CallMeCarson Coming Back? Leafy vs TommyNC, Summit1G, InvaderVie Apology


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    1. Ethan Hernandez

      Why does that guy from the tommync clip talkng at lightnig speed? Lol

    2. FatmanJonesTV

      6:00 cocaine is a hell of a drug...

    3. The totality Of randomness

      casey has terrible handwriting

    4. CLANKERt _

      She sounds like fuck me or something lol

    5. MH

      lol you are so irresponsible wit your time and money yet she on her ass getting paid for it

    6. jaimemiguel 007

      Tommy called leafy a pussy like he didn't bawl his eyes out because leafy made a video back. I think tommy should thank leafy for making his career and helping him meet his biological mother and all he had to do was cry on a video

    7. Bloodborn Link

      She very shallow and she meant e very word

    8. Magpie birb

      lmfao cant believe they shut down a store bc of a broken mic. dat shit dont sound like a bomb for my life.


      9:47 This dude had them closing the store and the metal barriers, lmao! I lived in Japan before for six years, they always over react there. He’s Japanese ability is horrible though, lol.

    10. Adrik Baron

      Lamao aliens

    11. Gladys Newman angrily, turning to face him. 'Why did they want you? Fuck it, I've told you

    12. ShamelessSellout

      Its so wild to me how Tommy can get this drunk on such non-existent power.

    13. FRONKELB

      Invadervies apology reminds me of the Logan Paul’s apology

    14. g0d_like

      they talk so fast or is that sped up ? im assuming XD

    15. Sylvia Conley නිරූපණය කව, කම්මුල් පුළුල් සැලකිය යුතු ලෙස, කෙස්, වරක් වැඩුණු,

    16. Gabriel Fernandez

      If you have time to watch twitch you have $10 bruh

    17. Slunder 100

      "He's on the spectrum" okay but same and if I act like a stuck up ahole I get called out? So why does he get a pass just cause he's on the internet 🥱

    18. Qyu Almannai

      so ur like the poor man keemstar or something "?

    19. Netnobody

      Kate and the eight

    20. When u Bored

      Tommy has less than 200k leafy more then 4m

    21. Mirio The 3rd

      Cmon square enix

    22. Supersonic007

      Katerino’s just staring in her own Harem Anime.

    23. Ep1c Octane

      Invadervie is a scary human

    24. Bruh Momento

      3:33 the guy on the right is going too damn fast

    25. PING EDITZ

      This stolen but she’s got more boyfriends than actual brain cells I can’t believe people like this chick

    26. fatazz

      6:10 On what drugs is she

    27. Cybercery

      Fortnite: MY VALUE IS 15 bILLION FACEBOOK:*worth 400 bil* DA F U SAY TO ME?

    28. Bethuel I.

      tommy's friend is on coke

    29. CallMeVarez

      That song went hard

    30. ChuggieSmalls 420

      Brooo wtf that chick is crazy that fuckin rant tho ik worried for her and the people around her lmao

    31. alphamoonman

      Anytime a woman notices her money grubbing strategy is getting flak, she doesn't change, she just switches gears.

    32. Thomas The Paladin

      Leaving a note is considered a hit and run still in a lot of laws. Wow the score guy totally ripped off that slush guy.

    33. The Ultimate Rage

      Bro like seriously it's not like they can be financially irresponsible that Corona is a thing

    34. Noelic

      Not saying I'm on her side, but that clip of her having a "mental breakdown" doesn't really seem bad...? She seems to be just giving encouragements...very intensely. Or maybe it's just because I have a soft spot that makes me lose my anger when someone apologizes. Well, I never had any right to hate her anyway. She was someone who I never even heard the name of before and I shouldn't jump on the hate bandwagon out of nowhere even though I'm not related to this situation in anyway. Anyway, great to see leafy is back! Believe it or not, the leafy drama was the last great drama that youtube had. After that everything else was more or less shit. Nothing as entertaining and satisfying and involving so many youtubers as that ever happened again (other than the pewds vs Tseries joke drama).

    35. A D

      I never knew Eminem did interviews

    36. ZerKs _fn

      Imagine having more boyfriends than braincells lmao

      1. Zachhawks 08


    37. AyPle

      everyone on keyboard and mouse keep pressing 3 its the best

    38. Left Leg Cemetery

      Bruh....that guy talking with Tommy C needs to chill on the Adderall or just sloooooow down🙄.

    39. The Old Shoes

      Wow that girl that’s doing the fake apology is BONKERS. I know what you guys are thinking but Imagine THE PURE HELL that would be to be her boyfriend?! That one girl would RUIN your shit if you didn’t ex her out in your mind. 🤦🏻‍♂️ DAMNNN Everyone needs to be a little happy it’s not them.✌🏻

    40. Jonatha Patrick

      Be me Doesn't hear about leafy for years Watches Scarce 4 first time in 3 yrs "Wait Leafys alive!?"

    41. C_RAM 105

      Why would ppl buy remake games they played before like FF7, just play the og game

    42. Garret Birnbaum

      Invadervie? Can u say bipolar disorder

    43. Weesp Shoop asmr

      invadervie is on crack level 57

    44. Worthy cat

      If you have time to be a bitch than you have time to shut the fuck up

    45. green Kre-O

      5:59-6:56 you're welcome

    46. D H

      Tommync is so fucking pathetic. I will be a leafy fan till death

    47. fergo

      5:06 🤣🤣 did someone say bullshit

    48. Michael Dougherty

      I hate seeing all the same stories everyday

    49. Skandar Said

      I just wna thank scarce for always putting in effort to get information

    50. theisgood0

      She does cocaine, I’ve been around people like that. It’s quite obvious and the mood swings.

