide/dm-vq96DsYy1f2Q

    16. BatyGaming

      I mean.. did you guys really think gib had a chance? 🤔

    17. Vlad Gioia

      There goes Scarce again. See you in a few month

      1. 1995 Toyota Camry

        Ikr like bruh

    18. Jaskaran Pannu

      if u didn’t leave youtube very 5 months u would be more popular than drama alert

    19. Gregory Dion

      Scarce lost a lot of weight :o

    20. Henrietta K

      Ngl, this is my first Scarce video after a year or so, you look good man!

    21. Kobe ssmbtn Mercedes

      I fucking died at 6:37 cause of how you said it lol

    22. Andrej Mrsulja

      O no she said the n word on discord!!!! nobody does that that's NOT okay man!!!!!!!!!!!1!1111 How can she ever insult jewish people not cool maaan!!!!11

    23. Grinch -

      No upload in three days? This means hiatus incoming, see you next year bro

      1. 1995 Toyota Camry


    24. lυиα


    25. Jshot

      None of them know how to fight nor, are they even built for it. I seen the fight and was laughing the entire time. This is such a joke.

    26. tennis time

      ohhhh. You finally did a face reveal. Well glad i have a face for the name and voice.

    27. Rudy Stucker

      why not deji vs Gib?

    28. Fre Cuh

      why does jake paul think he’s connor mcgregor

    29. It’s Clem Time!!

      Oh shit you’re not dead. And holy shit you lost weight. Good Job!

    30. DarkRanger85

      yo scarce is back

    31. Pat Nope

      Pewdiepie only makes 15 because youtube and the media dont like him lol, they like ninja cause hes family friendly

    32. Im Oblivious

      Does Chris Hansen always talk like he’s on a show?

    33. Rickyfyied

      Gabbie didn't know she was murdered probably and it wasn't disrespectful that she said she dresses like that girl.

    34. Daddy Wumbo

      Jake Paul beat someone in wrestling? Cool. Haven't cared since 2018

    35. 9 - D Alguno, Jehu V.

      When gib lose: respect When logan lose: BIG L!!!!

    36. danger zone

      My boy scarce needs to lift hes getting to skinny

    37. JustAboutAnythingTech

      Scarce looks like he lowkey just smacked a bowl and put eyedrops in

    38. SHARX


    39. TooWoke4Words

      Dude.... Logan is literally bigger, stronger, faster, & smarter than Jake & KSI beat Logan basically twice so please tell me what Jake could bring that Logan couldn't.. Please don't say determination 😂😂

    40. Yo lan

      Who else thought this was a ksi video???

    41. Valor

      Omg who cares! The world has gone too soft like grow up! Oh he said a word that offended you suck it up and deal with it! What a bunch of softies

    42. Punduh Bear

      I feel like Dr disrespect over plays his character. I mean he needs to chill, just a smidge.

      1. GGNick

        Ik he honestly gets annoying sometimes

    43. Dec G31

      You know your video is not monetized test it out with a black video for 10 mins

    44. Khaydon Bean


    45. { Retro Boomin }

      Jake didn’t destroy gib he only beat him by a little bit but either way they both weak asf at least gib is a functional member of society

    46. Madam Gryffindor

      9:45 It's like the same thing with Disney. Disney has been known to make movies that were "stolen" from the original creators, to make them "family-friendly", and had racial and or sexist things in them; yet they are literally trying to hide their dark history from the new generations by remaking (copying and pasting) and changing some things from the original animated classics into the live-action crap we see now.

    47. MehdiBarka

      Who’s Oneasian?

    48. Deathdrone

      Why yo ears so pointy

    49. The Lime

      S8n got banned on Twitter

    50. Sophie

      Corinna moves back to the vlog squad and bought herself a present for leaving him.

    51. Devontae Johnson

      Ninja is a multi millionaire and couldn't pay someone to design his shoes lol

    52. Brandon Lynch

      fuck this kid

    53. ok

      Sadly we all know that Deji will get beat by jake, just let JJ fight him

    54. Armando Montes

      Can’t believe *SCARCE* lost weight but still doesn’t know how to fight

    55. stock pistol

      It still weird how you look now who is this scarce 2.0

    56. Jaime Urbano

      Mini logan paul gonna get knocked out

    57. Zoro

      Bro stfu i dont think she fuckin knew she was a murdur victim she prob didint even notice

    58. Ghost of television

      When are you gonna talk about my boy marsreview getting hacked

    59. Josh Leighton

      Hold up. Your still a thing? Damn thought u were gone 3 years ago

    60. _

      Scarce eyes makes him look like a anime character, not hating

    61. Bully Maguire

      I’m just waiting for an actual professional boxer to break to the inbred Paul twins in half. The fact hat they’ve done no amateur fights leading up to these fights is pathetic. Buzzing to see the Paul’s fight actual boxers. They clearly just want praise...

