Alinity Gets BANNED... TFue and Ninja HUGE Fight, Jake Paul, RiceGum, Summit1G


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    1. Scarce

      Hey guys, we had to demonetize today's video because I showed censored clips, so please show some support, ily :D

      1. Ian Gallagher

        Dude can you check out CZworld because screenrant stole his video almost all of his words

      2. Marchers With Munchies

        Scarce bro, are you good. You seem to be loosing a lot of weight very quickly. Take care of your self first before the internets drama. Your viewers care.

      3. Curquis Gaskeel

        I was wondering because, a bunch of your vids didn't have ads and I was like wait a second

      4. Nathaniel Rojas

        Hey Scarce I got an actual story for you about Trisha Paytas and how she is showing nude pictures on Instagram

      5. King0fDepravity

        Scarce hey dip shit, the nip slip video is probably copyrightable, it’s her body. She’s a deplorable human, but if you are going to show her body, then tough shit.

    2. David Playz Gamez

      id legit become a moderator at twitch just to ban her

    3. MMEXX Gaming

      Scare, the most chill guy gets totally pissed at the start

    4. Kiro Tanaka

      Mods are simps

    5. ItzChayz

      I feel like Twitch is simping for Alinity

    6. Shane Scott

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    7. Shane Scott

      Everyone here should check out Pi crypto, its a crypto you can mine on your phone, if you don't already have it use my code: BossNut I started in october 2019 so I have the fastest rates

    8. Joe Sew

      Twitch for simps

    9. I X

      Loving this meaningless playground nonsense, ban everyone.

    10. Z3Ko

      guys, is it ok to hire a hitman to kill alinity?

    11. Okdoozy

      Maybe Alinity is staff.

    12. D37u2e ि SUB TO THE NEW CHANNEL

      I feel so sorry for the cats

    13. *surprised cat face*

      Twitch is fucking retarded stg

    14. Masque


    15. PineappleSandwich

      I find it funny of how Logan Paul has matured a lot more than his younger brother to the point where he's literally denouncing him for the bullshit he's thrown on the internet.

    16. Altronius Gaming

      Alinity bribes "Twitch" or it's just overbroad favortism...

    17. General Plasmas YT

      Ali is doing something probably sucking up to twitch

    18. Susano

      Ah twitch dont ban girls thats sad

    19. Deacon Gandy

      Ayeeee my boy Daviddddd

    20. Some Idiot Who Has No Life

      Jake is 23 and he acts like a 11 year old.

    21. TheLemon Head

      Twitch are being simps

    22. Def_Wilbur

      Who is alinity shagging?

    23. JacoB Pierre-Louis

      Omg how do you have so much power

    24. Eric From BroArmy

      Twitchy twitch likes sucking alinips

    25. Natural selection

      Drama Drama And more Drama

    26. Natural selection

      She blo... Them ha

    27. Silver Guardian

      Destiny can go fuck himself

    28. Rickt Tan

      she fine idc

    29. icantake

      Twitch mods are just neckbeard fedora wielders begging for that THOT material.

    30. Fluxify

      Sure you can pay 5 dollars a month for free entertainment. Or you could just watch it for free since it’s free. Most people have 5 dollars but if you put it into a perspective of being a kid, most kids don’t have cards that they can use. I never had a card or a way to buy things online until I got a job. People in the online entertainment world can stop complaining about not getting enough and be happy with what they fucking have. So tired of this petty bullshit of feeling like they deserve something out of the viewer. They don’t deserve shit. They’re lucky to be there in the first place and it’s truly sad to see that people can be this needy. If they need more money they can go out and get a real fucking job like everyone else. Destiny is a close minded joke of a person 😂

    31. the running man

      Someone at twitch must be simping over alinity but overall I'm glad alinity has gotten banned from twitch it's what she deserves

    32. J Garcia

      jake paul’s viewers/fans are definitely no older than 15 💀💀

    33. Paul Causey

      Tfue needs to stop streaming

    34. Donut Dog19

      twitch staff be simping over alinity

    35. bilal hassan

      I just like scarce’s voice man

    36. Harusami

      Ninja and Tfue did not "have big beef for a while now" they're such good friends. They aren't being serious

    37. Mr. Luca LN

      9:00. SIMP..... lol

    38. Mr. big man

      Did Jake Paul really just say his viewers are 18-24???? What a fucking IDIOT

    39. Alina Alive

      Unpopular Opinion: There's a difference between an ACCIDENTAL slip and someone DELIBERATELY showing said clip of someone else on their stream. Just sayin. Same with the dude shaking his butt. I don't think they should've banned him, but again, he deliberately did something vs. and ACCIDENT.

