CallMeCarson Reveals the TRUTH About Fitz & Katerino... SsoYoung, KSI, Hype House


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    1. Elkin Race

      There guilt tripping fits int on telling the truth

    2. cxnoga

      Damn this was 9 months ago.Now Carson is the one getting hate for “stuff”.

    3. Ultimate Ruffles


    4. Alessandro mele


    5. Katie Beaumont

      this didnt age well

    6. GrumpyBearGames

      Damm dude carson gets hurt and we all like protect him in a way and then he betrays us like this well I guess this time there will not be a # for carson remorse

    7. A_Mad_Bird

      Holy shit, I just found out about this and I-. I feel so bad for Carson.

    8. Cristian Birb Castro

      Tree Edit: Sorry for being political

    9. Thacterius

      Bro I feel Carson rn same thing happened to me a few days ago

    10. TheyMade MeDoit

      Im like late af as usual ... but yeah ... speachless on fitz situation ... trust noone in life.

    11. Jamer jake 143

      I have depression as if

    12. Jamer jake 143

      Carson is a bitch lol

      1. koolaidjammer

        you were right lol

    13. LP W

      Broo people go so hard into this shit though, like get a fucking life 🤣🤣 I love scarce banking off this though what a g.

    14. Eliyah Ghoyafi

      it cut 11:18

    15. thememe withwords

      Um, it's in Japan. You can be able to eat animals alive in japan

    16. Ian Shone

      According to Suzy Lu, criticism is hate. I am losing faith in humanity

    17. deoxy_Yt


    18. Julian Chavez

      Should’ve went with kaceytron. Because damn she’s thiiiick

    19. ros sarinsak

      E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E

    20. Areee

      How is it that i never knew about this .-. I just found out.

      1. drjamesscott1


    21. stuffandmash


    22. Ans Hakim

      Ppl be d***riding Carson so much whats so special from him

    23. Yashwanth

      Tho ts man... You can never believe them

    24. Kami warra




    26. hаџe72

      H E Y W H A T S U P I T S S C A R C E H E R E

    27. nury martinez


    28. MuttonChopzz

      Comments: *CallMeCarson and F**k you Fitz Me: This Comment section is blessed

    29. gwanael34

      Keemstar : idk why people hate me. Also Keem: aha depression is funny.

    30. # Jahiko

      "This is no longer a private situation."...That is the thing, it is a private situation. This is why i never ever want to be famous or well known person. Ppl are gonna dig, shittalk, hate, make fun of etc. things that are non of thier fucking business.

    31. Mattox Murray

      Fez desurves to go to hell

    32. Labrady

      This is when I stopped liking fitz

    33. diego carvalho

      hockey guy

    34. the hood 2099

      A lot of people are treating this situation as if Carson was the only one that got hurt, but no one is talking about her boyfriend whom she cheated on with Carlson, not only that but we only heared Katerino's view of the events that happened and didn't hear fitz's or Carlson's so I don't think there's enough information to start blaming people, yes what Kate did is a very shit thing and no one should do it, however in her video she talks about how her relationship with Carlson started because his fans welcomed so they encouraged it, like yeah maybe Carlson liked her and just needed a little push but from her perspective she just got dragged into this shit, and I'll give her the benefit of the doubt that she has depersonnalisation, but Carlson reaction to the situation is very defensive like yeah being cheated on is the worst thing that can happen to someone but she did cheat on someone she loved with him, and like I said earlier she could have been thinking that this relationship was just for show and that's how she got laid with him and this is just speculation I think this was a one time thing because Fitz is in Australia and they're in LA again it doesn't excuse what Kate did or Fitz did but Carlson isn't the biggest victim hear imagine being her ex-boyfriend and as he loggs into the internet everyone talks about poor poor Carlson and

    35. Kingsize Altay

      Fitz is ma man even if he fuck yo bish idc i never knew who callmecarson was zo cant really feel bad for him

    36. Malbino Mahigad


    37. Joseph Magana

      Hey what’s up guys it scares

    38. I Am A Duck

      So Katerino is a piece of shit, got it


      How else is good made 😂😂 you don't think a burger from McDonald's just comes out a burger it's a cow 😂😂

    40. Wyatt S

      Nobody: Kate: *Has more braincells then boyfriends*

    41. IcyFire TTV

      Lmao 11:10

    42. Seksappeal

      she cheated with Fitz, which is insane ! omg iff this is insane i don't know how you would react to something actually serious... lmao these 21st century kids..

