FaZe Clan Truth Revealed? Onision Interview Goes WRONG! Boogie2988, Tana Mongeau


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    1. Rodney Joyner

      these stories were crazy

    2. Call_Me_PandaGAMING

      I thought faze rain like in csgo but not lol

    3. Qeuestion シ

      I thought onision was Shane Dawson lmao

    4. Username Password

      If you dont act friendly with a person your never gonna get a word out of them

    5. OBC

      im- just because your older doesn't make you hotter.

    6. Will Chase


    7. F5HC _

      Isn’t onisian a predator for kids it’s what I heard from my older brother

    8. SwordSlice311

      So I'm unbearable at a young age? Yeah okay, well in 8th grade my crush and I decided to start dating. Pretty much destroys your claim Onision

    9. Kast

      Ngl its pathetic how a “normal video” from jay is CALLING THE EVIL TOOTH FAIRY AND THE TOOTH FAIRY AT 3 AM

    10. Slupishy


    11. Kykukuk


    12. Kykukuk


    13. Kykukuk


    14. Kykukuk


    15. Ramza

      Could care less if faze dies... honestly it would be fitting if optic's counterpart went down the same route...

    16. z0mbiezak

      I obviously don't know the timeline behind the FaZe shit, but you get what you deserve fucko. You tried running the same scam TMartn did running CSGO Wild and had to pull the plug prematurely because Valve sent a cease and desist. GZ you fuckos got scammed out of millions.

    17. Menowa

      1:45 "say the n word plz"

    18. Biggo Smiggo

      Why does onision look like a knockoff Shane Dawson

    19. Giorno Giovanna

      Everybody is a very well known HUfastr to Scarce 💀

    20. Blackiee Chan

      Why does Onision look like the big forehead caveman girl from Regular Show

    21. Peacereaper1

      BillyTheFridge is still relevant?

      1. art stuff

        YungWildboy59 Sure why not

    22. Angry bird and Mario Plush roleplay

      So the thing with imjaystation, he has a second channel he made with his girlfriend and the first vid starts with “so guys as you all know I broke up with alexia”

    23. Rezendez

      He can say all he wants about minors thinking their hot shit, either way this guy likes em young. 😂

    24. Blazing910

      Why is onision talking hard to listen too

    25. Boredom Cure

      I dont think scarce knows the printer hacker

    26. jak !

      imagine publicly defending the fact that you've been with a minor lol

    27. Martin L. Aakerman

      I'm 16 almost 17 and I have more of a job than that Onision guy

    28. Tacobusiness

      what is the sound in the background?

    29. Cryptic Bëast

      5:23 “you know very little about the world” I actually know quite a few things: 1. It can stop time 2. It’s yellow 3. It can spawn road rollers (or oil tankers if you’re a complete maniac) 4. It’s user is a gay vampire

      1. Foward Slash

        Cryptic Bëast ok like im just gonna have to ask im sorry to take your time during this fine day but i might not be completely correct and may be false but is this a reference to a popular manga/anime series known as jojos bizarre adventure more specifically a reference to part 3 of jjba a reference to the world and DIO. AKA is that a mother fucking jojo reference

    30. JDMricist

      For someone that ALWAYS has their phone on them (Tana Mongeau) I find it very interesting that she never gets a video of any of the "crazy shit" that happens to her in her story times. Hmmm... 🤔

    31. leany fire

      When someone names an age and adds "a half" yk they did something sketchy

      1. kꪖrꪑꪖ ᧁirꪶ

        leany fire lol

    32. Meme S

      Are HUfastrs and streamers people able to talk about hitler

    33. Ricky Tofen


    34. nova

      I don’t think onision knows how to be quite while he’s getting accused of F*cking being a PREDATOR, like he’s just making it worse for himself

    35. IAmWhipLash

      Scarce hitting big news lately, god damn

    36. FNZE 47

      How many times are you going to leave and try to come back. I was hyped at one point but fuck off scarce