    62. jay ks

      Damn you got beat tf up in boxing

    63. ILiveOnAUFO

      Tfue and corrina gone get back together lol they the same as other younger couples on and off lol

    64. DynxstyJums

      KSI gonna avenge Gib

    65. Kings Lair

      This why I watch the after clips of the boxing matches it be trash

    66. Suhh Dude

      Scarce is not neutral, if Jake lost he probably wouldn’t have told ppl to go easy on him

    67. CashMoney Aust

      Scarce no one cares about leafy at all even when he was uploading a bunch

    68. dekkubo boo

      scarce is love.. scarce is life?

    69. CLANKERt _

      KSI: here we go again

    70. The Best Silver Stacker

      You lot are so dum all this is just to make bank ...its just like a big act ...and you all falling for it ......like jake Paul said it's all Riged ...end of .......UK England

    71. Kermit The frog

      Don’t attack gib for losing but he doesn’t care when Logan Lost 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    72. Natescorruptedmind

      Scarce : sorry I don’t know what an AP is, I don’t buy expensive watches Also scarce : ninja is making a lot of dough Alr scarce try again

    73. FreshxEli TV

      Shit last time I seen scarce he was still making cod videos 😭😭😂

    74. Shawn Rodriguez

      The fight was an actual meme

    75. C T

      "i had a crush on him and I don't know why" it's called being horny??? Not that confusing

    76. Joker

      Jake paul mcgregor wannabe

    77. Esoh

      You tubers thinking they can just step in the ring like that 🤦🏽‍♂️

    78. TheLeadZombie

      ninja is a one trick sped

    79. TRIX

      Jake didn't destroy anyone?

    80. Cloudzee

      Fuck gib he’s a bitch

    81. BrotherBoresIsBest

      These buffoons take themselves way too seriously. A 15 year old boxer would beat them. This is all the equivalent of when you and your friends have your own sports league at home. Anyone can be pro if you challenge other idiots like yourselves.

    82. ???

      Bet Jenna only got unpartnered because she didn't blow off one of the moderators, as Alinity did.

    83. FPS Jeremy

      you guys know who tea few is

    84. DiablosLocos13

      Nah fam. Pewdiepie is the biggest HUfastr.

    85. Biggs 215

      If a dude made the comment on a stream like this chick did, he would be crucified. I’m glad twitch took the partnership away. Haha🖕🏻 entitled, shitty person!

    86. HK Divine

      2:33 so no one going to say anything about her wearing the headset backwards

    87. ThunderYazxor

      Attacking Gib for losing is a whole new level of *L O W B L O W*

    88. Edward C2

      Shes going to go find another HUfastr to date lol

    89. Airsoft Mitchel

      doc is amazing!! Always has the best clips 😂😂

    90. 1984sFinest

      People hating on Gabby are stupid! They were talking about clothing and style. Who the hell cares who the person is!? The blurred out the person face. The overly sensitive limp wristed society of today makes me sick.

    91. Jesse Selinger

      Who watches that script garbage?

    92. leroy jenkins

      Uh he called Jake out... FUCK EM!

    93. Ryan

      Scarce the type of dude to call his grandma at least once a week just to check up on her and take her out to lunch and be a respectful and loving grandson

    94. PSGamerz

      These fights are getting repetetive and are hella ded nowdays

    95. Yung Sinnxr

      The way scarce says tfue kills me

    96. Domino.

      Why does DrDisRespect remind me of Jay Jonah Jameson....

    97. Skyluhz

      Holy shit the bianca devins thing was crazy, rip to bianca

    98. TheTobyOMG

      Dr. DisrespectMyWife is so afraid of being the shittier streamer it hurts to watch.

    99. Zac C

      If Jake lost he would have got so much hate I say stuff gib the crab 🦀

    100. pure Vessel