Brawadis Was FALSELY Accused? YouTube REMOVES Jaystation? FaZe Rug, Keemstar


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    1. HeyIt'sMeCoreyEXE


    2. HeyIt'sMeCoreyEXE

      KEEMSTAR Is Trash chain?

    3. Spencer Thompson

      fuck YOU

    4. Spot A

      He's stupid, theyre stupid, you're stupid

    5. Cindy A

      Looking back at this now maybe one of the ghosts living there touched her inappropriately.

    6. SuperSAND 2

      Keemstar: "...showed me proof..." Also keemstar: "i never once said they showed me proof"

    7. Ricardo Milos

      Tbh keemstar has to many beef that i dont think is real

    8. F5HC _

      Jay station Honestly disgusting I can’t believe he just wants the money

    9. FatmanJonesTV

      If I was him I'd sue the shit out of her for defamation

    10. Eoin Fagan

      I’m fan of brawadis and faze rug and that guy that’s apparently is the girls friend he is in Brandon vlogs all the time


      Kestar is really dumb, stopjaystation would not work. Scarce has the best news channel ever!




      Keemstar is a bad guy!

    14. yashia96

      keem seems evil

    15. Dawniblis s

      Sup guys I'm moving and in stressed . This doesn't relate to the video at all, I just wanna die

    16. Åland Mapping

      Fake r*pe allegations are illegal by the way

    17. Jayson_Goated

      Wow keem fakes his videos...

    18. CLIPZ TNAK faitotoa vale

    19. General Plasmas YT

      This is the closest keemstar has come when it comes to right minded

    20. tempest Virgil

      Bruh HUfast basically pulled that south park Jessie Jackson apologize scene on that lil ass boy😂😂😂😂😂

    21. Ddlmao

      Shit just piling on Keemstar after the content nuke....

    22. JuceTheGoose l

      I found my friend dead on the floor with a knife in his back. Immediately I contacted the correct authorities. Keemstar

    23. Robbie Carroll

      I like scarce because he straight forward and more like a new channel. I also like keem cause he’s a very good entertainer and fun to watch In conclusion they are both goood

    24. pizzaaah

      Brandon has a video on it, the girls are lying

    25. Clownstar

      He Falsely Accused 2 Guys Named Brandon How a ManChild can Keemstar can be.

    26. Some Idiot Who Has No Life

      If I was sexually assaulted, Keemstar would be the last person I would go to. God I hate that middle aged manipulative gnome.

    27. youcantbeserious

      if they would of gotten sued after they would of lost they would of probably accused their lawyer of rape like idiots

    28. Storm DN

      Ahhhh, once again girls trying to get attention for pulling out the Rape Card

    29. master ugly

      Brandon looks like a natural predator already

    30. Taiga

      Btw he isnt posting on his main Chanell he is posting on his 2nd Chanell Just thought to let you know

    31. Elijah

      Didn't even know rug had a brother

    32. Chris Kim

      keem is a bitch

    33. Billy Conrad

      Gets sexually assaulted doesn’t call police doesn’t cal anyone goes to keemstar instead

    34. ArnorAteBscotch

      Do not contact Jaystation’s career on Ouija board at 3 am!!!

    35. BroSendem

      The girl in the pink shirt is a fucking queen for standing up for Brandon and herself.

      1. Islam Alzhogi

        TF is this comment she lied that she was raped

    36. Sprinkle Toes

      I hate when people our about abuse and sexual things.. it hurts us survivors deeply and the rest that haven't even told anyone.

    37. Big Smoke

      keems a fucking cockroach he never gets beaten

    38. Raheem Aslam

      This is sketchy to the point that it will make a whole picture out of the sketchiest controversy

    39. SF Gamerbeeed !

      Ur dumb

    40. Emmanuel Arriaga

      This HUfast shit is a joke

    41. Aaron

      I don’t care, why is this in my recommend?

    42. Jack Ford

      This isn't the first time keemstar has made people look bad for no reason with no evidence of anything

    43. spiderGrace 2012

      You're good man I know I can trust you because keemstar is telling lies to his viewers

    44. Mohamed Muthanna

      He said stupid fan this guy is geting me so mad bro he thinks he is doing a good thing but he is making the problem even worse in my opinion I don't like this guy I

    45. Henkaizu

      Keemstar has been a live virus since he was born

    46. Nick Strickland

      They should of deleted station along time ago he’s such a fraud

    47. :D D:

      I like how youtubers adapted to not even read swear words

    48. STFU cookieman

      you know youtube is going down hill when you have to cut out the word suicide 1:26

    49. Zeeshan Hassan

      sub to Scarce

    50. aewcaleb forever

      GAYSTATION only cares about money he will not make videos untill they give him monetization back he will never change jaystation had a 1st channel and this SAME thing happened and fakestation just made a new channel

    51. Voss

      Keem is an idiot. He was clearly siding with the girls in the video and on Twitter he told Brandon there was proof. No, there was no proof! He should have gotten both sides before putting the allegations out.

    52. TASGaming

      This prolly my new favorite channel 😂💀. So much tea 👀👀

    53. Felix Rodriguez

      How is keemstar not constantly being sued for defamation of character, the guy doesn't care about validity just views. Man plays judge and jury.

