DrDisrespect Speaks Out... Tfue Calls Out Ninja, FaZe Clan, Jaystation, xQc


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    1. DKsaNn Kat

      Sweet anita was talking for a long time normally. Makes me wonder if she overexagerates for character and content 🤔

    2. Washim Akram

      XQC VS Ninja of course

    3. AnRoVAi

      the reason there are less female esporters is that the male gamers are just better look league and u see it clearly

    4. florida

      Bruh doc needs to drop a soundtrack wtf tht was fire

    5. IAmDone2Day

      Despite what the wifey is saying on social media, I really believe the banning off of twitch with dr disrespect to be a result of him cheating on her. When he wasn’t punished for it, she probably made a deal where if he “quit” twitch she wouldn’t divorce him. That’s how I am looking at it. As for sweet Anita, she won’t succeed in changing stalking laws (or writing them or whatever). Stalking has been around well before internet content creators. The way laws are set up around the world, unless someone COMMITS an act of aggression, there is nothing the law can do. That’s why the law enforcement can’t step in. You see in the past what would happen, is a stalker would be accused and arrested for stalking and sending death threats. Then the stalker would hire a lawyer that would sue the ever living shit out of law enforcement for wrongful imprisonment. So what happen is several cities and countries decided that unless a stalker commits a crime, they can’t do anything about. Honestly, she is better off having someone show up, kill her stalker, and disappear I to the shadows. Because I will tell you this she will die before anything gets done. You don’t have to have any degree in Psychology to know she doesn’t have much time left.

    6. PeePaw

      What I think they, Twitch, may be after the rights to DrDis. character. That would leave DrDis in limbo, he would not be able to go to other platforms. That may be why he is just a shadow in the video.

    7. Alex Escobar

      A majority of gamers are MALE. They don’t care if you’re white, black, green, yellow, orange, blue or male, female, helicopter, microwave or whatever your SKILL is what matters

    8. Destroyer

      Xset is gonna have an easy time recruiting LGBTQ members! Everyone who plays fortnite will be applicable for the team!

    9. ApexHR

      Xset will be a joke

    10. Professor Troll

      Bruh I watched a leafy video that he called scarce in discord about dr disrespect and scarce Said “mmm, I don’t give a shit let me sleep” 😂😂😂🤣😂😂

    11. Riotrecker

      Xqc is just a complete idiot

    12. Guara Malan

      Acab and defund the police

    13. brock baker

      Bruh restraining order is a piece of paper get a gun protect yourself

    14. Hashim Al-Roubaie

      Who gives a shit about diversity. first and foremost we need skill if diversity comes with skill then that’s icing on the cake. but do not strive for diversity, strive for skill. People watch professional gamers because they can do what others cannot not to because they’re diverse.

    15. Michael B

      Prioritize good players not diversity. Have fun losing.

    16. Jaxckxx

      Why does scarce sound like my English teacher here? 5:35

    17. Dash_key


    18. Rockwin02

      It's funny bc dr disrespect probably has a reason for the ban

    19. Bo omhut

      how about if they are accually good enough to be a esports team. im getting tired of the fact that people are promoting that you need to have diversity in a team regardless of skill. that doesnt seem like a eccuall rights more like benifit. if they are good they should be welcom.

    20. Exilzy

      A female league. Lol. League of legends is all i got to say

    21. Jordan23-v- Chris

      Alinity has so much excuses for everything that can help her

    22. Unknown /

      What I belive that Dr Disrespect is trying trying to say in his twitter video is "You might be able to stop me from speaking out, but you cant stop the champions club"

    23. Rael xD7219

      It’s not twitch it’s the government, he spoke of “conspiracy theories” which may be true and the government may well be shushing him. Also ties into why he is so careful about what he can and cannot say about the subject

    24. Jasper Slootweg

      I dont believe dr disrespect he probably already got a reason becuz why would twitch be like that

    25. cRoyalgamer

      I really feel sad for Anita. I mean those threats could make anyone suicidal. I just hope she's safe.

    26. Kobe Rhodes

      A little theory going around saying drdisrespect blackmailed reckful and he killed himself for it. Cause right before he got banned reckful was tweeting out his final tweets then bam drdisrespect gets perma banned.

