iDubbbz RESPONDS to DRAMA... MrBeast, FaZe, SodaPoppin, H3H3, Banks


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    1. FatmanJonesTV

      Honestly you’re kind of pathetic if you are actually affected by Ian’s gf’s onlyfans lol 😂 boy go outside

    2. op godz

      3:14 it's not funny, u idiots, whoever thinks a white person saying the n word is funny, u suck as a person

    3. Jeddicus

      Disliked because Scarce didnt say "Buckaroo"

    4. Anthony Lopez


    5. Vasto Lorde

      lol @ the guy yelling at his mom

    6. Vasto Lorde

      Idubbbz can do what he wants, and thats exactly what he does, which is why hes the is the coolest on youtube.

    7. Kiammyfy

      *flashbacks to me getting perma banned on someone's stream for literally lurking*

    8. Novaximus

      Soooo it's ok to do whatever as long as your making money from it. That's some great logic there.

    9. Deadlydad886

      Dislikes up to 250k yikes!!

    10. Hana Králiková

      Ian's response was honestly so defensive and didn't feel real at all.

    11. P CZ

      The fact that this happened to someone whose whole youtube career is built on destroying other youtubers just makes it so much more sweeter. Karma is real SIMP.

    12. You_vice Camble

      *Everyone talking about ads in videos* People with adblockers: What "ads"?

    13. Zomb13 Zo0

      idubbbz is simpin meme is pretty great.

    14. Azeal_Nightxx9199

      What is the game around the 11 minute point?

    15. shlime_mp4

      The fact that idubbbz gf looks like maxmofoe means this is deeper then you think

    16. Satamsuccstoes

      Sooo girls can do whatever the hell they want but boys can't? alright then

    17. Applechomper

      The main problem with the Idubbbz thing is that his girlfriend barely has an audience of her own, and her making an only fans account is selling her nudes to his fans, that’s kind of scumy but I don’t think idubbbz is a simp, he probably just doesn’t care, it’s his girlfriend who is the problem

    18. Jakethemoss

      10:20 what if you accidentally get banned then you are f’ed

    19. Shang Sung the New and Old

      idddubz is a simp

    20. Cinnamon Toast Boi

      If I hear the word simp one more time I’m gonna blow my brains out

      1. solitary one

        @Cinnamon Toast Boi 🤣

      2. Cinnamon Toast Boi

        solitary one And I’m going fully in the grave

      3. solitary one

        Well it's still going on in newest comment section of idubbbz newest video. Look like idubbbz is going pro comedian.

    21. Well Hello

      10:20 use a vpn

    22. Neil Z.

      Am I too old to understand what a simp is?

    23. HDMI 延

      i think he deserves the best he can get, and to get what he wants or needs. At the end of the day is his relation, and yes Anisa has been exposed several times for being an overall pretty shitty person. But yeah, i think that these people are super upset cause now you can go to an idubbbz new upload and go "Oh damn dude nice video but tell our girlfriend to upload more anal" and that sucks

    24. Inimene olen

      haha sodapoppin said sum about a female haha he's a simp haha

    25. DaVinki?

      Wait so you said that idubbbz’s girlfriend made the decision to make the only fans so I’m kinda confused on why idubbbz is getting the backlash.

    26. Whellyy


    27. Robert Blanchard

      11:30 Long story. I brought a knife to school for self-defense against someone in my school who was clearly psychotic. the person's best friend found out I had a knife and I was escorted by police to the principles office. They said I would be suspended but they had no idea how long, I was suspended for 6 months...

    28. Blake Erenhouse

      2:10 I believe the reason it was removed was because Ian felt it was crossing the line for people to drag Anisa’s past into the argument between him and some of his fans. He was trying to keep her out of the problems people had with him

    29. iGotta Grevolver

      Hey remember freedom of speech? Guess we don't have an opinion of coronavirus then

    30. Vanished

      IDubbbz is not a simip because he is a chad.