    54. Brannon Schussler

      Jay station is a piece of shit

    55. Sally Williams

      His DUMB ass. Wanted to take Brandon down bad lmao look what happen to his dumb ass wondering how his dumb ass feel not making money because of his lying ass mouth so happy he gone for 90 days hope it's longer

    56. Alizah Khan

      What the fuck u say to me

    57. My name is Jeff

      I mean J Station. If you look at it. He got famous for being the way he is. If he changes lots of people are gonna leave. You just can’t change out of the sudden specially if this is your job

    58. Deezy

      Keem is a clown.

    59. RBL

      Lesson learned have a notarizer around at all times females want money and don't have sex with drunk girls

    60. HellboyCODM

      He should sued them for lying

    61. TheLonelyMoon

      scarce talking bout youtube demonetizing jaystation when scarce himself is falsely demonetized a lot of videos 😭

    62. Stevedog25

      i hate keem

    63. GasBoyLikePropane e

      Keem is 50 year old

    64. The FUNTIME foxy plush Adventures

      Keemstar is so toxic

    65. GLORYBOY.J

      I’m not really a fan of Brandon but if he goes to jail and it’s fake then the girls should serve double the time he did

    66. Isabel Garcia

      Keemstar’s a fucking idiot🤷‍♀️

      1. The FUNTIME foxy plush Adventures

        Ya plus he's toxic

    67. Mark Kasseybaum

      Maybe research before taking interviews

    68. Mark Kasseybaum

      This keemstar you are a jealous little WANKER

    69. Just Dab Oxlat

      HUfast is absolute shit, they’re taking the “you” out if HUfast

    70. Khai 2007

      I love how Keemstar dislikes Brandon for threatening another persons career yet Keemstar tried to ruin many lives and careers by accusing them of being Pedos.

    71. Oosin Boi

      Keemstar called Brandon a idiot he just makes dumb HUfast videos about other people for clout

    72. J M

      I mean what else was he supposed to do 💀 youtube told him to do it

    73. V!lle Shyt

      Everyone that has subscribers are bitches how u getting bullied by your brother😂 long ass nose bitch. Word to my father these niggas are bitches they all like boys what type of household did these niggas grow up in

    74. Nuxwors

      Keem didn't do the Brandon interview

    75. Ozla Tube

      Girls should be arrested for false rape claims 🤦 saying lies that can destroy someones life

    76. Alex Mcclinchey

      Onision has his own channel keemstar saying that he need a platform to defend himself is stupid he has a channel its his choice to ruin said platform

    77. West Coast Gaming

      Lol keen really be back tracking hard af

    78. SpectreShadowGaming

      Imagine trying to ruin some dudes carrier all bc you’re not tiktok famous

    79. Angela Hooper

      Wow keemstar is so rude. I can’t believe anyone even watches him !!!!

    80. Maxwell W

      It’s not Brandon’s fans I fking disliked video I don’t know who the fk Brandon is keen just made a bad move bruh on some gayle king sht

    81. Chris Wright

      Keen is a scumbag that only cares about the the first to drop a story and doesn’t even care who it hurts!!

    82. Green Blooded KRATOS

      I think people who lie about that kind of stuff should face severe prison time.

    83. You Know You`re Wrong, Right

      President gnome is going thru some wild and wacky stuff again

    84. ItzSoul

      Brandon needs to get a lawyer. That's defamation and it is all over social media.

    85. BOOGY B

      Those 2 girls are problem makers , stop talking things what you do know what happen 😡😡😡😡

    86. Divagirlsd

      Keen star should have done more interviews and saw a red flag that they didn’t go to the police first. If I were Brandon I would sue for defamation of character.

    87. Jose Ruiz

      Brawadis always have his ex girlfriend Jackie in the videos he wants her for Views ....

    88. TYG Villa

      We already know that keemstar can't handle hate

    89. Sky's The Limit

      These girls need to be charged and locked away! Show clout chasers that if they try this in the future that they will pay the consequences!

    90. Sky's The Limit

      Brandon should sue these girls for defamation!

    91. ia thao

      Okay, you don’t like Brandon and that’s fine ! but I weren’t being far. You sounded more like you were more in the girls sides then anything when you knew both sides with no evidence!

    92. RealKid Games

      The girl can get sued for slandering

    93. Fungrt

      Maybe leafy wasn’t crazy when he Saïd he was gonna sue keemstar Either way, the fact that these girls aren’t locked in prison cells is proof of female privelage

    94. phuture grits

      hahaha its about to be a new svu episode soon lol

    95. Saippers

      Love clout farmers

    96. Etienne De Durocher

      Keem doesnt understand shit of what hes doing. I thought he was a serious dude. Lol.

    97. dave Tuna

      Keemstar looks like he stole osama bin ladens beard, also he's a fucking idiot, its beyond me how morons like him get followers in the first place, small minded children subscribers no doubt

    98. professor light

      keemstar wannabe

    99. baba boouey


    100. Lori Loo

      Why is Keemstar calling Brandon’s fans stupid? What if some of them were his fans too? Or were. I was actually a sub on both channels. Bye Keem.