FaZe Dubs Exposed... (FOOTAGE) TheQuartering vs Keemstar


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      2:35 why this man look like a dirt block

    2. quaksy

      Dubs: Says N Word Everyone that say it all the time but it isn't recorded: 😅😅

    3. amy joy

      sensitivity training is not just about "learning how not to be racist." it teaches those in attendance why the words they choose are impactful, and how to understand that people with different life experiences are just as deserving of your empathy and respect as those whose experiences match your own. it's a lot of big picture thinking, and is something that everyone could benefit from. i think it is really forward thinking of faze clan to send their whole team...if they take it together as a team, and learn and grow as a team, dubs will value his place on the team more highly, and will act accordingly in the future

    4. Shizuma

      3:10 this guy looks like he went out of the minecraft world

    5. duck

      he took "be there or be square" literally

    6. Spencer Thompson


    7. Spencer Thompson

      FAZE. mr S

    8. Ultra Instinct DK

      Why is he still in faze clan smh

    9. Glizzy Gobbler

      Bro if dubs was black he wouldn’t have got as much backlash

    10. SwordSlice311

      This video is sponsored by RAID SHADOW LEGENDS

    11. Anonymous Anonymous

      Jeremy/The Quartering is false reporting anyone associated with BlackLivesMatter because he lost a sponsor,he got on the hashtag and started attacking black people and we don't know who sent it to his sponsor,but to a racist we're all black so we're all the same..we're all guilty...we're all the person who did it

    12. Anonymous Anonymous

      jeremy/TheQuartering literally just false flagged me for racism..me ..a black guy in a fucking wheelchair who is openly taking a stand against racism,he was blaming black people for the fire at Wendys in atlanta and he flagged me saying "no a white person did it"(on a video that shows the white people doing it) saying i was racist and enciting violence toward him

    13. Alan walkerv

      I glad keen get ban and unfollow without everyone dislike keen wow

    14. Tyler C

      I had no idea faze dubs was a person

    15. fetty wap's good eye


    16. Kruxy

      3:10 bro I found Steve from minecraft

    17. air rick


    18. Jayyissagod

      Yo wtf i know a black person 😡

    19. Kelvin gaston

      when black people stop saying n***** i might actually take them seriously when theyre offended a " white " person said it. Fuck off.

    20. Dan.G59

      Minecraft Steve be spittin facts.

    21. Catsudon

      Lmfao when I was twelve I knew not to use the n word like sure, he’s a kid.

    22. shayaan mannan

      dubs kept the mw2 lobby dream alive

    23. Tixbomber

      Why is the sensitivity training strange? It's literally a part of every job. And Faze is a big business. Every human resource dept covers how not to be a racist or rapist at orientation, and annually.

      1. Estrogen Fury

        Right. How many people have never had a job in the "real world"?

    24. vTwisted1x

      8:22 did no one else catch that? "Information about this video isn't available." isn't that due to the video taken down by owner after being flagged?

    25. Bob quinley

      you all need to get a life get off the games and get a job kids lol

    26. Alex Kostanjsek

      Why can only black people use the n word. Juts dont get triggered like a little bitch and it will be fine

    27. Jesse Gutierrez

      Dubs: Says n word Slave Owner: Hold my whip

    28. Minteew

      2:50 is that steve from minecraft

    29. BloodyR3ap3r

      Its a word its not hurting anyone, yeah sure its offensive but you need to grow up and ignore this stupid shit, if you think its a stupid point ok 👌 , I don’t care

    30. Khotraz

      he always looked like a hill billy bitch to me

    31. thehappypuppy4

      It shouldn’t affect anyone these days no one knows the feeling they felt back then “people of not white ethnicity” just use it a way to hate on white people for saying it now

    32. thehappypuppy4

      Weak af

    33. matt

      All these e-drama channels LAME AS FUCK

    34. S.K

      2:34 my man right outta Minecraft

    35. Blackiee Chan

      Good to know black Minecraft Steve fighting the good fight

    36. Leo

      Dubs says n word. I dubbs says n word. Coincidence, ITHINK NOT

    37. Cooling In da boot

      People soft af 🤦🏻‍♂️

    38. FocusPRX


    39. Alex Jones

      It’s a pitiful world we live in when people try and ruin a kids career over a word. Sad, sad, people.

    40. bird

      2:38 is that minecraft steve?

    41. Ooostun Lime

      Cancelling is such bullshit man, just give a good punishment for a really bad mistake. Ending a kids career ain’t right.

    42. Astro Villain 47

      Like how many comedians make racist jokes. A lot. It’s a thing now. Dark humor is now for everyone.

    43. Astro Villain 47

      Lmao he’s not racist but for anyone with a dark sense of humor then you know.

    44. Adrian Orozco

      Who care what he said just let it go everyone nowadays are so sensitive damn bruh grow up and dont be a baby

    45. Mason Davenport

      I think its hilarious about this backlash because he said the dreaded "nWoRD" and idubbbz is over here just vibin like a simp

    46. Peter Marino

      If Dubs is 15, how is this career ruining?

    47. M1n1on

      I dont know why this is such a big problem

    48. Water Bottle in a Microwave

      Kharri is speaking facts

    49. Tits McNuggets

      A 15 year old said the N word on the internet?! What are we fucking new?!

    50. Me123you1me

      It's a fucking cuss word. Let him apologize and just fucking move on.

    51. Hax

      If your litterly getting triggered over the word nigger youre a part of the problem. Stop giving the word power you dumbnuts

    52. Stjepan Nikolić

      Nigga what?!