    37. KommunistDoggo

      1:44 jorgee.d "Say the n words plz"

    38. t1foreva

      I swear this is the same vid from 1 month ago

    39. Masked Demon

      R.I.P. Leafy

    40. Austin Molina

      have you tried dmt tho? xD

    41. Donny Watkinson

      Faze Teeqo is just a waste

    42. pe pe pons

      Onision looks like from that one air port mission

    43. Jose Hernandez

      Onision looks like a homeless Shane Dawson

    44. JhnyBz

      Cbass Lmfaoo?

    45. camcameroncam

      how can we support you w $? you have a patron?

    46. Mr Reverse

      It’s legal for a 25 yr old and a 16 yr old to date in most of the world, Hella weird tho ngl and that doesn’t make it right but technically it’s still legal so I don’t think they can get him on this.

    47. USERZ123

      4:46 that picture with Leafy, hit me hard if only leafy is here to talk about onision now!!!

    48. JayR Boogie

      Wtf I used to follow you back in the day I remember your first face reveal you were wearing the Grape 5’s lol you got small man

    49. Hana Belle

      Gradeaundera brought me here

    50. Harmful port

      Fuck I haven’t watched a scarce video since 2015 damn this guy lost weight

    51. MSK_Flawless

      holey shit dude havent seen one of this guys vids in a while, hes lost heaps of weight good job ✊🏽

    52. Myles Media

      Nice seeing you back doing good scarce I’m happy man

    53. exe Aliņš

      Hahaha who the fxk cares.. faze is garbage anyway

    54. blerq

      Hey what’s going on guys its scarce here😜

    55. Elizabeth Clothier

      I'm a little late here, but I think the Onision interviewer was "nice" just so Onision could just run his mouth in hopes that he may slip up. Which he did. Confrontational would've made him defensive. IMO.

    56. Master Chief

      That picture made me miss leafy.

    57. George Horta

      Where’s ur flannel

    58. Shawn Papas

      all these well known youtubers that you mentioned ive never heard of them haha

    59. ssilverhazee

      At the beginning of this video u ll see faze rain lies for 2 minutes straight

    60. Victor Able

      bruh dropped hella weight

    61. Jarod Estes

      Uh yeah this dude is a serious predator. That interview was scary. I feel like something needs to happen because it could only get worse

    62. Reaction Therapy

      25 year old, 16 year old.... WTH!? Lmao

    63. Roy Capan

      scarce got skinny

    64. Retards inc.

      Wait wasn’t scarce wide before

    65. skrr pop pop

      Haven't seen ur videos in a while, but wow.. u have changed, in a good way!

    66. 978Mikey

      You look good scarce

    67. Jeff Lycette

      This dude is still relevant? Who tf cares about all this shit. Fuck drama, anyone who religiously watches this shit are low lifes.

    68. skyllo

      Scarce, Chris Hansen lives in NY, maybe you can try to collab with him, do an interview or something.

    69. Viagra 300mg

      anyone know why the moved outta the clout house

    70. LilTwin085

      Scarce u lost a lot of weight

    71. Ingots

      To be fair Onision wouldn't probably agree to a interview unless he knew you weren't going to hardball him. So I agree with the sentiment of "be happy with the interview you got." Yes he should of asked the real questions, but quite frankly Onision isn't going to admit to it anyways, It would be pointless. I think a interview with him would be completely circular. Onision seems like he understands what he can and can't get in trouble for quite clearly. That's likely why the fbi is there to try to get him on loose ends. We all already know what he has done and his intent, it's public knowledge by this point, so asking questions where Onisions only response is to lie or incriminate himself isn't really the best approach. At least this way we get to see how he thinks of the situation by how he handles it and hope that he slips up on something to the point you might be able to use it in court to help prove something later.