    27. TheBet

      It’s sad seeing the us army ACTUALLY scamming people instead of just kinda scamming people

    28. Reign Fire

      His vid also was on his tube account🤘

    29. Reign Fire

      Soon as your ready to premiere wherever you stream.. I'm there! Waiting on you doc... @YEAHYEAHYEAHYEAH

    30. حسن ياسر

      every time tfue fucks up he calls out ninja

    31. Shon Newton


    32. xD

      jaystation dont deserve a platform lol

    33. Alexander

      I've Alleyways from Dr's channel on repeat, a total banger.

    34. Jay Kay

      I find it kind of hard to believe doc doesn’t know anything about his ban

    35. JTDripper

      What’s up guys it’s scaris here

    36. MindlessAero

      Damn I got a notification of this vid and I thought it was a new one which isn’t the usual time

    37. Itaru Hashida

      Police have no duty to protect you. Restating orders are just a piece of paper. Your personal safety is your responsibly. Do whatever it takes to learn how to use whatever tools your government allows you to own (Guns, Tasers, pepper spray, ect) to defend yourself because the police damn sure will not protect you if the time comes.

    38. babybottle

      I honestly for some reason don't believe Dr, they had to have given a reason. I think it might already be some form of legal battle. I don't believe him right now, you're responding to people without actually wanting to respond. You wouldn't respond at all, I definitely think it's something big

    39. BlaqueFlamez912

      its a damn shame that Anita feels like the police have failed her... the reality is that police everywhere have their hands tied due to the obvious recent lawlessness and demands to de-fund and abolish the police. they only have a harder time now when trying to do their job...

    40. OverCraft

      I hope Doc doesn't stray away from his image

    41. Yung Spade

      This is kind of a mystery to me but anytime you say something really controversial or really bad the company turns on you

    42. thicc dog

      Just nutted to dr dinkleburgs twitter video

    43. JuJu

      I feel like with doc he knows what happened but twitch ain’t trying to ruin his career so they had an agreement to let him go with his dignity.

    44. steven guevara

      Long live Doc! We need him back

    45. AG


    46. Bree Kat

      the fact dr. Disrespect couldn't just be like nawh, that theory aint right, makes me hella suspicious of him now

    47. G-AME SPOT 17


    48. Pr0feign

      Selkoe doesn't seem to understand that eSports teams recruit based on skill, not skin color or sexual orientation. Factors other than skill don't and shouldn't matter in eSports.

    49. Frostborn East EU-Stroso

      Tfue got stick figure legs lol for real tho not a ninja fan but sending that pic to his wife says alot about how shallow tfue is

    50. Mushromus

      Tfue looks like an old man in the thumbnail

    51. Metawolf

      Dr Disrespect was banned because he mentioned someone who is a known anti-Semitic on his last stream. You can't associate yourself with anyone who might be seen anti-Semitic if you want to survive in this industry. Pewdepie was also punished previously when he donned that Nazi costume in his video.

    52. SouthernStar

      It's simple, Twitch was locked in to pay Doc 8 figures a year for years to prevent him from leaving to Mixer. Mixer went under and two days later Doc is done. I would not be surprised if this thing settles out of court. Amazon/Twitch were no doubt expecting Doc to breach that contract someway somehow but he's big time represented by a big time agency. They probably told him to just shut the fuck up and we will handle this because some of those millions was there's too.

    53. Mark Stephens

      Sounds like doc was making big moves and twitch got wind of it and tried to shut it down

    54. actuallyScrap

      He got banned for having a D

    55. MidwinterEclipse

      He says power of my “voice” moron. Not soul

    56. Wayne_Twitch

      Washingtonpost is fake news

    57. Gavi Shapiro

      LOL these XSET faze clowns are literalli just banking in on BLM. Hilarious

    58. E E

      3:00 He didn’t even answer the question 🙋

    59. Moth Sanchez

      I get not wanting to entertain conspiracy theories from a public image standpoint, but I sortve wish he would’ve just flat out answered instead of dodging

    60. Mr.Dr. PsYcHo

      I am all for diversity but shouldn't you have the best players available for your team

    61. mistywww

      welp that esports team is gonna fail if it dosent guess im a sexist

    62. Maddest Lad

      I genuinely hate it when people try to bring society’s problems into games video games are where most people go to get away from society’s issues so I hate when people clearly just want to make money off of oh look how diverse we are and we’re gamers it pisses me off

    63. RCZOKU

      For a girl with tourettes, she didn't stutter once in the last clip. Huge respect for Anita and fuck the police.