    40. Alex thiccboi


    41. Just Chillin in The Comments

      The average person watching twitch is probably in high school or college and don’t even have a job or a really low paying one and have more important things to buy other than a subscription

    42. Gunner Sentinel

      Rice gum is the only person on the planet to call his community "stream" instead of "chat"

    43. Saltymat

      Scare is mad 😂 but Alinity is kinda of a b

    44. kristian .prejean

      My boy scarce back at it again, bring that boy to court if you tryna beef

    45. MaanchocolateBoy

      very nice

    46. henkarars

      She abused her dog and cats, hurted them.. and now twitch ban her for showing a NIP!?

    47. Jared Siew

      Tfue seriously had issues with many ppl

    48. Macavre

      "why do I have to tell the whole world about my relationships" *says what he's texting out loud*

    49. Namaste India

      Just saw quickly went and saw her tits - it was good man

    50. Cody

      The alinity nip slip wasn’t intentional but the guy who was showing it did it intentionally that’s why he got banned

    51. oscar bishop

      Ngl the nip slip was an accident Nd the streams that have people using the photo are intentional

    52. Luke Darby

      Hope someone catches destiny streamer who the fuck does he think he is!

    53. JhnnyD

      Fuck Alinity

    54. Nelson Romero

      Must of been sucking off the one of the staff tbh

    55. CerealMadness

      For someone as passive as Scarce, his "we'll take you to court" bit was pure gold. Earned my sub.

    56. Max Medina

      Now I don’t like rice gum at all but how is he evil for not wanting to pick up the phone and talk to you , your his ex obviously he might not like you , you should know cus most girls are the ones who don’t like their ex after a breakup

    57. Max Medina

      Destiny is a mega mega mega simp

    58. StrydaFN

      Tbh she copyright striked her own nip slip... its not that unusual

    59. Espurr 69

      8:30 dude is a simp

    60. xEradxcatez

      It’s not a surprise she’d take down a video where she showed her tit dumbfuck

    61. SHAD DAMann

      yall really out here praying for alinity downfall

    62. prodby_jc

      that destiny man has reached maximum simp levels. getting heated just for some coochie 😪😪

    63. Nicholas Avila Rose

      Why do these twitch streamers think they’re entitled to their viewers money. Fuck y’all, no ones gonna wanna watch your shit if you keep bitchin and complainin about how your viewers ain’t givin you money. You’re lucky you’re able to sit there and play video games for a living in the first place, the people watching you could be living in a shithole and you don’t care. All you care about is that they ain’t payin you for playin video games, sad.💀

    64. Anthony Cruz

      Alinity is a bitch but ppl fail to see genuine mistakes kinda like carl when he emptied the mag after chambering a bullet then shooting it. She had alright to copyright strike some weirdo simps who exposed her acting like they never seen a titty. Y’all forget basic ethics sometimes what if it were your sister or daughter with a make up channel that had an accidental nip slip.

      1. Anthony Cruz

        The difference between alinity and them other streamers in this case is that she had an honest mistake she wasn’t flaunting her titties on the internet. But there were smaller channels trynna expose and violate her and that’s just some sex offender kinda vibes. You just simply don’t do shit like that. I come from a world of social media and shit and exposing bitches just isn’t cool at the end of the day for whatever reason. No simping just an unbiased and ethical opinion

    65. MotoGamer8

      I believe twitch is doing this because it gives them attention, even if it’s bad attention, they are getting it. People talk about, make videos about it, tweeting it, and more people start to use twitch.