    31. Nk Splash

      Why does scarce look like an early caveman

    32. Interdimensional Gaming

      I don’t really like the fact that sex workers are a thing but people are free to be themselves

    33. Snoop Syrup

      Idubbz is not a simp his gf made a decision to do something and he is supporting her she has said some shit things tho and is not a great person though

    34. Ihavenoidea

      hypocrite is a hypocrite. Deserves shit for that. hes straight up lying hes not being hypocritical.

    35. Christopher Columbus

      Who cares it kinda brought Leafy back.

    36. Bald Torment

      I look up big boob and get 2 billion results

    37. Gabriel

      I have and never will like idubbz personally

    38. frenk

      mrbeast is literally modern Jesus.

    39. TheDarkKnight

      Since when do we trust eightthoughts to give his opinion on anything

    40. Loveisamyth

      Content Cop Scarce edition.

    41. Themightyclamfer

      Yeah I don't care if his girlfriend sends out lewds or whatever but he definitely should not deal with her terrible personality because of all the shitty stuff she's making him do

    42. sn0wbit

      thequartering calling out h3 is retarded, it is in the middle of coronavirus, how the fuck else would a youtuber make money?

    43. thillee8800

      Scarce is that brick in the background real?

    44. misfit

      One half naked female on the internet is pretty much the same as any other half naked female on the internet. I struggle to muster any respect for any of them. This is a main part of the problem. No one respects her and she is with for the time being someone they do respect. It’s as simple as that.

      1. misfit

        the drowsy one The half naked could equally equate to streaming half naked like there were in a UK costume drama. Also don’t forget Jim Morrison was arrested for lewd behaviour in the county of Dade so it does not mean butter wouldn’t melt.

      2. solitary one

        Actually its lewd which is different.

    45. Jesani YT

      Came here for the carson - faze thing smh

    46. Zombsnipe

      I mean people jack to idubbs girlfriend anyways, so why not make some money off of it.

    47. RIFTRX

      some one tell me that this man didn't suggest for her to get a job

    48. Brychael Yt

      10:33 *Shows Quackitys Video* Me: wait what?

    49. Obito

      "if youre banned from someones twitch stream you wont be able to comment, even on alts." uh yeah.... isnt that kind of the fucking point of banning someone? if youve been banned from a chat youre obviously being toxic why would anyone want them to be able to just come back on an alt and continue being toxic

    50. Hokarion

      I don't know why people are rude towards iDubbz, if he's a simp- So what? He has a girlfriend, 70% of the people who are complaining don't.

    51. Robot Gore

      If Idubbz’s girlfriend wasn’t such a scumbag it wouldn’t be a big deal. She’s only with Idubbz for fame

    52. Dooufy

      that sweatshirt looks a little big on you 😳 congrats on losing the weight 🥳

    53. Dirty Guy

      idibbz gf looking like a female max moe foe

    54. Vetklo

      alissa violet is the dumbest bitch online

    55. Fang Music

      The simp meme is fucking toxic not gonna lie

    56. Maddy Beaulieu

      Things are just different in L.A/influencer culture/entertainment world. My boyfriend would be so devastated if I posted ludes/nudes online for money which Is obviously different to this situation because clearly idubbz doesnt care ,and I would be so scared for my parents to ever see it and disappointed because they expected me to achieve things with my intelligence and character. I think it's fine to be a sex worker but I honestly think demanding there to be no stigma for sex work is ridiculous and will never happen it would be much easier for any decent looking girl to make money using sexuality. Doing the harder thing that takes longer, that pays less and requires more experience or educational investment is going to be looked at more favourable by a large chunk of us normal people . There is a downside to things like that always,and that is the downside to sex work unfortunately but the people who do it should be glad because if it didnt exist way more people would do it and there would be a smaller market for their tits.

    57. Darkhan345

      Well if it’s your job you follow the rules at your job before you lose it ?

    58. [__]

      Time to use a VPN on twitch

    59. Clayj27

      “I’m ok with it since it doesn’t really affect me” said Neville Chamberlain, letting the Germans take Czechoslovakia

      1. Xuanathan

        “I’m okay with it since it doesn’t really affect me” said me when a a fly landed on my arm. False equivalences are false.

    60. skinny from the south

      Hey, what's up guys it's Scarce here.

