CallMeCarson Donates for Katerino... KSI Gets NUMBER ONE! H3H3 vs Keemstar Boxing Match?


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    1. Philip Goode

      Damn, ksi does marketing right

    2. HorrorLovesBreadsticks

      Took me 4 years just to grow an Afro and when my mom made me bald I didn’t really care, but my dude KSI being mad cause he gotta cut of his hair. I mean I get it but bro, a fucking 12 year old boy can take his hair being cut off after growing it since I was 8 but he can’t take being bald. Being a grown ass man, sheesh.

    3. TheyMade MeDoit

      wait what the actual fuck ?! I never actualy watched her but ... i honestly tought katerino was angel of twitch , so innocent looking and all that bs ... what the actual fuck .

    4. Acree._.

      Why does ricegums intro so fake looking

    5. DrTiltedEz

      tbh I forgot that ricegum was still on youtube

    6. Aiden Ramen

      my opinion about KSI hair thing is its fault he said that in the first place

    7. Banana National

      Why do I want to box keemstar now. I’d lose but still lol

    8. Mr !!?

      i swear, the Army needs the Cancel Culture Hammer

    9. Morgoth Bauglir

      Doctor K couldn't help Reckful so maybe do not rely on him.

    10. Lichi

      i had a boyfriend and i cheated on him with several people not that much you know

      1. Professor Fisics

        Lichi fam cheating can make people depressed do you understand?

      2. Professor Fisics

        Lichi horrible

    11. Tays 420

      Ksi suffering from Success

    12. luca Sadiku-stocco

      Ethan Klein!!! Do you relate to Calvin Klein (Pun intended)

    13. Minecraft Boy

      Intro: 3 seconds Outro: 4 seconds Wasting time: 0 seconds Legendary youtuber

    14. Abnwil

      I know this is old but my God Carson is in my opinion the definition of a good human being

    15. Reiner Hauser

      Ricegum is such a stupid person XD

    16. L0tss

      at this point i think ricegum is more desperate than keem that is crazy man.

    17. Anthony Navarro

      Oh yeah katerino cheated with 6 youtubers oof

    18. BTS is life

      14:13 me a big k-pop and ksi fan Mission reached, Move out!

    19. Shane Scott

      Everyone here should check out Pi crypto, its a crypto you can mine on your phone, if you don't already have it use my code: BossNut I started in october 2019 so I have the fastest rates

    20. kaliber aiz

      "do you know how dumb am I gonna look bold" -KSI

    21. Rex Davies

      Carson is such genuine guy but his communtiy is so toxic

    22. Ace Of Spades

      Ricegum is as braindead as morgs

    23. Robert Marius

      cancel ricegum pls

    24. Andy Saghbini

      Who’s Katerino? Is it the girl with 400 boyfriends?

    25. Pnkykun

      Could I please trade my hair for a #1 album? hes pissed about success........

    26. ihave_scoliosis

      13:02 ninjas foread tho

    27. xXMac BoiXx

      Jesus man how many shitty boxing matches are there gonna be

    28. LLucari

      I still LOVE and respect you Ricegum: 👁👄👁

    29. official Dio

      3:05 I spotted a simp on the chat I hope u read my comment you SIMP

    30. ALPHA _137yt

      H3h3 is a vaper I used to watch him I swear

    31. J. S.

      It doesn't bother me that my ex was in his video. I am going to tweet about it and make a video on it just to show you how it doesn't bother me!

      1. nigga black

        Huh explain

    32. Midnight's Requiem

      He said the N word..

    33. Syntax

      holyshit carson is so fucking pure

    34. Vinoood

      carson the simplord

    35. Bree Kat

      I aint mad, BUT, ThEy ArE uSeInG mY eX

    36. Sam Crow

      Ninja makes a public statement about griefing. Says be the bigger person and to set an example. Few days ago does just that by getting triggered by another streamer and asks if she has any animals to abuse. Marvelous.

    37. Ariel Mpoyi

      I got a ridge wallet commercial on this video

    38. Dragon Born

      Did she mention she was lost and confused

    39. Clarkthedog

      People are saying it wont be used to destroy smaller channel sponsors gundumb much

    40. Tyler Harewood

      Kpop stans are stupid

    41. Nuggy

      "Thank you for helping her" that was the most badass thing he could have said. It's so subtle but if you think about it, the fact that he donated 10,000 thanking him for helping her is not a compliment to katerino, but a HUGE insult.

    42. Codblacon

      What’s with everyone and boxing match’s lately.

    43. Paul Robert A. Gilongos

      Ricegum sounds like a morgz-type channel now

    44. Lewku

      i always assumed gfuel was fake magic hair growth vasaline but apparently its just a pyramid scheme energy drink? John would be sponsored by monster if anything, legit company.

    45. Tranchau-Pearl Ho

      CallMeCarson donated to the person helping Katerino not to Katerino her self. carson is not a simp

    46. Tranchau-Pearl Ho

      the word "simp" has lost all meaning

    47. FatmanJonesTV

      Could Carson be any more of a fucking boss?

