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  1. beef

    Jake Paul fight was rigged??? Oh no.... surprised Pikachu face

  2. LeaksSoReal

    Leafy has Storyfire tho

  3. obama crockadile

    Twitter is so flawed " let's dig up tweets from 4 years ago for no reason to ruin people's lifes" yeah!! The internet has people who act like they never say anything bad but when someones does it's somehow bad even if its several years ago.

  4. Lachaz Gaming

    A 19-2 UFC fighter gets beat by a youtuber. Give me a fucking break.

  5. Pac-man Main420

    Why do people act the way they do on the internet.. Honestly confuses me

  6. Archie Whitehead

    dezi ballsack

  7. PADF-Shrimpy101

    Shroud is only in it for the moola money

  8. Lⱥนrⱥ

    i found off of my soundboard

  9. PokekidKanto YT

    I like how Scarce leaves for 3 months, then comes back, and no one questions it.

  10. RubberDuckUsb

    Twitter is retarted

  11. buckidaho

    Scarce Iron your shirt bro! you look like shat!

  12. Azrayl Kayn

    "Showing early signs of brain damage" Wait, that's new? You weren't before?

  13. Tyler Logan

    Can jake fight a legit boxer? This dude acts like he's beating world beaters. He beat an over the hill wrestler and basketball player and did horrible against deji. Ksi vs jake paul would be good. But I'd like to see him fight a legit boxer

  14. Delta

    Really enjoy your videos. Always great to see you upload!


    WWE is bullshit too

  16. Shang Lee

    the fuck is ableism


    You didn't have to tell us jake paul had brain damage


    Leafyishere is still a legend in my eyes

  19. The Chad

    I think leafy has a case for first amendment violation and could sue

  20. Pog Champ

    Brain damage is a actual injury but when it comes to jake Paul I think it’s a natural born talent

  21. Larry George

    Jake Paul really got y'all believing he is actually a boxer! 😂😂😂 FOH!

  22. James McGuire

    Jake paul had cte from the start

  23. Marshall Mathers

    Cover EDP445!!!

  24. ッCade

    chris’s memes funny 😭 y’all needa stop focusing on ppls past. people change. u act like he’s an axe murderer.

  25. ッCade

    ok like- i feel like she’s jus rlly dumb? “cuddling” for “0.2” seconds is called a hug. also i’m not a fan of jake or anything but she sounds like she’s lying or she’s making fun of sexual assault.

  26. CPiece


  27. Jinxed Chloe

    It's almost like you can change in 5 years. 2016 was a time for edgy jokes in general. I've made jokes about school shootings back in 2016-2017. Does that mean I endorsed school shootings? No. Does that mean I still make those same jokes? Of course not, I think it's abhorrent to make such tasteless and insensitive jokes. Who would have thought that people can develop, mature, and change over time? Surely these Twitter users didn't. Chris Tyson is far from the worst person out there. There are many other people more deserving of being canceled than him. He does more good than bad (if any bad at all now), and has apologized for his past tweets. People really think that just because he wasn't removed from the internet that he hasn't faced any consequences? People are fucking stupid.

  28. Drollfusillade

    She's kinda at fault. She didn't tell him to stop and she kept hanging out afterwards instead of going to the police, if she was truly sexually assaulted. "I think not"

  29. Headless_Hooman

    Hol up lemme dig shit up from a decade ago and make creators blame it on their upbringing.

  30. simmyyy

    this dude gotta stop leaving and coming back when big news comes out.

  31. Hartz Comet

    Jake paul has brain damage I thought we already knew that

  32. Xander756

    Scarce is a fuckin nerd LOL

  33. Motch in TN

    The jokes are funny, it wasn’t Chris it is FUCKING TWITTER

  34. Catswaga

    Yep thats enough twitter BS for a week. At least I gave Scarce some money while getting my weekly intake of "thank god I dont use twitter" vibes. Kinda sad there isn't really anything better to report on. The Jake Paul one was kinda funny ngl. It's all just lets see who got cancelled this week. It is what it is.

  35. Jeramie Shoe

    Show me one fucking fighter or football player without CTE

  36. Person Man

    If you get offended from someone saying attack helicopter, you’re missing your frontal lobe

  37. Anthony Faiell

    To anyone doubting that this fight was rigged. Go watch literally any fight by Ben Askren besides this. One in particular, a recent fight Ben Askren vs. Robbie Lawler. Within the first 20 seconds of the fight Ben takes multiple hits much more devastating than this and it doesnt even phase him. Ben actually goes on to win. You can also watch the fight right before that Ben Askren vs Shinya Aoki to see Askren punching in the clinch, he actually uses his body weight. Then try to compare that to his punches in this fight where you can see him holding his shoulders back and not putting weight into punches. Also watch Jake Pauls punches to the body and notice how Paul extends his upper body forward while dropping his guard to go for body shots. This is EXTREMELY punishable by any experienced fighter.

