CallMeCarson ENDS Rumors... KSI CALLS OUT Deji, iDubbbz, H3H3, Leafy, Jaystation & Alexia


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    1. shax _de1

      9:39 man sounds like Steve Wilkos

    2. Abhinav Rawat

      Fitz and carson are not friends

    3. FatmanJonesTV

      That poor girl lol

    4. Banana Bread

      Ok, I know that this comment is late, but for Keem to call H3H3 mad is just so ironic now with all of the current controversy surrounding them both. Literally, at the end of Keem’s response video, he says how mad his COMMUNITY is, not him, and how H3H3 is going to get so much shit from them. He really just covers up his anger by saying his community and fan base are the ones who are truly pissed... What a fucking douche.

    5. ScorchrDoesMinecraft

      Damn Scarce lookin fit

    6. Biggo Smiggo

      Fitz and his big ass forehead

    7. Mr.bossman

      Wait was that the dumbass bitch explaining why HUfast justifying their mistakes is a premium service? HUfast a joke

    8. Nolimit 892

      I was 1k dislike sorry like it was 999 dislikes

    9. drake noduh

      Fucking honestly hate H3 these days

    10. cuvzyyy

      Hey scarce besides all the drama can you remake the video where you come out behind a tree.That would be very cool.

    11. Jett

      I don't really get why people wanna get involved with other people's relationships.


      “Well known girlfriend” no, she isn’t well known literally have never heard of her prior to that dating video ducking E-thots

    13. MBNA Nxif

      At this point KSI and Deji are beefing for relevancy they’re literally beefing whenever their channel get a wiff of irrelevancy

    14. Jacob Martinez

      Keemstar is the kind of person who would laugh at people behind a computer screen cause he's to chicken shit to say it to their face

    15. X Devil Deadly X

      7:23 Something isn’t right.

    16. AssGoblin

      Man really sucks for Carson having to go through normal life hardships and having a couple million people around to support no wonder he’s dealing with depression 🤨

      1. Schors

        Being cheated on is not normal life struggle

    17. Kyle Simpson

      I get that death threats might be going to far but how many suicides have there been because someone has been cheated on? You say they are humans too but to do something so horrible to your own friend completely disregarding his feelings and what could have possibly ended in his death it’s not very human like to me. I hate how people are defending them like na man they deserve every single death threat they get. People that defend them have honestly probably cheated themselves.

    18. Shwacked Shmeat

      People, quit skimming over this 0:40


      Watching h3h3 in his little boys shirt looking like 10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag, stuttering over himself in irrational fury, is so pathetically sad.

    20. Young dizz stomach

      HUfast: **Disables ads for JayStation** JayStation.exe has stopped working

    21. Young dizz stomach

      HUfast: **Disables ads for JayStation** JayStation: So I haven’t been uploading on my channel I’m still trying to reflect on my actions 😂

    22. Shmod413 •

      Keem is honestly so annoying to me, and leafy has been gone for so long and should stay gone.

    23. Vince Unknown

      Lets face it guy totally looks like the simp nerd ofc she gon cheat yall gotta think realistically

    24. FizzyFizze

      I’m really curious about Fitz’s response to all this


      JayStation:" My girlfriend is dead boohoo anyways this video is sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends"

    26. FadedFear Sim

      gaystation returns

    27. Stoneless_skating

      Alexia is stupid to date that troglodyte of a human.

    28. Drew Jones

      HUfast created this shitty monetization/demonetization obstacle then wants to charge users for a guide?

    29. Colour Red

      Instead of showing fiz and Katie hate, go and show Carson some love

    30. Zoan

      Yo look at her nails (alexia) no cap she belong to the streets .

    31. Chalyrb

      2020 is a Florida man as a year

    32. Stjepan Nikolić

      Is this ALABAMA ? 7:25

    33. ItsRealLazyCreeper

      7:30 simpstation

    34. Ceon

      my heart legit just stopped when it said that he suicided.... Good that its fake 😰

    35. kevin miranda

      nah all she wants is clout from both of them

    36. Chin Kason

      We earn Out of youtube, and now we gotta pay to get earnings? What bs is this?

    37. Bryce Hamm

      7:20 holy shit when she talks my brain screams

    38. Tragic Punk

      Leafy is the worst and I believe idubbbz is a simp lmaooo

    39. Nevan Hanson

      The meaning of “simp” doesn’t work on idubbbz, he is the one getting the puss and the people paying for his girl are the simps.

      1. Nevan Hanson

        Yujiro Hanma damn guess I’ll go kms now.

    40. Chonkey Donkey

      I'm sick of people trying to cause drama between jj and deji again. When he said 'some people will do anything for views' it wasnt even about deji

    41. teodor jovanovic

      HUfast be making a piramid scheme

    42. Owain Thoma


    43. ʎɯɹǝɾ

      idubbbz and his girlfriend is like trisha paytas and jason nash i dont get why everyones hating on idubbbz

    44. Ihavenoidea

      also i find it pathetic when ppl just suck into their own bias and defend their friends over stuff theyd normally disagree on. recognize ur own bias.

    45. Rayne

      Damn, I thought leafy was kinda hot

    46. MLG & Tahvvy

      Alexia's voice annoys tf out of me

    47. BaconMunchGD

      I really respect that scarce puts the story in the thumbnail up first in the video.

    48. BotMW

      I trust this guy more than CNN

    49. ernie beasley

      Bullshit jersey shore jaystation...