    66. Boruto Shippuden

      scarce looks unhealthy skinny

    67. Dark

      He covered the same shit twice

    68. TheNukedNacho

      Twitch staff are too busy jacking off to Alinity to enforce the rules on her

    69. Mate

      tfue isnt subscribed to mrbeast but their dms are nice bruh

    70. Mate

      u look grate

    71. dead star


    72. SalvSays

      I use to watch justin tv at school bc it was one of the websites that wasn’t blocked... a lot of kids in my school back in the day did that. I dont see why that so unbelievable.

    73. block derp

      The average twitch viewer is watching and not paying any money to watch🗿

    74. Valen Dreth

      Hey so regardless of whatever Twitch decides to do, I'm gonna give myself a 3 day s̶u̶s̶p̶e̶n̶s̶i̶o̶n̶ ̶f̶r̶o̶m̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶p̶l̶a̶t̶f̶o̶r̶m̶.̶ ̶I̶ ̶t̶h̶i̶n̶k̶ ̶i̶t̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶f̶a̶i̶r̶.̶ ̶H̶a̶v̶e̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶r̶s̶e̶l̶v̶e̶s̶ ̶a̶ ̶n̶i̶c̶e̶ ̶d̶a̶y̶!̶ vacation

    75. BoIdymain

      I think this boy got brain aneurysms or something or he just didn’t get mommy’s milk cause he’s cranky 8:33-9:29

    76. Sycfin FN

      I love tfue

    77. Dwarcca Nation

      The guy repeating the nip slip is basically just someone putting porn so of fucken course he was gonna get banned fast dumbass. But Alinity should of been banned already but that guy is a complete moron.

    78. Zazzx


    79. Jordan Gerhardt

      Destiny is now crowned the king of simps

    80. Slim Jimmy

      I like Scarce, he gets straight to the point.

    81. Antonio Lopez

      Scare is the best news channel on HUfast. No contest

    82. voiceless glottal fricative

      I still cannot stand Scarce looking like a whole new man

    83. Its Darkness

      Upload today

    84. i pack lunches

      Ahhhh. I don't like Alinity, not at all. However I think all this whining and mobbing to get her banned is a little much. The guy who kept played the clip everytime he died is dumb, simple as that. Also why even mention that she copyright striked the nipslip clip? Are you saying she shouldn't be able stop the spreading of her nude body? Fuck Scarce this is the first time I find Keem's take better than yours. Now if this was another situation like that cat? I'd be all for the pitchforks and mobs. But no, she accidentally showed her tit on stream. Yes, it deserves a suspension. But not a fucking hate mob posting the clip everywhere.

    85. Terbor626

      There is a big difference from an accidental nipslip and choosing to plaster your screen with someone's else's tit. (Not trying to defend her just saying the person who got banned for it did fuck up)

    86. Malibu

      scarce looks 12 and 20 at the same time

    87. ChanceTheTrapper

      Brooooo Tfue stream sounds interesting 🤔🤔

    88. Red Ø

      Imagine Twitch being such dumbasses that you have to suspend yourself. Smh.

    89. Bravo

      Scarce you're such a savage. Never change. Pls

    90. Galactoons

      i hate twitch so much

    91. Itz Nate

      Ok boys we got another nominee for the biggest simp award. (drum roll) it’s Destiny! Nominated because he chose some random girl who doesn’t even notice him over his fans in the comment section !

    92. Joe

      Ninja is a phew

    93. ThaKillaBigT

      Scarce bro, your definitely popping back a couple of xans bro. you see how skinny you got in a year? no way you losing all that weight sitting at a computer screen 24/7. you popping back something bro

    94. Sum Ting Wong

      Christ Jake Paul is becoming that crazy ass Axxle HUfast dude that trolls comments.

    95. Dogpatch Express

      Scarce got HEATED today

    96. Mang0

      What makes me even more mad then I already am, is that fucking music she was playing. How tf did she think that was GOOD music lmao.

    97. Magic ____

      She shouldn't have been banned for the nip slip it was a accident she deserves it for everything else though

    98. Razmon

      Let’s just migrate to mixer and call It a trend :)

    99. Etika Ribss

      Hi scarce

    100. dAnG

      Can we copystrike twitch?