Game Theory Messed Up? YouTube Says Bots Are Taking Over... DALLMYD, Keemstar, Justin Whang


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    1. Nateman1000

      We need #hashtagisoverpartyisoverparty

    2. Nateman1000

      Matpats made mistake though someone needs to make money in the economy and wasn't mentioning anyone in particular and under that logic streaming services trying to make relatable ads to get subs is also that deserves a #isoverparty. Hmm.. idiocy

    3. Nateman1000

      Under that logic, a show making a covid-19 special with ads is bad. The mainstream always gets away. Not that I nescicarily like what Matpats did, but double standards.

    4. Random Kid

      I thought it was noviritsch in the thumbnail lmao

    5. Its A Cat

      bro come on dont hit the cat, it doesnt know any better

    6. Riley FromGho3t

      I just pop my cat once and he never does it again

    7. Zoey Lindely


    8. Dewitt345

      The Cat beater reminds me of Alinity

    9. Shizuma

      9:30 jeez, she looks like a fkin clown with this makeup on

    10. agnostos

      HUfastrs are mad at Mat for not thinking of it first lmao. Butt hurt pussy's. He was just trying to spread a positive vibe.

    11. OllieOnline

      What’s with cats, abuse, and views, in the same category?

    12. ChampionCoast 18

      I've only been watching for a few days, but I already love this channel!! Scarce gets to the point right away

    13. Kara D

      i would smack the face of the gamer guy with anger issues beating his cat. big tough guy

    14. Ariael Cristobal

      That’s not abuse that’s discipline sheesh y’all are some piss babies 🙄

    15. Josh -ω-

      So know one gonna remember matpat literally raised 1.3 mil for cancer


      jon moxley

    17. Ryan Gonzalez

      Me again still watching ur content all this shit is interesting I think I become a youtube troll lol

    18. TyPhuun1

      Alinity but, toned down and is a guy

    19. Keith Heif

      and yet so alinity is on twitch for abuseing cats NOICE

    20. V1 BANANA

      I have broken my arm when i was 10 i feel his pain honestly hope he gets better

    21. Nat Mars

      9:44 she looks like she is cosplaying as a trump waifu

    22. Dom


    23. Super Marigio

      They took over me once A lot of them

    24. FrenchyJr

      The cat probably did something bad but idk I’d punish my cat but off screen. FYI: I’m not an abuser I love my cats

    25. kendal porter

      Game theory annoys me out of this world, this just adds to my hate of him.

    26. B. Lung

      yes, Lonely Gamba is exactly how to pronounce it

    27. Obese Overlord

      I like your cut G

    28. Tyler Bivins9

      They have people with computers right why can't they work from home

    29. Xenox

      Holy shit everyone has DID, but never been diagnosed, they self do it, you can’t diagnose yourself with a personality disorder because you’d think you won’t have it, just like a psychopath, you tell them their psychopath and they say no that’s not true, you can tell if you have some disorders like paranoia or depression just from Easy symptoms and long lasting effects of it.

    30. joshua catfan

      Who owns twitch a man or a kid

    31. rowiebro

      we love you scarce

    32. Bacon Stand

      Mattpat really messed up tho

    33. Space Midget

      3:15 WeirdChamp

    34. Mr. Void King

      I’m telling ya twitch is a simp company

    35. Row Rom

    36. Vicky Flores

      Our favorite whiskey loving lawyer Nick Rekieta

    37. Anthea Johnson

      People are overreacting on the mattpat situation. Honestly...

    38. Bill G

      It's fucked they know he broke his arm but they have him sitting in triage with no pain meds. it takes 20 seconds to administer a morphine or dilaudid even if there's no IV it's typical to get a shot in the ass or shoulder

    39. Bill G

      I hope romeo goes to jail in cali or texas

    40. Idan Navarro

      Twitch is a feminist

    41. sten

      the romeo thing made me laugh because he is going to a court of law when he is a predator. it doesnt make sense to me lol.

    42. Big Tiny

      Don’t they already falsely take videos down?

