DrDisrespect RESPONDS to BAN... Shane Dawson vs Jaden Smith, Ice Poseidon, Pokimane, Fedmyster


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    1. DKsaNn Kat

      Oh here we go again! Digging into the past and find anything slightly offensive and using that against people 😡👎

    2. DKsaNn Kat

      The offline crew are a bunch of morons. It doesn't make sense that she just laid there and let that all happen. Clearly not doing anything about it or saying anything. Thats why this #metoo is a joke b.c I find it very hard to understand how MOST of these girls do NOTHING! They just lay there and let it happen. The guy is not even forcing anything. 🤦‍♂️👎

      1. DKsaNn Kat

        @ItsMe Drew. watch the video

      2. ItsMe Drew.


    3. God of Bleach

      Funny will smith believe you can marry anyone at any age mmmmmmm

    4. Dean Churchill

      Ironic that Jada said no more excuses

    5. DrpepMazing

      Like, why would you say you're taking legal action if you didn't know why you were banned. Makes no sense whatsoever.

    6. Bloodborn Link

      I bet brime went against Dr disrespect license agreement with twitch?

    7. Prexy

      I'm back. You're mad. Big sad. Haha. Stay mad. Never seen this move before.

    8. BlueCrush

      I think twitch is fucking up

    9. 30 subs for no reason?

      Let me guess ‘this is in ur recommendation for no reason

    10. Brett Bayford

      I dno about u but Dr disrespect reaction to wat ever he saw didn't say much at all, I think he plays poker, com now bredday these muggs like disrespect and ninja hav been plotting shit like this waaaaay before the release of bloody fortnight

    11. Dutch Van der linde

      I haven't seen kubscouts in years.

    12. Only fans 68

      Brime=ninja dr disrespect shroud Ninja shroud didn’t have contract with twitch Bc they sighed with mixer, mixers shut down they are free to stream anywhere Dr disrespect had* a contract with twitchy Bree only flowers those three streamers 2 of witch are free to stream any where But not dr disrespect he broke contract and was there fore banned

    13. Rec Room News

      Oof Shawn dallson if sick

    14. Aidan

      Damn Scarce. Watched a lot when you did that face reveal from behind the tree. You’re looking good homie

    15. R34P3R

      stop caring about the past it is history

    16. Cody Stephenson

      The public have an insatiable curiosity to know everything, except what is worth knowing. - Anonymous

    17. GameWithAdam

      Maybe Disrespect and Twitch are doing it as a publicity stunt lol. He'll be unbanned after "community pressure" and he'll become more popular and as a result twitch too. Everyone commenting about it benefits too. It's better than negative "drama" between people when the drama is fake and can benefit everyone and nobody really gets hurt.

    18. Jacob Ammons

      Is she saying fed assaulted her because he kissed her hand? Lmao “I didn’t tell him to stop but I thought it so”

    19. InferiorAlias

      I was so fucking happy to see jay being seen by other creators

    20. ALASTOR

      0:35 he's nervous.

    21. B̶i̶g̶ ̶ S̶m̶o̶k̶e̶


    22. Confusegamer

      u should put a time list about what news

    23. Rob Jones

      Sounds like Will Smith is trying to distract you from the fact he took private planes to Epstein's island.

    24. Bruh

      I got a notification for this vid just 14min ago. HUfast, bruh

      1. DDipster

        Yeah same, its a bit late to be recommended a news channel video hmm

    25. jordanhosten

      why are your videos so entertaining and just very nice to watch

    26. Missxng

      Juat got the notification for some reason

    27. HelloItsOwen

      What if the Doc looking at his phone and him getting banned are actually 2 different things and it was just a coincidence?

    28. Dylan

      those are actual gunshots, ratatata

    29. Gentle Neal

      why am I getting notifications on this video as if you uploaded it today?

    30. The Kovacs

      I am sorry but if these people had such an issue with these past videos then they would have commented on them before now. To me it just looks like they are trying to jump on the cancel whoring bandwagon.

    31. Derick Da key

      Doc is really big he has really high production videos and he made one with the UNDERTAKER!! And to see him get banned is really sad but I think he should move to mixer

    32. Essi Park

      Nigahiga may get cancelled as well due to his how to be ninja video

    33. I'm 12 year old, boy IDGAF

      2020 is the weirdest year of all time. No shit , what's happening.

