E3 2020 CANCELLED... iDubbbz Girlfriend Called Out! Keemstar SUED


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    1. Samuel Costello

      Am I one of the only few that watched this back at the calm before the storm when Dr. Disrespect man over here got the deal with twitch?

    2. MisterMustache

      This was made the day before My birthday

    3. DisconnectedBraixen 122

      Funny how Dr disrespect got banned so all that twitch stuff was for not in the end and makes me laughhhh

    4. Shane Scott

      Everyone here should check out Pi crypto, its a crypto you can mine on your phone, if you don't already have it use my code: BossNut I started in october 2019 so I have the fastest rates

    5. Gabe Tatlock

      This vid got demonetized 😔

    6. Meme S

      I thought melody was an ai

    7. Cosmic I

      Fvck the adult industry.

    8. Gray K

      People have lost the meaning of simp. A Simp defends/ praises a girl in HOPES to get some action.

    9. Adolf Hitler

      I finally fucking know who Scarce is

    10. Molnár Robi

      I don't think edups had a real fanbase at all. People were watching him for the content he made not the personality he has.

    11. Seijin 442

      they fuckin up!

    12. Nestly Nes

      You're not gonna mention how he said scumbags star GoFundMe's. Sorry we ain't all rich, lol.

    13. Little Nuggets64

      i haven't watched your channel in like two years, and damn you have lost a lot of wights .

    14. Jeremy Enriquez

      fake news taking down real news one fake new post at a time

    15. Arlorian Sloane

      Anime twitchers are all just men.

    16. Jb the one who makes content

      7:25 we all know why ricegum is responding to this,because he's so desperate to make iddubztv look like shit,by hooping on a fucking bandwagon.

    17. Vibrating with Motion

      I dont get how iDubbbz is the simp in this sitution when he's the one actually fucking the girl while everyone else is paying to get a look at her in a swimsuit. Stop playing yourselves.

    18. pantelis portantaris

      kim star is stopit

    19. Tommy Whisler

      My school shut down for the rest of the year, pogs

    20. guesswho 1440

      Sounds like a bunch of mgtow hating on someone making bank. Just like with belle delphine. That bitch made bank selling water. Fuck me if that aint the pinicle of the free market. But nah these virgins are mad cause someone else got it better

    21. Joreel

      Idubbbz needs a new girl she looks like a dude

    22. DOT EXE

      MODERN warfare monday???

    23. Mart Vinegar

      Who's that gnome?

    24. sun-dye

      Its been years since I’ve watched a Scarce video. And I’ve came back to just see Ian simp.

    25. Cash

      E3 is a terrible event anyway. Just a way for terrible AAA companies to show there terrible low effort games. I’d say most E3 games are bad, not all but most.

    26. PunchBug2012

      paypal doing gods work AMEN

    27. Chez Alamo

      Crooked tooth gnome keemstar

    28. Jackson Rathje

      i remember scarce still, it’s been since 2013-14 ish, but, it’s been a while, still goin strong bud, i’m proud, leafy was some good content my guy

    29. EMPTY

      Ricegum is right for once tho

    30. brез

      Tbh I never fully understood the hype for idubbz. Like yeah his content cops were sometimes funny but at the same time, ppl treated him like he’s some cool god just because he’s harsh & says cold things about others? ...hes always been edgy asf & it was always cringey the way his fans were when it came to him

    31. karlmarcs31

      Yes, all those big tournaments are begging a big ape who isn't advertiser friendly to run shit for them.

    32. Curly Bill

      Dang, i havent seen a video showinf scarce in like 2 years. He is looking great; glad he is going on strong

    33. Le Fishy

      damn i guess idubbbz really does live up to his name of "i du big booty bitchez"

    34. Faded

      Oh shit scarce is skinny

    35. xSniper x Galx

      What if they live streamed E3 2020 lol

    36. George Harvey

      Am I the only one who hears Filthy Frank every time Scarce says Philip De Franco?

    37. Driver-1000

      Twitch thots getting ban for showing skin seems fare to me

    38. Stale Bread

      You can call idubbz a cuckold but calling him a simp when he himself has a girlfriend is stupid for beginners a simp wouldn’t have a girlfriend as the term refers to someone who would do anything for a girl to have sexual gain out of

    39. Niso B

      Good Keemstar deserved it

      1. Niso B

        he deserves to rot

    40. the unknown

      Wow what keemstar won't give everyone an update yet sticks his nose in everyone else's business? Classic

    41. OShaughnessy ROF

      Idubbz is a simp

    42. вискипятьдва

      Thin Scarce is scaring me

    43. Fredrick Johansen

      The algorithm associates Corona with the beer brand, and as you know alcohol isn't deemed chikd friendly. (Advertising alcohol is illegal in some countries too) If you rather call it covid-19 it won't be demonitized.

    44. Meme Extreme

      Haven’t seen scarce in my recommendations since the “hey what’s up guys, scarce here.”

    45. hFg

      glad scarce is looking fit man looking nice great job dude

    46. Zokti _

      Oh my god he’s back oh my god yes 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭

    47. lizabey

      A stay-at-home gaming event could be fun. Also, I know this isn't new or anything, but a news broadcast-type of show for HUfast related stuff is such a neat idea, pft.

    48. Bruh69


    49. Kelly -Boi

      I hope keem sends his efforts towards making a smash tournament as they deserve a big event like this

    50. Bean Soup

      It’s crazy how a few years ago Scarce was chunky. Now, that man looks hun and howt.

    51. Kony w1ze

      Asian Jake Paul returns

    52. Salty Dorito

      wtf you're still a thing?

      1. Haseo

        Yes he's still here, trolling you stand ha.

