Alinity Cat Gets REVENGE? Pokimane Announcement, James Charles Upset


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    1. SapphireDoesThings

      Twitch is a simp. The cat is wonderful.

    2. Cartman -

      That cat should kill her

    3. Luffy

      Pop pop

    4. Blob Fish

      “What a fucked bitch!” Swaggersouls talking about alimoty

    5. FireRoz


    6. SADIMD

      give me your chair !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. Konan ✔

      I bet the cat said: "Fuck off *karen* ."

    8. Party_1exe

      Show this to cat abusers and it will be the last time they even touch cats

    9. Diego Mendoza

      Twitch banned guy for forgetting to where a shirt *twitch BAN!!* alinity does some illegal stuff that i cant say *twitch* its ight.

    10. Okay Among Us

      Dogs might not take revenge but cats are very intelligent about the behaviour of their owners. So treat them well.

    11. Yr FUGLY TRASH

      Fuck twitch it’s like HUfast but just with streamers I’ma make a better app called (Dash) being way better

    12. Yr FUGLY TRASH

      It’s bc if poki leaves twitch once all the money the other live apps give her will run out not as meany people will see her and give her money

    13. Poo Slide

      Wait is the Alinity cat twitter account just a random account or what

    14. Cartman -

      I love when animal abuser suffer. animals are the purest things in the world. I love animals but I want to eliminate all animal hater. If you don't like animals its bad but abusing animals are the worse. stop animal abuse

    15. Mirio Togata


    16. Mirio Togata

      Ban her

    17. Spencer Thompson


    18. GamingWithDon23

      Pokimane only stayed because she signed a contract with twitch so if she change she ganna get Sued

    19. AXIVector

      Rest in peace cat, this is so sad.

    20. Michael Shields


    21. xCali_ Fleur

      Lol alinity got what she dese- [This comment was copystriked Alinity lol]

    22. Richard gaming Game

      The cat got revenge

    23. Than Sar Productions


    24. Monster Krümel


    25. aaahhh aaahhh

      Quarantine has brought me here ( 3 )

    26. Ironic - Brawl Stars

      S. I. M. P Like andrei terbea said SoMe lOnElY tWiTcH MoDeRaToR sImPs B. R. U. H

    27. United Socialist Mapper

      The Twitch Mods are Simps No joke After *Our Cat bit the Demon* The Mods just Released the Ban Hammer while Alinity . . N̴͈̘͓̪̹̠͆̇͆͆̈́̕ o̢̤̰̣̩̝͎̘͓̰͐͆̃̈͛̐͋͌̊͡ ẗ̛̲̦̳͕͕̮͖̲́̌̃̂͘͟ h̳̰͉͓̙͒͌̅̒̊ ĭ̷̢̧̤̲͎̫͈͚͍̞̾̔͐̏̐̚͠ n̸̪͈̙̟̖͚͗̍̊̓͘͜͝͞ g̷̫̺͍̲͇͓̭̅̄͌̏̔̕̕̚͡͝ . .

    28. Bullseye

      Yo congrats to her cat for standing up to her 👌

    29. meshtee yt

      Alinty looks drunk 24 7

    30. The_Spartan_Of_Dark

      R.i.p cats sanity

    31. Tom Trench

      Alinity : * abuses her cat * Cat : * doesn't get justice * Also cat ; fine...I'll do it myself

    32. Theresa Rayner

      I know Keemstar is a fucking psychopath but he is an ant compared to Alinity’s offences

    33. Ethan Bulger

      The cat has a fucking twitter account I’m dead

    34. Darkfang54

      Watching this 4 months later you realize that she only stayed on twitch is because she can get away with anything and she wouldn’t on other websites she knows what she’s doing

    35. wizard yensid

      Dont worry people i will tell hacker and she's going to get banned or we will take his account thats what im saying

    36. Jack Spaghutti

      Lmao she deserved that😂

    37. chan hang khim

      Cats actually can get annoyed to loud voices, keep in mind they can hear like 10 x better than us. I own 4 cats and everytime I scream while gaming it always comes to bite me.

    38. Spencer Thompson


    39. Bittex

      If you have a pet pls make sure there are no loud sounds bcs as you may or may not know animals usually have better hearing than humans

    40. Alejandro Jacob Ibay

      Fun Fact: Twitch never bans girls

    41. Jake Kinsella

      Baiting James Charles🤣

    42. Miles K

      Idgaf Alinity is funny

    43. Lemon Grass


    44. Will Chatt

      0:17 WTF

    45. Xenox

      guys help labeast out, hes a real man that doesnt stupid eating challenges

    46. Ads_Ilikegames PS4

      Cat: casually bites the wild alinity Me and the rest of the bois: *Astronomia plays*

    47. Non 15

      oh Twitch wants to Die What Happened TO THE GUY OH SUE THEM????