    48. John frank arseno

      Gets cheated on. Pays her psychiatrist bill. Gj simp

    49. Sunny

      Conclusion:Carson is a mega simp

    50. Harrison

      Leafy is out here talking about being edgy... Like what?

    51. Pyro

      saying his hair looking peng af but his hair be looking like some hot cheetos

    52. Double Bucketz

      Feel bad for Carson but he was a simp he’ll learn eventually and fix up

    53. DKsaNn Kat

      Ksi actually freaking out about losing his hair is hilarious lmao 🤣

      1. BTS is life

        DKsaNn Kat me being a bts army made it even more funnier

    54. Wuking

      Carson may be a simp for this one

    55. Paul Zawkiewicz

      As a wise woman once said "you play, you pay"

    56. RustDoesStuff

      Isn't Carson's twitch name CallMeCarsonLIVE, not CallMeCarson? If someone is still looking through comments, can this be explained to me

    57. MotA V

      thee 1k dislikes coming from the pokimane simps

    58. 👌


    59. john doe

      KSI and his brother don't know how to speak properly, I think they have diction problems

    60. SimpLocator

      I could say that I dated katerino and you wouldn't know if I was lying or telling the truth

    61. Qioz

      I love how H3 turns his own words against him. Fucking hilarious.

    62. Bluescool cs

      she tryna get the whole squad, The streets 😂

    63. kking1777

      "Aishree aishree"

    64. Neilp2007

      Ninja is such a baby at this point

    65. Owen is my name.

      I don't care what anybody says rice is still pretty funny

    66. Dj968

      I don’t feel bad for katerino a single bit bad I think she needs to burn in hell for what she’s done but that’s the difference from me and Carson

    67. Shannon D

      Are george w. Bush saying "nucular" like that? Its n-u-c-l-e-a-r. Keem always talks like an idiot too, but atleast he's actually an idiot.

    68. HT‏TP

      If only he realized he donated when katerino was there.

    69. Mr. Potato

      Is it just me or does the phrase “I don’t want her” sounds like he owns her. She is a human who can have rights

    70. Hammarkids

      I love how scarce just covers the drama in a non biast format, and keemstar acts really weird on camera and gets involved in the drama

    71. Quinn Weyer

      KSi got that hot Cheeto hair

    72. JustAKid

      Keem’s definitely in shape, he’s fast as fuck.

    73. David Awunyo-Akaba

      Ah yes keem revengefull is a word

    74. gamer

      H3H3 boutta pull thru with the uncle iroh prison look for the boxing match

    75. Moha Shari

      I swear they doctor is trying to be the 38th lmaooooo

    76. Detroit SMASH

      The guy talking to Kate was a SIMP

      1. gamer

        bro he’s a psychologist not a simp jesus y’all 12 year olds really call anyone a simp huh

    77. Okento Okento

      I miss the old internet back then around 2006-2012 where internet drama didn't exist. Just pure fun.

    78. Mark Flusher

      “I cheated on him with several people” horrible thing she did but she finally admitted to it

    79. ᴏᴊᴏᴊ ᴘɢ3ᴅ

      If I was a sponsor I would never sponsor pokimane I feel like she thinks she’s tough but she is actually really sensitive

    80. Heavy Metal Kitten

      Katerino kind of looks like the frog meme on her bed

    81. Beeg Yoshi

      I think KSI would look great without hair.

    82. Shizuroki Tadashi

      Carson is too nice I'm really happy that he moved on now so he won't be hurt anymore

    83. BeaverOfTheBog

      i havnt seen a better reach since halo" nice

    84. FBI Agent No.2

      Drama alert: the sequel

    85. Lenin Ninel

      Advice for all of them : Be A Man

    86. goldnfinches

      honestly carson donating 10,000 and saying thank you for helping her is really nice even after what happened. he's too good for this world

    87. daethe

      Gun Dom, Gun Dom, Gun Dom.... dude, It's a Gundam. Ain't that fucking hard. His intro even fucking literally says it. 11:52 you literally got it right, see? it's not that difficult

    88. Tyson Bull

      Just wait till ksi asks him to box him skinny ass can’t do shit

    89. no way

      Ricegum makes me not want to be asian anymore

    90. Johnny Bravo

      What ever happened to being civilized why does beef gotta end with throwing hands? This shit started with words let it end with em

    91. Maria Luz Clemes

      scarce the better and non bias youtube drama channel

    92. David Grubbs

      i hate keem and i dont think there is any defense for him. when you watch the clips of what he has done in the past, you just want the man in jail.

    93. Flopsymanga _

      ricegum go back to rice fileds idot

    94. Brandon Halsey

      RIP cheeto hair

    95. Crazy Gaming

      Karerino literally didn't take anything serious in that convo. She was laughing and smiling the whole time

    96. Nicky Cage

      With $10,000, I could buy like at least 13 infants

    97. Spoiler Dude

      ksi vs rice boxing match will sort this out

    98. Hayden Saunders

      3:07 did you see the guy in the chat being a humongous simp?

    99. Chrollo

      Scarce: Katerino 2030: yes

    100. charlie hooper

      bruh these news stuff is so much beter that keemstars dramaalert so much more fast past