    53. John Lemon

      The main faze member I actually care about is Jev, couldn’t give a damn about anyone else

    54. Aiden Rose

      Man scrubs an idiot, he should’ve said some random name instead of dubs and it coulda saved dubz but

    55. atnip

      most white kids who played on consoles growing up have said the n word i dont think people who say it in that context are racist theyre just trolls that realize there are no real life consequences for their actions until............

    56. ChickenBurrito

      Everybody gangsta till minecraft steve gets involved.

    57. TheRealOreoBoi

      Who honestly cares it's just a word

      1. Aram.

        That pretty stupid if u ask me

    58. Xeriok R6

      It’s not a big deal who’s he going hurt saying the n word?? Alone he didn’t target it at someone he just said it out of rage. Not a big deal

    59. Jonas Bailey

      I don’t care he said nigga he is a teenager chill out we make mistakes

    60. David Oyoque

      Honestly I think it's fucking dumb to get upset over the "n-word". Getting upset over a word that is commonly used by black people is a bit hypocritical. The word isn't racist, it's the intent behind the word that's racist. 9/10 of the people who use it more than likely don't have that intent and are using it because it's part of their vocabulary based on their surroundings or culture they follow.

    61. Hopper

      Hate speech, ok fucking libtard

    62. Dan

      He’s a fortniter so he doesn’t deserve the fame anyway so I think he should get cancelled. I don’t normally support cancel culture

    63. Nolan George

      If a regular kid said the n-word it would be brushed off, but if someone with a following does its like groundwars on the person

    64. Nolan George

      Guys I just got DDoS'd for winning in a game

    65. BI- -Han

      6:17 Context matters. Dubs didn’t say the N word to a black person to be racist, he said the word as an insult. Like the word cu**, fu****, a**hole, bi***, etc. He didn’t use it in a racist way, he used in an insulting way.

    66. MegaStorm75 [FBDS]

      Why tf do people even get mad when someone says nigger, like people dont even use it to insult black people lol, he said that bc he was mad, not because he's racist n shit, its the same as saying "shit" "fuck" "bitch" whatever

    67. Major Bear

      you know its serious when fucking minecraft steve gets involved

    68. The Pack

      Why does it seem like Keem always is a part of something in your videos

    69. EgoMobile

      Sorry he got caught not that he did it. But it is not hate speech. Hate speech doesn’t exist if free speech is a thing

    70. T1ers Woah

      I miss chubby scarace

    71. ZioDio

      Thank you beautiful square man

    72. Daniel RKO

      saying ''exposed'' like you exposed a hardcore racist and saved the world from the next Hitler. he is a 15 years old kid that made a mistake, people should try to help him and teach him better , not give him the fucking death penalty damn it

    73. RedrumZombies

      Ugh... Honestly don't think they should've hired a kid at Faze. What age was he signed at?

    74. LÿfeLyne

      Dubs is not sorry that he offended anyone he’s only sorry that he got caught and that it could potentially lead to his career getting destroyed

    75. Yoshz

      Pew die pie said it on accident didn’t get canceled shit happen man he just needs to be more careful for now on

    76. Mr. Huebot

      2:56 ◻

    77. Tampered luvs you

      Bruh why KHARII lookin like steve just leaving the trap house

    78. Sam Taylor

      I know scarce a racist i can see masta in his eyes

    79. dave slice

      The Quartering is stupid because you can obviously make a fake account when ever you want to report

    80. MrMcMaster12

      Fuck eight thoughts just wanted to say that

    81. CoffinGames

      Yall really havent ben in a xbox 360 party

    82. Lil Ched

      Yeah he shouldn’t have done that, but who cares. He wasn’t being racist although it’s a racial slur he was just being a dumb 15 year old trying to say a bad word about the game. Let him apologize and put it in the past

    83. Trent rainwater

      Dude talking about canceling ears go inside his said...

    84. Just Some Guy On The Internet

      Who the fuck even is faze dubs😂

    85. Grimmy

      What's the difference between nigga and Niger it's the same word but slightly changed if the word Niger is racist then so is nigga lmao what a dumbass fucking generation this is idk maybe stop addressing your black complains as nigga and just drop the word as a whole if ur gonna get offended

    86. Demonism


    87. Jerry Kelleher

      But faze Banks said the n-word🤬

    88. Poison Mechy

      With the hard R

    89. Yeahicheifit

      As soon as you become a public gaming entertainer you lose your gaming license

    90. nuqfn

      Wait isn’t lil mosey white and he said the n word in notice?

    91. ChronoFunk

      3:16 steve joins the server

    92. Gage Rocha

      3:17 ⬛

    93. Verenci

      Bruh no jokes Minecraft block was speaking straight facts

    94. Duskie Boi

      They're doing "sensitivity training" and not letting him go because he is an asset to faze and they either can't afford to lose him or another unknown reason

    95. Paxy


    96. Jcup

      tell me this fucker isnt an elf

    97. John Trollston

      The absolute coward response by FaZe is hypocritcal in every sense of the word. Are you kidding me? FaZe didn't have people saying nword in it's roots? GTFO, hypocrites. Cancel culture is fucking stupid.

    98. Slapaman

      Dubs made the mistake of saying the n-word without all 6 infinity monsters.

    99. trexx23

      We need cancel culture. Kids need to know it’s not okay to be a stupid idiot.

      1. Lemons

        Naw, cancel culture leads to everyone walking on eggshells and the slow death of free speech. The more you make it acceptable to fuck over people's lives over a fucking word the worse you are making everyone's lives. It's a fucking word kid, if you don't want to hear it just close yer ears.

    100. MatBrownie

      3:08 my man looks like a black Steve