    51. DRAKO FOX

      Lol grown ass man is crying on video 😭🤣

    52. Krappa

      leafy is a cute little girl.

    53. LoudBlackLady

      Her apology still wasn’t nearly as bad as katerino’s so she has that going for her

    54. Henrybat Manlol

      Hey leave the fortnite guy my opinion he is a cool guy dude not to make a drama but leave fortnite guy he does not do scam videos ok

    55. green Kre-O

      6:34 yo is that marge or homer behind her

    56. IGS

      invader is fucking mental

    57. Gmo

      Anyone els getting annoyed of the Carson drama like yea she cheated, ppl do that all the time😂 its over that's it. Yall gotta grow up and realize life ain't lala land🤣

    58. Daftrix lol

      Does Tommy want the death threats again? It’s been 4 years and we’re all still alive and well...

    59. MOVIIINN !

      That was the fakest apology I’ve ever seen 😂😂😂😂

    60. chili taco & hot nacho review

      the fuuuuck was she talkin

    61. Michael Vasquez

      Those guys who were talking bout leafy in the beginning should be rappers they was talkin so fast😂

    62. Emmett Jenner

      Lmao she lost nearly every thing after working for hours in a day how the fuck do you fuck up so bad lmao

    63. mikea hiooi

      seems like if leafy literally says anything , everybody cries immediately

    64. WeStanOchoa

      I think mr beast made a donation on her stream and she started going crazy

    65. Austin B

      Scare is gonna get in some drama soon watch

    66. rafi sarhan

      Twitch streaming monopoly is ending

    67. moon man rx

      I think that callmecarson shit is just dumb dude is obviously a fucking nerd he aint getting no pussy what did he expect

    68. zpmay 33895

      Is she smoking meth

    69. SkyBrockGaming

      14:09 this s*** happened last night

    70. Wetwork

      oh my god.... i love when these thots get real cocky because of their numbers...start treating people like shit, because they have these numbers, Then they cross over that line a little bit, and have to come back on their knees begging for their life as they realize they might actually have to get a real job again.

    71. Whirl

      people should stop saying “leafy’s career ended” dude uploaded 3 vids with little to no effort and got millions of views huge W

    72. realMustacheman

      Y’all remember when the Fortnite guys used to be a “pro” OW player

    73. swizzfn

      2:50 why does it sound like he talks at 2.0x speed 😂

    74. JapandyJones

      Arigatoad hory shet mista Scarce ;)

    75. Michael Rodarte

      HUfast got so political and commercials where you can actually get your life fucked for having songs or someone’s complaint of content. God help this stupid platform

    76. Legendary SSGSS MUI Sage Mode Hollowfied Yamcha

      Miss 5 dollar is doing dmg control

    77. Amrt

      5:59 *Naruto music starts playing*

    78. Thomas Cohnen

      25 seconds. She tried so hard, even straining herself, to not make a nonpology-video. But then ... BAMM!! "This clip doesn´t represent me" and "i was very tired at that moment".

    79. Fsy North

      4:13 What entertainment? That fucking bitch is a sleep test, seriously, what does she do? Sit and talk while exposing her thigh for views?

    80. lil tech-9

      leafy is going to fuck this mans whole life up

    81. thalen Ligouri


    82. aymanjan

      InvaderVie: You're basically saying that you're too irresponsible with your money that you don't want to fund your entertainment services. Bruh the only thing your subs are funding are the piles of plushies you have. You have more money than you can count on your fingers.

    83. Jesus

      Invadervie = logan paul

    84. Ciath

      i didnt come here to listen to rap god

    85. sansanxd

      removing ending cutscene videos of the game is deserved af, a lot of shit gets spoiled for me because videos from people like that end up in my recommended tab

    86. Buffpineappledude 3

      Bro, she really do be dying doe.

    87. Flipedi Flopedi


    88. Miscellaneo

      Charities helping starving children: hey so if you could donate a bit of money to help us that would be nice Toxic Twitch streamers: you have to donate to me because you watch my stream. No I’m not entitled you are

      1. Miscellaneo

        At least she apologised in the end

    89. 太宰

      "Support communites after you support yourself". This triggered me, seriously bit*h? That's what you call an apology? I'm done.

    90. Shadow Of Light

      Please talk about leafy more, he basically grew up with you on HUfast.

    91. IDoNtKnow IDK

      Forgive her and your SIMP.

    92. thief

      That apology sounded so fake she definetly didn’t mean what she said

    93. Exspiravit

      Yes leafy. unravel the entire fabric of youtube again. I miss you.

    94. iKickBullies

      So to the creators who cry about FFVII. The game literally BLOCKS the final chapters. The damn system warns them. It’s pretty obvious they didn’t want it. So maybe look it up. Tired of Creators thinking everyone should kiss there ass. Why would SE take the time to contact every single creator and ask them when they don’t want it up? Not all of em would take it down. As much as the ending REALLLYYYY Pisses me off. SE is generally pretty easy to read. The game won’t take screenshots, record or stream after I think chapter 17 or 18. The real issue is HUfast. They shouldn’t be giving strikes. Just taking down the videos in those cases

    95. thegodofanime 125

      Do iT. Leafy does it. Him : crying in background

    96. The Dragon Slayer4242

      U talk way to fast, my 4 IQ brain can't keep up lol

    97. Esence_of_adream faddler


    98. Phat Comp

      Leafy should not encourage retards

    99. weeb simp

      poor guy with the speaker, it's not even his fault...I feel so bad for him😣

    100. Harlequin Heart

      The happiest and most successful mammal species are those with sexually dominant females who enjoy multiple partners at will. So ... get over yourselves men 🙄