    34. Ramon Casanova


    35. Ramon Casanova

      It's pedophiles are being exposed twitch staff is a pedophile ring

    36. Chunkymilk

      Meanwhile Amouranth just be sitting there like 👁👄👁

    37. Connor Quinn

      Since when was touching someone’s hand sexual harassment?

    38. Craft Cosmic

      Dude Fish Mooney is about to be real

    39. Ryuzaki Azzouz

      13:18 scarce / 13:20 where is scarce?

    40. Ryuzaki Azzouz

      I feel bad for Ice

    41. Y-Roken Jnr

      Jonehundred viral now

    42. STAYWOKE 247

      Dr.disrespect got banned because of DAVID ICKE pls look up the documentary and the book pls stay strong america the time has come WAKE UP . We stand with u dr.disrespect champions club forever ✊🇺🇸🌎

    43. grxmey

      If i was a youtuber i wouldn’t apologize for shittttttt😂

    44. Patrick McKiernan

      King Ice

    45. Ehday

      This year is the craziest year ever. Coronavirus, Shane Dawson, all these twitch streamers getting bans for crazy reasons you thought would never happen, sexual assaults from famous people, much more fucked up shit.

    46. Robert Jones

      He didn’t lose the first sponsor 🤦 his contract ended

    47. Hayden

      Iceposeidon That’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time, a long time

    48. Fraffron

      cant stop laughing at the intro

    49. Spicy Sushi

      youre painting fed really bad here, i know he did alot of bad things. But offline themselves said that hes not a bad person and that he has issues. So leave him alone and let him sort this out.

    50. snipes XIII

      as far as the offline tv house goes i bet none of this would have happened if you would have said wow dude stop that, RIGHT AWAY dont wait cause hes a "friend" and say well he should have realized he was just a friend. If you have a male friend that starts to be suggestive shut that shit down immediately if you feel uncomfortable because they wont read your mind they are testing the waters and will go farther unless told not to and if they keep going after your clearly said no thats when you out them on blast

    51. _Ketosucks

      Keep Ice banned he has not really grown what so ever. His community is still racist.

    52. Vijay Surya

      Everything is toxic these days.

    53. theisgood0

      Did you just say he was banned cause of his fan base ? Like why

    54. G2W

      Why is there a doll on the 3rd webcam 1:50

    55. Justa Clapper

      8:20 those gunshots sounded close I pray no one got shot

    56. Jesus Jennings

      He meant we'll get through what is really going on in the world - the world is ran by devil worshippers - go watch "out of shadows" and search "David Icke" especially the banned london real interview!!!

    57. Jesus Jennings

      He was banned for mentioning David Icke - 100%

    58. xWyvern58x

      Why are so many young people these days such snowflakes...?

    59. Someone that is No one

      its funny how jokes people laughed at then are calling them offensive and acting soft

    60. TakeSushii

      Ice ruined his career...

    61. KingdomKyle TV

      9:27 notice how Yvonne is as far from Fed as possible ,I feel so bad for her.

    62. joann maxwell

      bubble trouble 3 on hudgames is like fortnite but no building and online and it is very fun.

    63. HarrisonSager

      Do a video on Icy Cat please

    64. RuuFiss

      have you heard of Cryaotic?

    65. RuuFiss

      dr disrespect is tall af, tall enough to be a spartan

    66. Spxmma

      Scarce looks like some kid in a private school lmao 😂

    67. Superlative B


    68. h h

      "sorry guys, we just can't let you know why he was banned from our streaming platform, which is something we do but now, sorry not right now"

    69. ACDCRocksmay Yoboiyoboi

      Hey the my truth thing I gotta question he’s fucking drunk he probably didn’t know what was happening

    70. LUcIDaMa


    71. LUcIDaMa


    72. LUcIDaMa


    73. LUcIDaMa


    74. LUcIDaMa


    75. MW2366

      Wow. You spill these beans all over the internet of your private affairs than to confront what happened the night before, the next day, in private. I don't know why people don't have the confidence to actually confront someone about whatever happened between them. The whole fuckin' world doesn't need to know your private life. I mean, this is why you have scandals; the media just gobbles it up like Buzzfeed and TMZ. It leads to more ruined lives. Now, I get that you have nowhere to turn to and need to vent, but come on. These people have close friends and relatives to talk about this, don't they? It's dirty laundry you can avoid.