    43. Quest boi 23

      2:40 let me explain has the virus

    44. Jamie Owns

      Oh fuck off. The news profits of a tragedy all the time. And often creates news itself. Yet people don't say shit.

    45. Coqui Frogs

      Waaaah he's profiting off of tragedy! I don't like MattPat but *STFU.* Holy shit, Twitter is a bunch of entitled pricks. Thousands of people are profiting from this pandemic, it's part of life, wake up and smell the thorns.

    46. Dwarfy Guy

      I mean people hit dogs the same way for discipline. The cat didn't scream nor scratched back so it wasn't as if it was THAT bad

    47. Amanda ——-

      More people need to watch scarce, considering he’s the only one who makes the best daily content

    48. Shadowx

      the guy with the cat is prob alinitys boyfriend

    49. Elijah Name

      Twitch is sexist

    50. Presley Hesson

      From what I've seen from the MatPat drama: "No one is aloud to make any video based on any event-WW2, Black Death, 9/11, Hiroshima, Chernobyl, etc...because if you do, F*CK You". Honestly, I saw no problem with it. People use gaming characters a lot for other stuff, why not here? Especially for his younger audience, they would get drawn to seeing Mario and they'd watch the video. It also helps that he informed people on the problem. "hE's PrOfItInG oFf PeOpLe'S sUfFeRiNg", does like 90% of other content creators, not to mention other news companies milking it for clicks and views.

    51. Brain Engine

      Twitch HQ: *Full of Simps* Youtbue HQ: *Full of Bots*

    52. Andrew Diederich

      Spanking a cat isn’t abuse lmao

    53. Carnne

      "Why didn't alinity get banned I don't understand" probably because she wasn't beating her cat down on stream.

    54. TheDarkLegend_27 oop

      It always makes me feel sad to see people abuse animals

    55. aidan gilbert

      Does anyone know what the word abuse means anymore??? Swear some of yall never got beat by yall parents. Its called discipline

    56. James Dorpinghaus

      People who pretend to have DID piss me off. I know someone that actually has it, and was diagnosed by two separate therapists that have both been practicing for over twenty years. I'm very close to them and I've know them for over twelve years. I know what real DID looks like. You don't just go online and decide that you have it. DID is something you get from suffering repeated traumatic experiences from a young age.

    57. PotatoGamer555

      Man im surprised I just stumbled across this channel. Its so informative so fast, and with almost 0 bias. this seriously beats any actual news network lol. The reason ive been staying away from channels like these are because of the bullshit extending the drama type mentality, But man you get none of that here. Great Channel, 10/10. Thanks Scarce!

    58. LilOliVert

      It’s so fkn sad that he has to say “I’m trying to be a man about this”

    59. Dat_bois1

      Trisha is the definition of dumbass

    60. Lebron Salad

      Too many people are pussies to see someone doing successful during a hard time

    61. GunsBrother

      Didn't matt say he was trying to make light of the whole coronavirus situation and he also says in one of his recent videos he needs money to pay his editors thumbnail designers and graphic designers

    62. Akiren Kurumiya

      Big channel over a million subs

    63. Mr. Stankers

      WAHHHHH! A GUY IS DISCIPLINING HIS CAT AND NOT LETTING THE CAT DO WHATEVER IT WANTS! On the real though, if you think that guy is a horrible person, you're a pussy.

    64. derMemory

      I remember watching DALLMYD during his cod sniping days. Hope he will do well.


      So what about the memes

    66. Phooey

      5:44 he doesn’t admit that what keemstar said is true, that’s why it’s called defamation 😂

    67. Phooey

      Alinity: throws cat Twitch: I sleep Some random *male* streamer: hits cat Twitch: *r e a l s h i t*

    68. dava4444

      Whoa.. that dude is a pet parent, it is up to him to discipline his cat as he sees fit (so long as it is not excessive.. which it wasn't). For all we know the cat was chewing through power cables or peeing on a PC..I saw what that woman did to her dog.. and that was excessive. Having being a long term pet parent myself.. smacking a cats nose is OK to get them to stop.. if they go back and do it again, then it must not have been excessive.. because the cat did it again.. To any other pet parents.. you don't need to use too much force smacking a cats nose, they have so many nerves in their nose it lights up their nervous system like a christmas tree.. so even a gentle tap.. and like the dude in the video; hold them down firmly (so they don't hurt you or themselves) but not TOO firm and smack them on the nose the appropriate amount of times for what the cat did. Always be mindful of their temperament too (their personality).. if they are shy it might have been an accident.