    43. Plushin

      I love fitz🥰

    44. Sarcastic Potato

      Everyone is coming for fitz and saying how disappointed they are in him but what about Kate? From what I’m seeing and hearing she manipulated everyone and slept with even more guys other than fitz so why is fitz getting all the “im so disappointed” it’s take two to cheat.

      1. Rahe

        Cause no one cares about her, this is only a story in the first place cause it involves relevant people. And fitz cheated on a good friend of his which is a terrible thing to do

    45. Bill W

      11:19 "Just watch this..." *skips the video and starts talking about Tana* Oh, okay, didn't want to hear that story anyway...

    46. Magenta Lizard

      Hey what's goin' on *obvious meme here.*

    47. Rowdy CZ

      Why tf r u even doin this video... Just want money and don't have better ideas?

    48. memelord 511

      Carson: " don't go after them" Us : "shame" racks a buckshot into the chamber

    49. john smith

      Just wanna say that ssoyoung is eating animals because it’s acceptibal in her countery

    50. Darth Vader

      I'm just blown away that swaggersouls didn't punched fitz in the nuts for doing this to Carson.

      1. Domingo Villanueva


    51. AliaPuaina

      I know it’s been a couple months but I’m still kinda pressed about this. Carson is a genuinely nice guy He still deserves the best of the best and I still can’t believe someone fucked him over like that

      1. AliaPuaina

        Stephen Vargas Stephen Vargas man. There’s a difference between. Actual nice guys. And r/niceguys Carson is genuinely nice and doesn’t call women whores when they reject him I’ve fallen for many actual nice guys and I’m currently in a relationship with one. But that doesn’t mean all women would cheat and be disloyal to nice guys. Trust me.

      2. Stephen Vargas

        You said it yourself. He’s a “nice guy” nice guys get nothing in this world but abuse and ridicule. He’s 1 of a hundred million men who this happens to every day. If he wasn’t a huge HUfastr nobody would shed any tears when this slightly above average looking girl played and used him like this. He would just be another story of a “nice guy”who got strung along in the friend zone and used to further her own agenda. This is the way of the world.

    52. Florian Honer


      1. ItsMe Drew.

        No, canceling someone does nothing but ruin their life

    53. Metallic Divination

      In a perfect world, liking a tweet won't mean anything deeper than someone likes the tweet.

    54. S1icks

      Damn, SsoYoung looks like she has more plastic on her face than the plastic in the Ocean, Goddamn.

    55. Bloodborn Link

      I'm d fuck katerino

    56. MALICE

      Honestly, I couldn't care less about the CallMeCarson drama. You get cheated on? Wgf move on

      1. MALICE

        @I am offended and it is that easy, I got over my divorce with my wife easily. I just got over it with a shotgun

      2. I am offended and

        Shut up you bloke. It's not that easy

    57. gjvd1

      lol you are mucht better than that gnome

    58. ThatOneFangirl

      I actually cried when I found out. I used to be a HUGE fan of Fitz but when I heard this happened, I just can't bring myself to watch his videos. I'm happy he has acknowledged that he did an absolutely shitty thing and has apologized for it but it doesn't negate the fact that he DID do it. I'm sure he regrets it. And if Carson wasn't such an angel it may have been different. Bless Carson for handling this.

    59. CheeseMan 52

      He's starting to unprivate videos with Kate, I am happy to know he's getting over her, Carson is up there with the YT and Twitch Legends, who doesn't love Carson?