    61. Rex the Darkhunter

      Scarce would've never done these facecam videos is it wasn't for iDubbbz' criticism of him in the Leafy Content Cop, let that sink in for a moment.

    62. Scotty mcloud

      this is epic

    63. rental car

      Yet idubbbz is hitting that while men’s are paying for pics that’s a big dub kim k only rich cuz of a sextape remember that

    64. Melissa Green

      If I was clown, I would be pissed too. They should’ve just dropped the whole episode if they insisted on doing this.

    65. Rasenpapi On ig

      Fuck thequartering

    66. ExploS

      Wait does the twitch ban also fuck with someone else in your house

    67. Robert Ladao

      Why the hate? They should do what makes them happy.

    68. Xd scorpoinz

      I sub

    69. That Boi Poi

      Alinity: *literally abuses animals on stream* Twitch: I sleep Random streamer: *talks about covid-19* Twitch: REAL SHIT?

      1. Bonk Choy

        Where is the fucking joke

      2. Draxan06

        I am rather looking forward to this analysis, aren't you?

      3. Xxgamer9d

        ReAL sHiT

      4. Andon Martin

        DashLashBoy dude those memes where made before Russian badger fucking put them in his videos

      5. DashLashBoy

        russian badger reference maybe lol

    70. 1,000 subscribers before part 6 is Animated

      I don’t think it’s bad I just feel bad for iDubbbzTV

    71. Pablo Sebascobar

      the fact that clown got censored is bs.. keem and banks need to work out their shit

    72. Local Man

      You can hear the desperation in his voice

    73. ThatsJosh2u


    74. Light Yagami

      Damn my boy scarce glew the fuck up. I remember his mw2 commentaries

    75. Alex

      Idubbbz is a beta, beta cant be a content cop

    76. Hoa The Flower

      Hes not a simp. Yall are looking at her only fans as a personal hobby or some shit, understand that its her JOB its profeshional with no feelings attached. Dont criticise him for something that she does. The simo cancelling movement is going out of hand.stop callimg anyone that loves women a simp. You obviously dont know what that means

    77. Madison Voigt

      Damn scarce, lookin like a whole ass snack these days

    78. Tuke

      So yeah. Spontanious?

    79. Tuke

      10:20 VPN

    80. KndnssStrvationNRspnseIndpendncy

      Scarce: "Twitch bans you what are you supposed to do at that point" Me: "reflect on ur actions"

    81. Sarah-Jayne Mcdonald

      The quartering has a really good point!

    82. Edulitoh barahona

      It's because he created that kind of community if he wanted to do something that goes against his own community that's kinda his fault for starting

    83. planetmarshmellow

      I randomly hang out with an ex, she's demon possessed in relationships but a sane friend lol

    84. Cody Hinkle

      cant you just use a vpn for twitch?

    85. Vertigobomber

      why cant we all as peoples "get together and feel all right"

    86. Aaron

      Banks: Hangs out with ex being friendly instead of just blocking her out of his life Rest of internet: SIMP

    87. Greeks Hat

      Haven't clicked on a scarce video in a minute but saw sodapoppin and was curious.

    88. Boris Bonillo


    89. Dylan

      Leafy is back?

    90. Viper's Exalted

      11:20 “imagine saying that to someone” people get laid off all the time lmao

    91. Tarkus

      People need to get their shit in check let idubbz do his thing.

    92. Undead Challenges

      Scarce back? Leafy uploaded? I’m uploading. Wtf is this, 2016?

    93. Offical FBI

      Leafy is back.

    94. He’s ignominious

      I can’t wait to see “rice gum has donated $1000”

    95. Tenshi nana

      iddubz looking like a hipster

    96. Sir Cartier

      I don’t give a fuck he a simp and these memes are funny

    97. Yeetwch Y Baban

      I can't believe you still do this

    98. Sydney Ness

      Anisa was literally mocking a girl with an eating disorder

    99. Ted Angelo

      In other news; Leafy’s back !!!

    100. Thog Olicouis

      I haven’t watch you since the leafy content cop you’ve lost a lot of weight good job man