    76. TALL MEX

      Dr Disrespect was more loyal to twitch than his wife and they still banned him.

    77. GusBus Loya

      Im just speculating that he might have gotten a big threat text from someone he possibly and/or probably got involved with, someone who can be a threat to anyone. They might have threatened his family and/or friends and they could have forced him on a decision that could mean life and death to anyone who knows him or even have himself part of it too, which could possibly correlate with his stuttering and expressions at the end. They could've also possibly contacted Twitch to get him banned by either framing him for something, exaggerate a small controversial or bad thing, or he could've done something bad to them or extremely offensive, which the chances seem low on this one, also the chances of getting involved with them being low, too. But who really knows, this is just something I was thinking about and gathering possible things that might have happened based on what I've seen these past videos and articles of him. I don't really watch him, so anyone who can inform someone about his personal or public past can talk about it, but if the only information is that he's just your average normal dude living life, then that's where things get interesting and sus. (ANOTHER edit: they also could have said something to Twitch to keep them silent about his ban, who knows, again just speculation and theorizing. Since he's banned from there, the New Streaming Platform theory can also be applied here since it makes sense). (Yet another edit: the new streaming thing is fake, so imma scratch that cuz I'm stupid, i watched Penguinz0's video and that's how i found out).

      1. GusBus Loya

        Ik this theory looks farfetched lmao, but the situation and how everything is is just-, idk, but this is only one thing i can make out of it.

    78. Vixxxen Fox

      The Smiths supported & defended Willow posing sexually with an older man but want to flip shit over this? Proof celebs are pure hypocrites

    79. Life of Fox

      Scarce, he wasn't "literally" masturbating lol

    80. Ryan R

      Twitch is the worst company.

    81. landondevine

      Might’ve killed someone

    82. Double Bucketz

      Ice Poseidon should never be on twitch again he was ass and acted like a 12 year old

    83. Samwel Tan

      At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if the reason he got banned is because he is mafia boss.

    84. Caden Harshfield

      Imma nut

    85. Flavored Water

      A streamer house must have the best freaking internet ever

    86. panda man

      Michael is going to taze fed to death lol

    87. Orether

      10:32 you could've easily moved or called for help, the guy is drunk and is not in his sober mind, stop belittling his name for no outright reason. He was just drunk.

    88. Rudy Bernal


    89. amy joy

      at some point, the only content left on youtube will be *girl defined* and people talking about them...positively. i like shane and jeffree and gabbie... *and* jenna, danny, drew, cody, tom harlock, and other "drama-free" channels. the variety is what i like...if *no one, at all* is even slightly offended by a channel...first, find me a channel without a single dislike, and then i'll finish thinking that last thought...

      1. solitary one

        All those youtubers you mentions are classic Hollywood party gay boy/girls that always will be in drama 100%.

    90. Jimmy’s mom

      I’m sick of this cancel culture stuff. the PAST IS THE PAST. Stop holding grudges. I know it’s hard but u have to FORGIVE.

      1. solitary one


    91. Morgan Neyland

      Trisha is mad cause they dipped on her after Jason

    92. HP Officejet Pro 6968

      How is Shane not cancelled yet?!?

    93. Cosmic I

      Apology after apology after APOLOGY! Lotta sorry mfs lol

    94. Twisted Penguins

      he really probably got caught with child porn or a drug flowing industry, a lot of public figures do that shit especially streamers who dont have a very certain flow of money going on, talking about the drug theory of course. The way he checked his phone and how the other streamers are keeping it secret really seems sketchy like something illegal

    95. Natesmokes And gets bitches

      He was drunk he can’t control that like common

    96. What’sUpShade?

      vro i love the kubz scouts, thats crazy

    97. Anime Senpai

      RIP Shane Dawson he’s really done now

    98. Oscarico

      this is 2020. This is what the internet has turned into

    99. Subscribe to an Egg

      Why is every dude harassing a women mini Ladd, Fed, that one twitch staff member like come on bruh

    100. Subscribe to an Egg

      I'm now believing that theory that Doc, Ninja and Shroud are partnering up. A new streaming platform under Spotify would bang