  38. Ezra Przytyk

    Someordinarygame is a sellout

  39. Jenko°

    James Charles: “I’m gonna take legal action over people who lied about me making fake stories” 🤡🤡🤡🤡if you didn’t talk to little kids anyways you wouldn’t be in this position 💀

  40. piemaker 12

    🧢 about Jake getting brain damage from boxing. He hasn’t fought anyone who’s hit him hard enough

  41. i cant think of a name

    jake paul has always had brain damage.

  42. Ezra Przytyk

    He said he has early signs of CTE not serious brain injuries lmao big difference

  43. ihax4uv1

    i can’t wait for jake to get smashed up by tommy fury

  44. anak pinter hehe

    Jake Paul winning the fight feels fake 💀💀

  45. ESG_Zom

    So she “gets raped” 2 years ago and now suddenly she wants to talk about it as if never bothered on the week of his fight because he’s hot on the news

  46. Darth Universe

    why does she go pop wink? its kinda funny

  47. Kareem Ramzey

    Any body got a link of Jake and Pete clip

  48. ッSaviorッ

    The Jake Paul story sounds so fake. Girl looks like she was lying. The worst story I’ve heard 💀 people want to believe it because of Jakes character. To funny

  49. rock

    You’re not getting brain damage from boxing, its just your brain contorting from your own cringe.

  50. vincent wijaya

    The brain damage was not from the boxing jake, you already have it since you born

  51. Jon Cook

    He has no CTE. You cant find signs of it with an MRI. Jake Paul an all his followers just want attention. cant even pick good fighters to fight against. He grabs chumps an then talks shit.

  52. Spencer Heffelfinger

    I honestly can't come up with a reason why someone would have bought that fight lol. Good for Askren though.

  53. Colin Kilty

    Leafy should make a discord server ngl

  54. Black Pfp

    I think he had brain damage before the fight

  55. djolesrb

    For the love of God people, Ben didn’t get knockout out....he got knocked DOWN. There’s a difference

  56. beerasaurus

    It wasn't rigged but it's completely obvious he threw the fight. Like the boxing episode of Jesus vs Satan south park episode.

  57. Commando Levi

    Jake paul always had brain damage no new news

  58. DOORBO 88

    Let's just hope jake forgets his passwords

  59. Ranjit Kumar

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  60. Yoryapen

    It's crazy how these massive corporations have the power to absolutelly vanish people from the face of the earth

  61. Harpoon

    I knew it was rigged when ben got "knocked out"in the first round. Ben came in thinking he was james harden but was clearly mistaken.

  62. Octavio Hernandez

    Ayy guapdad

  63. Volar

    Haters gotta hate Jake paul finaly beat a real fighter now they saying this fight is riged to honest I don't know how much times this guy has to prove himself before he gets acknowledged.(gets credit for his achievements)

  64. Yooo Turbo

    Bro that fight was definitely rigged

  65. Tyfrou

    If Jake Paul has brain damage, It wont be more than he already has.

  66. BIG_BEN

    lmao wwe is bs too lol

  67. Chris L

    Pete davidson.. comedian?? Nah dude nah

  68. Zen Rhino

    No it wasn't rigged. You obviously have never been in a fight. You've definitely never been punched in the face let alone been knocked out. If you had you would know that once you've been knocked out it's easier to get knocked out again. Look at T Ortiz or Randy Couture later on in their careers. The fight that Ben askren had previous to this was the fastest KO in UFC history. He was knocked out by a flying knee and then had two or three additional punches to his unconscious body that added more damage. No way in hell did Ben askren get paid enough to throw a fight. Not to mention it's a crime. People bet on that fight. If it gets found out that the fight was rigged and that Ben askren got paid to throw the fight he could get arrested and prosecuted along with anyone else involved with rigging the fight. Maybe you shouldn't comment on things you know nothing about?

    1. FannerBanner

      Yo yo yo that last statement could get clowned on if someone comes up with better info

  69. Some Guy

    Damn, I feel bad for Leafy. What - spring Tyler Barriss out of prison to swat-kill him aswell, because people can't handle Clerks 2!? ''Can't exist in today's landscape'' is right

  70. Frankless

    I don't understand how jake paul supposedly taped this chick or whatever you wanna call it but there a video saying he fucked her face. How tf do you tuck someone's face and nut in her mouth if she doesn't want to??? 🤔 If you've ever fucked a face it's not easy and if someone doesn't want you to do it it's damn near impossible

  71. HzT

    If Jake lost yall wouldn't be saying the fight was rigged...

  72. Dominic Sherman

    Wow you getting CTE from fighting a bunch of nobody’s??!!

  73. Elijah Edwards

    Tbh i think he was only in the fight for the money

  74. x1Stefano

    Wtf yt?

  75. Niftigger


  76. Keenan Horne

    Ben Askren is a professional punching bag bro

  77. Crazy Gaming

    Thought you stopped uploading but HUfast unsubscribed me from you :(

  78. south texas

    Brain injury . Only after 2 fake fights.. I call bullshit. Just like the fight..

  79. Nick Martinez

    I’d love to see leafy come back people keep saying leafy come back