    64. good night

      i hate people like XSET who think adding women or LGB members is better, you just add people by their skills in gaming not for their gender/ sexuality/ background.

    65. Michael Bucci

      Sorry the Doc is a fucking legend !

    66. GenocideMonkee

      Tfue looking more like jake paul.

    67. Yhwh yhwh

      xset should look for talent in Castro San Francisco ha ha...

    68. Shane Scott

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    69. RMCF

      anita gets drama started because of a word she said and now invents a stalker

    70. D P

      tfues post is not ironic which is what makes it so stupid but funny

    71. Rorumuru

      Ok guys how long do you think XSET has before they file bankruptcy lol

    72. Solomon Gorringe

      There are reasons girls are in most esports team. Look up the all female league team who hold the record for fastest pro loss.

    73. Antonio Leyba

      He knows why he was banned hence why he says for legal reasons I can't say much

    74. Benjonen Lennar

      "Yo, I don't give a shit, I wanna sleep." -Scarce

    75. Yuki Kaguya

      Had to unfollow Anita after she went off on me for minutes for eating a sandwich that had meat in it

    76. Sergio Salazar

      Leaving Doc apart, all these streamers "drama" thing are the garbage of the internet.

    77. Vandy

      Tfue straight up has fucboi hair lmao

    78. Savage_217-_- ‘

      May not be enough diversity ok true but no ones going to pat 100 thieves back for being diverse af before it was cool

    79. DanyBizzyD

      he knows why he got banned he just wont say.

    80. StarkBytes

      highkey every time i hear xQc speaking i gotta put the video at half speed cause i cant understand a word he says

    81. StarkBytes

      6:25 legit, saying that bullshit to ninja's wife i lost the lil bit of respect i still had for tfue.

    82. AYO G

      That’s a bitch move on tfues part. Leave his wife out of it.

    83. Can We Get 100k Subs For No Reason?

      Illuminati (⓿_⓿)

    84. Jarrod Maness

      XSET is just manuplating the community to make money. Smh

    85. Alex Arsenault

      I hope she can change the law good for her for standing up.

    86. TilDeath1776 US

      People hating on America. But at least if Anita was in the USA she could legally defend herself.

    87. Hellawavyy

      2020 is too soft

      1. Hellawavyy

        JUST A JOKE 😭

      2. Hellawavyy

        People think they are oppressed? I can’t even be prejudice,homophobic,racist, or sexist anymore.

    88. TilDeath1776 US

      Dr disrespect signed a non compete clause when he signed deal with twitch. If he keeps the money he can't stream anywhere. So he's trying to keep the money.

    89. Jiří Vlk


    90. Esty Diaz

      Sweet Anita needs to defend herself! Get a gun, a dog! Train yourself! Set up cameras!! Stop waiting for pigs to wait for you to get badly hurt or worse!

    91. Clexious S

      his abs looked like crushed pop cans lmao gains?!?!?!?! i could wreck that kid in any game and in any gym and in any ring lmfao

    92. Dogan Tosun

      Us army scamming people? Nooooo hahahahahaha

    93. Dogan Tosun

      Xset lollll

    94. Umar Khan

      Doc and twitch deffo hiding the real reason why he was banned

    95. Rian Weston-Dodds

      Idk if I buy that doc doesn’t know why he’s been banned

    96. oSo_KewL WIT_IT

      Ninja won’t say shyt to tfue now 😂.

    97. GamE FrEak

      U must change the law. That no streamer who say they r streaming games then do stuff like EThot shouldn't be allowed to do that under gaming streams. Lots of kid watching this platform. This streamer r grooming this kids. If they want to do something sexual then they got other site to do that. Not in gaming streams .

    98. GamE FrEak

      So Dr really did something pedo or sexual abusive stuff to some people or person. How he ans that question just give us the theme of his ban. Now it started to make sense. If any company fired u from the job all of a sudden n not give u the reason. U can sue the shit out of them for million dollar in damages. But he isn't doing anything. That's just shows how serious this allegations might be.

    99. SkyHaven

      10:27 army is under fire 😂

    100. Sakonema

      7:04 I could understand 2 words from that. 13:10 Unique chin detected.