    60. Darth Nihilius

      11:19 lol, Watch this *skips video*

    61. Spencer Thompson


    62. James Kinsella

      "Fitz did a very very bad thing" - me just now

    63. Amina Bin Shafiq

      Dating a PORNSTAR 🤣😂🤮🤮🤮🤮

    64. ripjjjsphrbggsk

      For all you know that South Korea people is eating octopus/squid alive since you not yet born. so i think we should ban the whole country. LMAO

    65. Callum Johnson

      So ive watched Carson's videos for a while now, and i dont have twitter so i didnt know what had happened. But thank you for making this video cause i didnt know what happened, now i do and i appreciate it

    66. Jolly Rancher

      Katerino bitchi ness lvl 100 description simp queen skank

    67. Hau Taithul

      Wtf Scares you’re skinny now?

    68. Kyree Cardinal

      When I seen this my brain thought 1 girl 7 men

    69. K. Camp

      Scarce: Just watch this. watch what now

    70. Ciany Boi

      Damn, Carson made mission passed, respect+. Carson deserves all the love he gets and I respect that, I show no sympathy for katerino and fitz after what they did

    71. Ieuan Mills

      Damn Scarce, you're looking good these days. Lost a bit of weight. Good on you mate

    72. holy shoit

      where does she belong?

    73. Silas Bowman

      Didn't recognize him without a plaid shirt

    74. Cole

      11:18 he didnt let us watch ....

    75. ImIsaac

      god i hate keemstar "OH I hAVe tO RevIEW it ITs my JOb"

    76. ImIsaac

      why the fuck he referring to himself as we

    77. John frank arseno

      Go FITs and Katernino!

    78. Abhinav Rawat

      Fitz is an alpha lmao xD.

    79. BigBadman0121

      What they did was shitty but fitz is too funny to cancel

    80. Landon R.

      Carson is good shit💯

    81. ThAnK yOuWuWu

      I feel like wanna unsub fitz

    82. Mussolini _funny


    83. Yuriel Live

      the way you handled the block thing on the video was extremely professional so i had to sub.

    84. Ben Johnson

      The thing is I don’t think Suzy can take essentially someone’s job or its like taking away freedom of speech

    85. DeathGun

      You look like Chills' less awkward brother

    86. TooMuchAir

      It wasn’t fitz fault

      1. Rkx

        It was

    87. Exo-Zaddy

      I think this is the only video I like from him😂😂

    88. CoronaTime

      Scare Ssoyoung doesn’t beat the animals and she doesn’t eat them live

    89. CoronaTime

      *yare yare daze*

    90. Rez

      Hi scarce I love u no homo

    91. JayjayBurnt

      Its part of ssyoungs culture they not teach her better. butYou can't lie its funny asf. ( not the killing part the struggling part)

      1. Tamera Bigs

        Torturing animals isn't part of anyone's culture.

    92. Gentcheeto

      Fitz puts the good in guy

    93. STO Fruity

      I’m still a fitz fan🤗🤗

      1. Tamera Bigs

        Me too

    94. Necro

      OH BIG DEAL KSI SAID I HOPE JAKE GETS CORONA mate corona is the flu but a step ahead of the vaccine making it basic flu but resistant to a vaccine already made for it EDIT: basically ksi said i hope jake gets the flu its no big deal bro everyone gets the flu and the corona shit after vaccine the virus it a vaccine you will have to get every year everyone will get corona

    95. MSRM Lacuna

      This entire video my heart got knotted up, big sad

    96. Jay Sway

      I hate keemstar

    97. risyn

      i don't like a keemstar as a person, and I switched to this channel for drama. Haven't regretted it.

    98. DcliffB

      I feel really bad for Carson, but I have to point out that Suzy Lu is trying to take down commentary channels for “being lazy” when she does basically the same thing. She reacts to things and talks about it while commentary channels watch other youtubers and talks about it. The only difference is that commentary channels actually put thought into what they are saying and give actual criticism that these youtubers can watch and learn from, while reactions just provide a moderately enjoyable viewing experience.

    99. Dodgy_ Jammer

      She definitely did this all for the increase in views and revenue, just a shame she was using someone as nice as call me carson

    100. Ncr trooper

      fitz hasn't posted for the last 5 months