    69. Grissom Rose

      If anyone try’s to defend matpat their basically brain dead. The mf gave the pope- let me say that again. THE MOTHER SMUCKING POPE undertale because it had morality system

      1. Shakiel Taylor

        @Grissom Rose Im pretty sure it was meant to a symbolic gesture

      2. Grissom Rose

        Shakiel Taylor Pope Francis doesn’t know how to use a computer

      3. Shakiel Taylor


    70. Nastasya

      oh my god.. poor kitty, I swear to god, if I am gonna be a streamer one day I would not lash my anger to my cat nor treat my cat awfully ever!

    71. Sunnyaftern00ns_

      I swear if this yt virus touch meh yt we pull up .-.

    72. Gaming_ Pal_John

      I was gonna start making videos but now I'm not

    73. The Huff

      Right, I get that throwing your cat is still abuse. But beating your cats arse is different from throwing your animal that climbs and jumps out of trees natural. This guy is a real poop geez. Psycho tits aside

    74. Tskui

      He didn’t kill the cat why is it such a big deal to discipline pets

      1. Tskui

        Sid the Kid Your parents never disciplined you?

      2. Rurururururur Rurururururururu

        @Sibte A You're a cannibal. You eat meat? So you think its ok to kill cows so you can eat them because they taste good? Replace cows with people...

      3. Radical GummyWorms

        Tskui, Please for the love of God never have children

      4. Tskui

        Sibte Ali You know how stupid you sound?

      5. Tskui

        Sibte Ali He didn’t kill his child why is it such a big deal to discipline children

    75. putent

      Can people cuck off about corona virus. You are literally more likely to die from falling off a ladder. So stop saying "it's so fing dangerous men djdjhrnsxnsmsmmd". Yes I get people have died from it, yes I get it is affecting peoples jobs (which is the only thing about this pandemic I can take serious). Heck only 1 percent of everyone who has ever been affected by corona virus would die.

    76. Wan Ezzat

      i hit my cat too but i didnt hit it that hard and that much

    77. Leontious leon

      Detroit Become Human

    78. Brandonmon 3

      3:20 he isn’t abusing his cat he was punishing it for doing something bad. Have you never punished your animals? DAMN THATS PROLLY WHY YO PETS PISS ON YO FLOOR

    79. AshnSilvercorp

      "This is profiting off of tragedy." News companies- _You tell em._

      1. Nateman1000

        Yeah how has the mainstream not been cancelled yet

      2. R J

        Aleksa Kurtovic people are way to sensitive now and don’t know how to mind there business and not try to start drama for there own benefit

      3. AshnSilvercorp

        @Aleksa Kurtovic it's cool

      4. Aleksa Kurtovic

        @AshnSilvercorp ... lol i interpreted it differently

      5. AshnSilvercorp

        @Aleksa Kurtovic never thought Mat was bad in the case at all. I want all the scrutiny on the news media.

    80. Retard Gang

      Twitch mods are all simps for allinity and I have zero respect for the specific people who won’t ban her

    81. Jonathan Armas

      How is beating the crap out of ur cat the same as what alinity did?

    82. János Juko

      Why did he got banned from hiting his cat maybe it done something real bad

    83. InSiTeRenegade

      Thats not animal abuse at all

    84. Sly Reborn

      MatPat: *raises $1.3 million for cancer awareness* Everyone: aww, that's awesome! MatPat: *makes money by talking about Coronavirus* Everyone: GET THE TORCHES AND PITCHFORKS! WE'RE GOING ON A WITCH HUNT!

      1. Aleksa Kurtovic

        @Sly Reborn Because they use it for content and he can say what he wants and it is the same because it is on youtube so rules should be same for everyone.