    48. Burningrubber88

      Stop watching scarce for a year or two and boom loses 100 pounds

    49. Anton hellatröm

      Bet people who didn’t go to mixer regret it rn

    50. Bob Will

      This is what our youth watches now? God I hope an asteroid kills us all very soon.

    51. []Xeros X Tempest[]

      In the future,the cat died.

    52. Kenshiro Yamada

      Finally Find Some News Channel that go Straight to the point in title

    53. mist cloud

      I only came for the cat

    54. Kyla B

      cats dont just bite or attack people for no reason, the cat was obviously getting abused

    55. Little Swag Cat

      Thats animal cruelty

    56. exnation_Oscilite

      What has mr beast done

      1. JasonL My mom

        Chromaobsidianx912 ok

      2. exnation_Oscilite

        You are right I will take a million pages on how much good things mr beast has done

      3. JasonL My mom

        A lot of good things

    57. Littlepenguin YT

      Well I’m gay

    58. bagsofbagel 45

      Probably the cat was annoyed by her annoying ass voice

    59. Puggy pugsters

      Anyone think Alinity is CRINGE

    60. Zero Two

      Cats Get ready to be scar in the lion king

    61. buttered_cheeto_mix

      Alinitys cat: I'ma f*ck you up today

    62. input

      ppl who watch alinity r simps

    63. *surprised cat face*

      Twitch is fucking retarded

    64. Feldir Jsll

      revenge will come young master

    65. Wolf warrior

      #teamcat we are gonna get the cat from abuse to the king

    66. Edge PG3D

      Twitch? More like Simp.

    67. Spartan227

      Um let's stop playing sports games and actually go outside and play the sports

    68. Brandon YT

      The paw has been stane human must charger in full Force

    69. Nice teddy bear Chandler

      Will twitch finally ban alinity cause the cat bite her

      1. JasonL My mom


    70. General Plasmas YT

      How does a cat get banned from twitch I have so many questions

    71. Quiet Qiwi

      At least Pokimane loves her cat

    72. Graeme Stanley

      F alinity

    73. Desta Sileshi

      1:38 ik I'm late, but bruh is this like a joke or fr was her cat a victim to twitch favoritism?

    74. Mikan AKA Pigbarf

      “This video is under fair use” Well appearently fair use pretty much has no meaning anymore on HUfast

    75. King Fresh27

      Can that cat try and bite her in the wrist next time? Like, really hard?

    76. I am not a RAT

      that woman does not deserve to have pets

    77. MoD Rubo

      After this il gonna disinstall twitch

    78. Dilemma SC

      Alinity needs to be on Dr Phil like if u agree

    79. dawsyn

      I can’t believe how far EA is up their own asses seriously banning a guy thats just playing one of their shitty ass games

    80. Max Stacy

      People saying James Charles is a man are taking this a little extreme

    81. Nice Teddy Bear Chandler

      Twitch mods: this is so good my eyes literally can't open, biting my lips afterwards, and hurting my penis That's what twitch staff member do all day while watching alinity's stream with their big ass couch with their 100cm tv with their huge fucking speakers or pokimane who knows don't care non the less

    82. z e n

      I want that cat since I don't have one :(. I swear I'll treat her cat better

    83. Alt

      Cat who bit Alinity: Like me now bitch?

    84. CPT. Blackwolf

      bet twitch worker already tap alinity tho that's why she never get any action smh

    85. Biohazard Eclipse

      Funny thing about Milo hating Alinitys singing. I think it's just Alinity Milo hates.

    86. Sonorous Official

      Process that this is what scarces channel is...

    87. GigataBG

      I feed my cat. Spend time with her. Give her all of my love. AND SHE ATTACKS ME 10 TIMES HARDER

    88. Aiden Oakes

      Twitch and its community is so sexist against men

    89. Ur Mom

      Cats have sensitive ears

    90. rgnhirsdzbfiedsufeswnf

      You're thinking way too deep about the cat. They just hate singing.

    91. ThatGhostlyGamer

      Imagine making a sports game to sell to people and copystrike them from even daring to play it live

    92. Showweezy

      Fuck cats 💯

      1. HORDAN

        got em

    93. Jonathon Mondragon

      dr disrespect is just mad cause ninja and shroud moved to mixer

    94. Emiaulis

      FUCK ALINITY FUCK ALINITY FUCK ALINITY FUCK ALINITY alinity: abuses cat. CAT:So you have chosen DEATH

    95. Just a Random User with a cool ß

      to alinitys cat: you would still get banned if you were a Dog twitch is just that bad

    96. Jonah Logan

      The cat proudly got drunk from the alcohol

    97. Omar Ali

      I wish her cat destroyed her and make her change her decision

    98. InstinctGhost YT

      She is shouldn't be banned she should be arrested

    99. Omen

      Cat: bites Alinity The whole world: *HOES MAD*

    100. Goopy Water

      The twitch mods are simps