    53. Innocent Gentleman

      Wtf, did my man scarce got skinny asf or am I tripping

      1. Innocent Gentleman

        Matthew Hyne I haven’t watch him in three years man lol

      2. Matthew Hyne

        Innocent Gentleman thank god im not the only one who noticed

    54. Harrison Johnson

      Carson takes a break when he really doesn’t upload that much in the first place

    55. Black Person

      Idubbz needs to stop this FAST Please don’t be a real simp

    56. jocelyn gores

      please permaban that cringey ass anime bitch forever

    57. kabe

      eh not surprised

    58. Boultar

      Im down here in Florida, my school is canceled for the next two weeks but ive heard talk of possible cancellation for the rest of the semester

    59. Zira Gambles

      Does Scarces subs never go up?

    60. Kenny

      keem looking more and more like a gnome as time progresses

    61. THE BOSS of pirates

      Where were you john scarce we haven't seen you for a year

    62. aR0ttenBANANA

      Of course Idubbbz had to be a bitch too. Can't have anyone normal on YT.

    63. kokorolex

      Do people even care about E3 anymore?

      1. solitary one

        HUfastrs do apparantly lol. Even thou only a minority of their viewers care about E3. Now retail all over USA changed hours yikes.

    64. Big John

      Ban all the thots!

    65. Brittlespy

      regarding the idubbbz situation, i think its one of those "hes cool with it" kind of things. if you know you know.

      1. Brittlespy

        @solitary one well the thing is that the only fans account is real. so hes actually letting himself get cucked for a joke.

      2. solitary one

        Someone said idubbbz set it up lol. After all he loves to mocks HUfast trends and simp is the newest one. After all he did documentary which was the trend last year and I'm wondering if hes going to mock david style videos which is hottest trend.

    66. Ras Veles

      damn i didnt see one of your vids in years, gz for the weight lost !

    67. Dave Xiongnu匈奴

      i got to agree with ricegum for that i hate him but facts are facts

    68. Barack Obama

      Imagine 20 to 30 somethings actually taking the wuhan coronavirus seriously. The flu kills more yearly.

    69. amy joy

      who is laying odds on the person/company/website that is suing keem? i got 20 on onision...i've been wondering who he would target next...and keem's responses to questions about ole greg recently have been too diplomatic for him not to have been stringing onionsphincter along for some reason.

    70. Yung Liquid

      I don’t really care if wuws get banned off twitch

    71. Shane Cazimero

      Why tf is scarce in my recommended

      1. solitary one

        You are one spoiled kid.

    72. Nervous Ryan

      this is why gamers are oppressed

    73. Raymond Ross

      Coming to scarce for the first time in about 3 years and GOD DAMN WHO EVEN IS THIS?!?!?!

    74. Lucky

      Keem do a siege tournament. Only skill based game out rn.

    75. travis treadway

      Her making an onlyfans isn't the issue the issue is she's a piece of shit, hot, but a piece of shit

    76. Revenge

      people calling idubbz a simp obviously don't even know what the fuck simp means lmao just saw other people using it and were like "haha funny" so they started using it, because this quite literally situation doesn't make idubbz a simp in the least bit

    77. Abhishek Sathe

      So sad to hear about iDubbz, hope he stops simping and separates himself from that onlyfans girl

    78. Kid Wizard

      Bruh... I haven't seen scarce in like 2-3 years, did he get plastic surgery or did he actually lose THAT much weight?

    79. Go Agane

      Fuck Keemstar he 40 years old talking gaming and shit

    80. GodDr

      Thought you died or something.

    81. Jorge Garcia

      I really forgot Ricegum existed tbh

    82. Qyuan Pan

      I totally forest about this guy

    83. Liquid Mike

      That would make idubbbz the *pimp* Not the simp, idiot

    84. KONRAD

      Haha idubbbz cucked

    85. TheDseitsali

      I.... don't see the problem with a grown adult woman having an onlyfans account?

      1. TheDseitsali

        @Huldrych Zwingliit's literally no ones business?

    86. Nick King

      this nigga still thriving.

    87. DivineXprodigY

      Keem should do a game marathon or play multiple games

    88. Brody Allen

      Wow I havent seen scarce in a LONG time


      Idubbbz fanbase is more savage than ian

    90. Chicken Pot Pie

      Damn, Ian used to be a God man, now I can't look at him without seeing a Simp. It's one thing to love a pretty girl, that's cool, you can indeed turn a hoe into a housewife, it's been done many times, but it's a WHOLE other thing pimp your girl out and encourage that behavior, I'll laugh so hard when she inevitably cheats on him. Ian, you're dead to me brosef, it was great back in the day, but your funeral had to come sooner or later, and honestly it should have come sooner, I wish I'd never seen something THIS pathetic and you'd died as a God, now you die as less than a Man.

    91. nab ban

      I caught covid19 recently and I've pulled through fairly well... Sure I honestly did think I'd die but the cfr is less than 1% in America, and varies from place to place. The common cold, sars, and mers are all Corona viruses, however from my experience it only lasted a week for the main problems I still have alot of phlegm, but "I'm not dead yet!"

    92. Super small grey wolf

      I haven't watched your channel over a year ago. I just found out today great to know that your back.

    93. Joseph Joestar

      WHEN DID SCARCE GET BACK ON HUfast! (i haven't watched since he left)

    94. PainX187

      "only scumbags start a go fund me" so H3H3 i guess jeez Keem and you wonder why you still get hate

    95. Delet this

      Idubbbz pls. Stop simping.

    96. bryce

      virtual reality E3

    97. KillTheKing368

      If people are curious who's suing Keemstar just watch Nick Rekieta vid on it

    98. Alec Skinner

      I don't trust Keemstar after seeing him bend over backwards for Onision. I think he just wants attention.

    99. CB Turtle

      Scarce is alive?

    100. Izuku Midoriya