    50. motoX

      Fitz is obviously gay though.. /debunked

    51. Michael Blevins

      The shit that is happening. what the fuck is going on

    52. Michael Blevins

      The meme himself is alive omg

    53. Curtis Lloyd

      tbh, i know what kate did wasn't great (to clear that up) but the fact that people are saying that "she was nothing before carson" just isn't true.

    54. SpongeBob Fan1000

      Either jays ex made a terrible decision or Jay station is black mailing her, he probably has something against her and he’s forcing her to get back together.

    55. NIKOJEJE

      Lmao if call h3 a simp for backing idubbz then you don’t have any good friends around you... it’s what good friends do, they have each other’s back

    56. Conner Addison

      Great now I get scarce in my recommended

    57. Axeliaa __

      I respect Carson for the way he's handling the situation, he doesn't deserve any of this. I never really watched Carson but after seeing his personality and how mature he is he seems like an amazing guy. I can see why so many people like him and watch him. And kudos to him for not flaunting this all over the place and calling them out, what they did was shitty, but they're people. I never liked Kate at all and personally I really disliked her, but Fitz? I think I've lost most of my respect for him.

    58. spookyerr0r

      There is NO way Alexia isnt being manipulated by Jaystation, unless shes equally as crazy

    59. Toriksta `

      Fucking bitch should get canceled, literally was a nobody until she met Carson. Fitz..... I didn't really care about him as he was irrelevant to me from the start. This just confirmed it.

    60. The Dank Gunslinger

      "Hey what's up kids, it's Dad here."

    61. Sam Walker

      Jaystation and his “girlfriend” sound the same and it pissed me off honestly

    62. DUCKve

      to me Kat used carson to gain popularity. Carson to me is like a friend, I laughed a shit ton with his videos, same with fitz. So I believe its absolutely unacceptable that as a friend to him would do such a thing

    63. Biker241

      “KSI calla out Deji” In other news: the sky is blue

    64. Raven

      Leafy comin back for the first time in years just to harass Idubbz now that he sees an opening; shows exactly the type of person he is lol

    65. Tobi Pohan

      Yes, no death threats.. that's actually shitty. Now memes.. however, is different

    66. F4T4L040

      That photo of Fitz tho

    67. Exodus Reborn

      Deji is a huge hypochondriac he really needs to grow tf up

    68. DC S

      So youtube is becoming pay to win?

    69. Sheriden

      Omg didn't even know the Carson thing was going on! I can't believe Fitz would do that... My love goes out to ya Carson. You deserve better.

    70. Roaming

      I barely got the notification

    71. Cryo Pyre

      I’ve stopped caring about h3h3s opinion when I realized he’s a fucking dumbass

    72. detective Goose

      How are jaystation and alexia so loud

    73. 神Achivus

      Fitz brings disappointment to New Zealand..

    74. Noob Dave

      its so funny how pissed off everyone is over someone elses relationship instead of worrying about the fact they dont have one of their own.

    75. Ukodus

      didn’t leafy kill himself

    76. le sensei

      Man, iDubbz isn't a simp. A simp is going to the extreme to do absolutely anything for a girl, typically for sex. iDubbz is just, well I dont know what to call it, but it ain't a simp

    77. Brock Lee

      Idubbz doesn't have to reply to anyone dude like seriously

    78. Finley Webb

      Bro acc shut the fuck up

    79. Jambster

      IMO I think jaystation and his gf are just kinda stupid Kinda sad in a way

    80. DJ D00MSHYER

      Not going anywhere. What a chad. Love you carson.

    81. farm days


    82. Karma King

      Are you actually kidding me? HUfast: we are gonna Demonitze your videos! Also HUfast: BUT we will sell you the solution! Fuck Right Off

    83. Jacob Barham

      Jay station is the reason I support the death penalty

    84. Steven B

      2:41 I’m pretty sure that post was about ricegum dissing him in his song

    85. Kool Beans

      Alexia is pretty dumb judging by her decision

    86. Mustache Man

      People who toss around the word simp like it’s candy are actual brainlets. It’s just obnoxious at this point.

    87. King OPAF

      Its good to see a "news" channel that speaks on the actual topic without letting their opinion get in the way of telling truth

    88. Adrian Francis

      I like how he said he’s taking a “break” but yet he’s still active af on all social media

    89. frog operator

      Jay means attention

    90. d_xmnic

      Why would you get back together when your ex assaulted you and you pressed charges?

    91. Moeen

      The faster version of dramaalert channel

    92. Taxi Driver

      whos Jaystation?

    93. Jeshua Higgins

      I remember when jay station didn’t do this at all he would post 24 hour over night challenges those were times but now I despise him

    94. Beyond

      Why is there so much drama this month??. Did i Miss Something??

    95. spidermonkey

      Damn man I miss Carson. I hope he’s doing well

    96. pee

      when ksi said: some man will do anything for views he could be talking about dax

    97. Harry Smith

      Id like to point out that i dont think deji knows what a flu is.

    98. Wj*jG**tíñ

      Why in FUCK should anyone pay HUfast to tell their employees why they're not giving them money

    99. Mackready

      Forget leafy, he needs to stay off this platform.

      1. RythmicChain

        yikes izzy if you care about what absolute nobodies on the internet think about you you need help

      2. Chris Towers

        @RythmicChain you are a sad sad man.

      3. RythmicChain

        yikes izzy who cares as long as it’s funny

    100. Colburn Manai

      One month later. k so our first story of the day... CARSON has actually faked his own death news💀