    72. Rubber Taco

      Gucci gang brother

    73. 2k Clan

      Skinny flannel man

    74. Luis Gonzalez

      This dude is skinny now

    75. Zanction

      i haven’t watched one of scarce’s videos in a few years but all i have to say is you fucking look great man! hard work pays off 💪🏽

    76. LaZeY

      Im Norwegian and bruh thats a sunnmøring. For all i know the ceo is known to suck

    77. Isaiah Martinez


    78. Seph

      as for the interview, i don't think Onision would've gone and spoken about ANYTHING, if you'd have gone up confronting him directly about everything with an aggressive tone or whatever else. none of us were there, but i'm sure billy needed to put up some kind and nice act in order to feed into Onision's "superior" complex. what billy did was something no other could have probably gotten done themselves. you go ahead and try it, see how that goes for ya.

    79. epic57

      imagine being some ordinary dude having a good life then someone you never met before tries to sue you for something you didn’t do

    80. DokkCH

      you’re skinny asf wtf

    81. Makaveli BA

      HUfast news doesn’t hit like 2016-2017

    82. Skyy Tunezz

      Anyone else used to be a huge gamer and watch youtube all the time, then started doing drugs and partying every weekend and slowly stopping the HUfast and games? No one else? Damn..

    83. Daniel Laskowski

      I thought this nigga died

    84. Style Nacs

      Wow I thought this channel died lmaoo

    85. Trhapsta

      I haven’t seen u in like 2 years and wow ur skinny now

    86. Zylo -

      ( what’s up guys scarce here an today i need money )

    87. Gridiron International

      Bro I haven't watched a scarce video in a while and holy crap what did I miss

    88. Callum Ross

      Scarce please set up a go find me or a patreon

    89. Rico A

      Damn that boy faze off that coke 😂 explains why he got so fucking skinny...

    90. Dennis Quist

      Billy *has* to play the nice guy around Onision. It's the only way you can talk to him without getting the cops called on you

    91. Ghost6ix

      PewDiePie can get copyright claimed he can also Leave YT Ninja Can leave Twitch for mixer say the N word and claim Drake needs Him for clout (lmao that one was funny) BUT YOU DO NOT DISRESPECT ANNE!!! lol =) - EDIT: You can also sub to her for free on twitch by linking your Amazon Prime account to Twitch and sub to her with Twitch Prime & get her Twitch logo in-game on Rainbow Six Siege =) - EDIT #2: Same for Lil Lexi & the rest of Anne's crew. IDK about Shrouds charm anymore tho since he left for Mixer. Im glad i got that just in time tho. I wonder if Mixer & HUfast will do something similar with R6S and streamer charms or something like that. That'd be cool.

    92. Guran

      People who ain’t predators don’t say shit like “ you have nothing to offer at 17 “

    93. TheAverageChelios

      Stop fucking giving him credit, let onision be the bullshit he is, just ignore him.. amd if he dies or fades away.. it is on him, because he didn't stay accountable for his own actipns

    94. RileyGams

      Chris Hansen is all “ Why don’t you have a seat”

    95. Hideo Kojima

      I think the interview was good

    96. Thrash

      Scarce is that one you tuber that hackers would never hack causes he’s so cool and never in drama

    97. WeebMaster007 GokuAndDekuSan

      I thought it was Shane dawson

    98. Galbi 3000

      One question. Why do you think it's "Mister Repzion"? His Twitter and HUfast accounts are named just "Repzion" as you can clearly see in your screen grabs! 😄 I hate to be seen as defending Onision at all but you do have to admit that Repzion has made far too many videos on the guy to continue to use the "just reporting the truth" defence. Harassment is not about whether or not you are telling the truth, if that was the case then it would be a defamation case not harassment. All those videos can be considered as harassment so as much as I hate to admit it Onision will probably have a case against him, not that I like Repzion either!

    99. Tim John

      Jesus Christ he is so cringey and tries so hard to get away.