      2. Nateman1000

        I think under that standards comedy central's South Park covid 19 special should get them cancelled

      3. Yik Long Tay

        @Kamakaze Ah so you are a net benefit kind of guy. I get you. SOmewhat the same

      4. Yik Long Tay

        @Kamakaze I am late to the drama but I do get why Scarce monetizes this video and this news on MatPat. It's the same reason why you don't hate on newspapers for posting obituaries. Saying Scarce is bad for misunderstanding and misrepresenting MatPat is a whole different argument than whether or not Scarce should be able to monetize this video. In addition, just because Matpat did good doesn't absolve the bad. It's important not to pick one without acknowledging the other. Not saying Mat is guilty of anything. I just object against using the donation card to win arguments. Best to instead explain why the act itself isn't that bad or malicious.

      5. Sly Reborn

        @Aleksa Kurtovic News vs. video games How are they the same? Enlighten me.

    85. George Papamana

      no, alinity may have given vodka to her cats wich iin my opinion should get banned for but the "tossing her cat over her sholder" thing isnt because the cat didnt suffer from any injuries i mean a cat falls on her legs at all times, she didnt start bunching it in the stomach area tbh, and in my opinion that guys should get arrested and put into jail for that shit.

    86. Grayson

      I hope everything goes well with keem, he’s not my fav HUfastr but if we live in a world where a child predator can sue someone for calling him out then what’s the point, I mean it’s like donut operator and all the shit he goes threw with people thinking they know more and just dumb shit. I hope everything goes well with everyone

    87. Ninjawizard 1367

      I love how youtube went from trying to hide their mistakes to basically saying “ur f*cked”

    88. ee rr

      Dummies “Matt patt is using tragedy to make money” Same people “Let’s use tragedy to destroy his career and reputation “

      1. Shellshocked Bros

        @ee rr Most of his videos dont make as much as it costs to make them or something? Idk he explained it in a video i think. But I don't buy it, he has merch- multiple ads per video etc.

      2. ee rr

        The Golden Rhino that’s kinda ridiculous he has to be making profit. No one is just gonna give all their money to their editors. It’s a business expense like anything else, and he most definitely profits off it , but people don’t. Understand this applies to murder documentaries etc. So why aren’t they shutting those down?

      3. The Golden Rhino

        Yeah, he is barely making enough money to pay his editors to put his videos out, hes not making a profit unlike what people are saying

    89. 99Demons

      that wasnt cat abuse

    90. Baby Purkis

      I just wanna say yall acting like children during this virus, we known about this virus since last year of 2019. I just tbh find it funny becuase every one is making memes and jokes. Fucking hypocrites trynna get mad at a youtuber who is trying make a way I make is laugh along with trying to make money for his family. Sorry that covid is making yall trippin. Grow up

    91. RustC

      But his cat was bothering him and sabotaging his stream.

      1. Stickman

        KingBlaze 9000 "My child kept talking to me while I was watching HUfast so I beat the shit out of them"

      2. Zylo

        KingBlaze 9000 you’re joking right

    92. freedom lover

      I don't think you should hit animals but that really didn't look that bad as a Mexican with a mother that has a flip-flop will beat the shit out of anything

    93. water

      5000 dead is not alot

      1. Stickman

        @water Ok, but in the context of "People who just lost their parent, child, partner, or a friend", 5000 people is absolutely a lot of people.

      2. water

        @Stickman compared to the amount of people on the planet, it's nothing.

      3. Stickman

        Sixer Yes it is

    94. Seth Aquauis

      The fact H3H3 was defending Trisha just keeps on solidifying how shit he is

    95. Vlog City

      Pa Dill A

    96. woo

      Alinity am i right?

    97. Overdrive 1

      youtube be like: Mann vs machine

    98. froopty

      Twitch has multiple [censored because i cant say it on yt] streams and yet this is what they go after?

    99. Alexis Mejia


    100. John Mulaney

      honestly who gives a fuck about trisha anymore shes literally just a fucking human obese barbie doll with the mental capacity of one so like why take anything she says for more than a grain of salt.